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Annihilation Annihilation: A Decade of Memorable Moments

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Anni Team, Jul 18, 2023.

Annihilation - Annihilation: A Decade of Memorable Moments
  1. Anni Team Administrator


    Thank you!
    A big thank you to everyone who played during the event and shared their memories. The staff team had so much fun seeing all of your videos, images and reading your stories of memories you've made on Annihilation.

    We saw a huge increase in players throughout the event, regularly having over 200 of you on Annihilation alone! None of the last ten years could've been possible if it wasn't for you, our amazing players.

    So, just how many of you got the special event rewards?

    XP Head Hunt:
    390 players found all 12 heads that spelled out "Annihilation" (shocker). Sorry to everyone else, better luck next time.

    Goal rewards:
    Wow, lots of Nexus damage done! Here's a reminder of what was needed for each reward:
    • Nexus Confetti Effect: 10 Nexus damage
    • Cake Kill Visual Effect: 50 melee kills
    • Anniversary Cake Balloon: 10 games played
    • Twinkle Kill Sound Effect: 25 bow kills
    • Anni Party Parrot Pet: 10 boss kills
    Nostalgia Kill Effect:
    This reward was granted only to players who shared their favourite memories of Annihilation in the Ten Years of Annihilation thread.
    Seventy-seven of you shared and were given the reward. Go ahead and check with /swag in-game!

    Shotbow XP:
    Wow. Some 26.5 million Shotbow XP was earned in Annihilation alone, and just as much Rank Points! You certainly took advantage of the 10x and 5x multipliers!

    New Swag
    Some of you may have already noticed that we've added a few more cosmetics (/swag). These are:
    • Sound:
      • Toilet Flush
      • Ignition
      • Charm - Shotbow+ Exclusive
    • Visual:
      • Volcanic Ash
      • Cursed Knowledge - Shotbow+ Exclusive
    We have more cosmetics coming soon! Keep an eye on the swag menu and the Annihilation Cosmetics Wiki page, which will be updated with the new cosmetics soon. You have plenty of cool swag to purchase with all the XP you've earned!

    Closing words
    This event was the result of a lot of effort by all of our staff team, from developers, builder, artists, administrators and more. We are thrilled that so many of you took part and shared so much joy with us. Thank you.

    Reflecting on the triumphs of the past, we set our sights on a future brimming with promise, ready to craft another extraordinary decade!

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  3. QuADconM Gold

    i didnt get my Nostalgia kill effect:( and i published my remembering post
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  4. Hilevi Developer

    Should be fixed now. It went to your old IGN since that is the name showing on forums - sorry about that!
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