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No Prefix Annihilation Animation Project

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by OptimusRhymes, Nov 4, 2017.

No Prefix - Annihilation Animation Project
  1. OptimusRhymes Regular Member

    Hello! I am an aspiring graphic artist and animator hoping to create a or a series of animated shorts based on some of my struggles in annihilation as someone who's always been terrible at PvP, I'm wondering if i could possibly get my hands on a copy of the coastal map?

    The World DL mod is the obvious choice here but a clean copy of the map without player built structures would be preferable, any help is appreciated.

    For any who are interested here's a little render of a Minez project I'm working on on the side, if i go forward with an annihilation-themed project the atmosphere will definitely be much brighter, cheerful, comical style is what I'm aiming for, but a similar idea.

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  2. Galap Developer

    This sounds like an interesting project, one that I'd like to see!

    Unfortunately, we do not provide downloads of our assets and the use of the World Downloader Mod is prohibited so please refrain from using it. You can attempt to recreate the sections required for your scenes in local worlds if that suffices.

    Thanks for your understanding
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  3. OptimusRhymes Regular Member

    Noted! I had read in previous (quite old) posts from doing some digging that admins allowed the use of the World Downloader Mod, i will consider those to be outdated now, regardless, thanks for your info!
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