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Annihilation - Balancing & Bug Fixes Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sevy13, Mar 7, 2020.

Annihilation - Balancing & Bug Fixes Update
  1. Sevy13 Administrator


    Annihilation "Balancing & Bug Fixes" Update

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm happy to announce that after much work and testing the fist Annihilation Update for 2020 is now ready and has rolled to live. This updated focuses on fixing class imbalances, the abuse of game mechanics (such as combat logging), class exploits and bugs, and will hopefully make the game fairer and more enjoyable overall.

    Many thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and reported problems, and everyone who helped test and iron out any update bugs in the Sandbox.


    New Combat Logging Mechanic
    • Players who combat-log will now always leave an NPC
    • You won't be able to return to the game until your NPC has despawned (10 seconds)
    • When you re-spawn, unless your NPC is killed, you will be sent back to the place on the map where you logged out

    Class Changes:

    [IMG] Alchemist
    • Added potion upgrade guide (upon right click of book)
    • Fixed empty drops
    • Added nether wart to dropped items
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Tier 3 potions to be crafted using Tier 1 potions
    • Enhanced potions now have the correct texture, they no longer look like health potions
    • Amended enhanced potion durations (both drinkable and splash):
      • Strength III - 1:20 min
      • Speed III - 1:20 min
      • Regen II - 1:20 min

    [IMG] Dasher
    • Maximum blink range reduced to 20 blocks (was 25)
    • Blink cool-down now scales with distance, 1 second per block blinked
    • Added range indicators for blink distance; 5-10, 10-15 & 15-20 blocks (Emerald/Gold/Diamond respectively)
    • Dasher can now no longer blink while immobilized

    [IMG] Defender
    • Changed the Defender class item to lime dye to help distinguish it from Dasher

    [IMG] Handyman
    • Tweaked repair values to prevent teams from garnering massive nexus health early game, late game damage values remain unchanged:
      • Phase 2 - 25% (was 35%)
      • Phase 3 - 20% (was 25%)
      • Phase 4 - 15% (unchanged)
      • Phase 5 - 10% (unchanged)

    [IMG] Immobilizer
    • Mining fatigue when immobilized reduced to 5 seconds (was 10)

    [IMG] Succubus
    • Change spawn sword from stone to wood

    [IMG] Thor
    • Knockback reduced from KB2 to KB1, for balancing due to changes caused by the combat update

    [IMG] Tinkerer
    • The unenchanted books are undroppable again and can no longer be crafted into bookshelves

    [IMG] Vampire
    • Can no longer place blocks while in bat form

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented crafting with Hotbar Slot 9
    • Fixed a bug that allowed item duplication using Spy
    • Fixed a bug that gave players XP for placing blocks whilst not Builder
    • Fixed a bug that turned placed cobble into stone
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to permanently remove diamond ores
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to create invisible TP's
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to kill themselves using snowballs to gain stats and XP
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Scorpio to hook an enemy and transport that player with them through a TP

    Other changes:
    • Disabled Armor Stand recipe due to lag issues caused by mass crafting
    • Removed the ability to place levers to prevent unfair swapper traps
    • Fixed the problem with witches sometimes not spawning on some maps
    • Disabled the ability to brew Instant Health 2 potions. Anni is not pot PVP
    • Fixed the "/chat mute <player>" command

    :heart: Credits:

    Mosh_Von_Void has once again provided us with yet another fantastic update. We are truly blessed to have a dev as dedicated and hard working as him on the team. Thank you Mosh.

    Many of the changes we have made in this update have come from you the community, and from our wonderful Admin team who continue to strive to make Anni the best it can be. All credit goes to them for their tireless efforts that more often than not go unnoticed, thank you team for being so awesome.

  2. soto Platinum

    Thank you Mosh.
    ItzKaspian and JTGangsterLP6 like this.
  3. phos07 Regular Member

    Is acrobat fixed with not being able to jump in void
  4. Ungenes Platinum

    Nice! Glad it’s here!!

    I didn’t expect a change to handyman but I guess it’s alright, wish late game got bumped up a little to compensate.

    Also what about letting instant health II drink form being brewable but not splash? The only possible way to survive mercenary now is gappling which is fine but you’ll need a gap every time and if you want to rush 3 teams that’s at least 3 gapples and that’s only assuming 1 merc per team :v

    Great work mosh

    /dado WAS REMOVED? pls add it back it was so useful and nicely formatted..
    adriantran12345 and ChickenMac7 like this.
  5. Maashg Platinum

    Nice! Thank you so much!
    JTGangsterLP6 likes this.
  6. The_Mystery Platinum

    Thanks Mosh! Keep doing like this! And thanks Sevy for the update
    JTGangsterLP6 likes this.
  7. Sevy13 Administrator

    It wasn't brought to our attention until the update was already in the testing phase. Not a simple fix so we couldn't sneak it in.

    That's a bug, dado will definitely be back.
    Ungenes likes this.
  8. Tobi472 Platinum

    escuse me?! So we HAVE to play SCOUT again?!
    adriantran12345 likes this.
  9. Slaystyle Platinum

    Dasher seems pretty viable still in my opinion, sure u can go scout or acrobat even. This is why balance is balanced
    JTGangsterLP6 and Kevin_is_Panda like this.
  10. Kalashhnikov Platinum

    Keep turning this into freaking League of Legends
    Satisfied_8Ball likes this.
  11. Tobi472 Platinum

    So you say nerfed range and some (actually most) uses now have doubble the cd and you still wanna call this pretty viable? We just made scout superior again.
  12. Slaystyle Platinum

    Try surviving a swapper trap or slowness bard box with scout mister guy. didnt insult u by the way @tobi
    No3is likes this.
  13. soto Platinum

    I think Splash alch should offer 60 seconds, not 80 but I guess we’ll see. The changes would’ve been perfect if mercenary would’ve been balanced too. It’s a good balance change regardless. Dasher is still good in my opinion, especially since you can still outplay swappers easily, which to this day, is one of the biggest reasons to still use it.
  14. Tobi472 Platinum

    Sawpper immo?
  15. Slaystyle Platinum

    2 classes should always counter 1 class.
    No3is likes this.
  16. soto Platinum

    merc, immo, bloodmage, succubus, farmer, thor vs alchemist
    Mysterious_Seven and Tobi472 like this.
  17. Snurkle Platinum

    Great update! An Annihilation content update should definitively be next. It doesn't even need to be more classes for me to be happy. Maybe a different mode with the same classes? Like capture the nexus? Just an idea :stuck_out_tongue:
  18. Slaystyle Platinum

    capture the flag but like with vampire or scout HELL NA
  19. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Capture the flag anni event HELL YEAH
    adriantran12345 likes this.
  20. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    Edit: Nvm can’t read
    adriantran12345 likes this.

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