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Suggestion Annihilation Admins

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by ebiteen, Oct 24, 2019.

Suggestion - Annihilation Admins
  1. PROJECT_Akali Obsidian

    I think Admin currently has little time on the server in annihilation. I'm very in trouble because hackers won't be banned from the match. Why don't you once again check Admin's desire for the server and hire a player who can do more as an Admin? I think Japanese people like me are good because they have a lot of time.
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  2. connor564 Platinum

    I think a major problem with the lack of Administrator interference in Shotbow is the fact that a lot of the current hackers and victims of hacking just don't really care anymore. Most people have figured out that /report is purely based off of when you have "report karma" or not, and for new reporters they would not be viewed with much priority. Unless a big member of the community comes out against a blatant hacker, they will not be banned.
  3. ohxd Silver

    high report karma gang wya o/

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