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Announcement Annihilation 1.5 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Vaecon, Dec 12, 2014.

Announcement - Annihilation 1.5 Patch Notes
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  1. FurtherThanDan Retired Staff

    (Note - These patch notes are OLD and out of date - They do not apply to the current version of Anni 1.5).

    Hey guys,

    Welcome to patch 1.5. This is a major update to Annihilation that looks to bring life to old classes, change up some major game-play aspects, and overall create a more polished, improved game mode.

    The major theme of this patch is **diversity**. That does sound like a vague concept, but rest assured our hopes for this update is to offer you more ways to achieve victory so that your choices in-game matter as much as the class you play. For a long time now, Annihilation games have revolved around limited ways to win. When teams discovered a unique way to win, you’d either see someone ending the game with a gopple and strength two or a clan rushing you at phase two, and even games that lasted hours waiting for someone to make a move. Instead of trying to force players into fighting or getting involved in tactical decisions, we’re introducing a crap ton of changes ranging from potion balancing to map-wide objectives, item dropping, a complete rehaul of classes, and many other changes. With all of these new updates in place, how you achieve victory will vary from game to game and we hope that this all adds up to a more enjoyable and diverse experience in Annihilation.

    Now, we were rather scared about introducing so much change to a game, but we decided that this is a good time for refining and evolving, and we wanted to achieve some ambitious goals. This is hopefully just the beginning. While this is just the beginning this doesn't mean everything is set in stone. There are A LOT of changes here and, with so many new variable at play, we’re expecting Annihilation to be imperfect, disturbed, and require more updates over the next few weeks. With that in mind, we’re confident that we are heading in a positive direction with Annihilation, and we’re more than happy to course correct as things play out. There is nothing that we can think of that will compare to the opinions of you the players, so we’re excited to see where you take these updates and ask that even if you don’t like them you respond positively when explaining why you don’t like them.


    This is probably going to be one of the most controversial and noticeable changes to Annihilation. In Annihilation, you drop all of the items in your inventory (excluding soulbound items). However, there are some fundamental issues with this:

    1. Death essentially wipes all of your item progress. You respawn completely new and the opposite team now has your items. This has a lot of players quitting after their first death and also creates a sandbag effect for the teams who get early kills.
    2. Classes are hard to balance with full item drop. If an overpowered combo is found, it can break the game as you are essentially removing 10-15 minutes of material grinding per kill.
    3. Certain maps are a pain (void / heavy lava / etc). Miss a step? Say goodbye to all your equipment.
    So we thought long and hard about this, and we determined that a way to fix all of the issues above while still maintaining the same general feel of Annihilation is a limited item drop. We kept it as simple as possible:

    • On death, players drop all of their enchanted items, diamond gear (including diamonds), and potions.
    • All gear on the player with durability will take a 25% durability hit.
    • Players will have a respawn timer based on the phase of the game.
    All other items are retained. While this seems very dramatic, consider the trade offs:

    • The Phase 1 / Phase 2 material grind is still very important. Every team/player must still gather their base equipment. However, now on death you are able to get back into the game with a base level of equipment (unenchanted iron armor).
    • While you cannot kill enemy miners for their resources, you can deny them their ability to farm it. This will be important as once you have iron, you will essentially stay in iron.
    • Decisions must now be made on in many areas. How many potions do you bring? Do you enchant your armor? Is it worth risking the diamond gear this rush or is it better to have a buddy scout it out first? Bringing high tier gear brings a greater risk of feeding the enemy important items.
    • There are still the late game items, however now they are even more valuable. Since you are likely to face mostly iron in late phases, having full diamond gear is even more essential. This should also greatly enhance overall strategy.
    We know this is a giant change. However, we are excited to test this in the near future with you. We ask that all players keep an open mind with this change and wait to actually try it before jumping to conclusions. If this change has an overall negative impact on the game, we can revert to the classic Annihilation handling of death very easily.

    Death Timers
    The current respawn times, while not final are as follows:
    Phase 1: 10 Seconds
    Phase 2: 20 Seconds 15 Seconds
    Phase 3: 30 Seconds 20 Seconds
    Phase 4: 40 Seconds 25 Seconds
    Phase 5: 50 Seconds 30 Seconds

    Potion Creation
    Glowstone and Gunpowder have been removed from the gold store. To acquire those two materials you will need to kill a witch in a witch camp. Witch Camps will be discussed further into the patch notes.

    With diversity being the main focus for this patch, there are a few ways we’re approaching this. Previously, most strategies came down to which team got Strength 2 first, we wanted to increase the amount of interesting and unique ways a team can use throughout a game. This patch is going to introduce a objective, comparable to the old golems, but with a bang.

    Wither Boss
    A new objective inspired by the old golems that offers a unique reward in the form of a buff.

    Available: Phase 4
    Respawn Time: 5 Minutes
    • Strength Two is granted to nearby allies for three minutes (or death)
    • Thorns 2 Effect (This is applied to your player not your armor so you don’t need to fear losing your armor because of this.)
    • Second Wind (Respawn where you die without buffs)
    With patch 1.5 our goal with the Wither Boss is to create a new objective that rewards players in new and unique ways. So rather than having to create str 2 pots, this boss will reward an entire group of people a massive buff for working together to defeat the boss. Take out the Wither before your opponents show up and you will have a massive advantage for the next few minutes that you can use to your advantage. There are a lot of different ways to leverage and waste this new reward so we will see how this plays out! This boss will be located in a boss world that is accessible through portals that will be available in two spots in each map. Specific spots will be detailed in map updates further into the patch.

    Witch Camp
    A new objective that offers a new way to acquire materials for making potions.

    Available: Phase 3
    Respawn Time: 30 Seconds
    • Glowstone
    • Gunpowder
    There will be a total of four witch camps that will be located near a teams base. Specific spots will be outlined in map updates further into the patch.

    While we’re aiming to improve the quality of each class, the truth is some of these classes may be a bit OP at first. Do expect changes based on observations we make during public testing. The goal for this massive class re-work was to give each class a unique feel. We wanted Miner to have as much as an impact as Scout. In addition to the ability changes, kits have changed for most classes.

    Soar through the air with a graceful double jump, shoot from the skies with your bow, and run for longer than others with increased stamina.
    • Passive: Immune to fall damage and increased Stamina
    • Activatable Abilities: Double Jump
    The last word in ranged combat, deal +1 damage with any bow. Make 3 arrows for the price of one! Activate your special ability to get 16 arrows once a minute.
    • Passive: +1 Power added to any bow.
    • Activatable Abilities: Re-Supply (Activate this to get 16 arrows.)
    A master of disguise, you fool your enemies using a clone and finish them off with critical backstab damage.
    • Passive: 25% extra damage from behind or when stealthed.
    • Activatable Abilities: Blend (Spawn a clone and make yourself invisible with a speed increase for 5 seconds.)
    A master of controlled aggression, you charge into the fight. Your Berserk ability makes you resistant to knockback, but you pay for that with an increase in the damage you take. You deal more damage to players with better gear than you.
    • Passive: Damage buff based on armor difference between them and their opponent
    • Activatable Abilities: Berserk (Temporarily makes you immune to knockback but increased damage taken.)
    You may not punch people to death, but that doesn't make you any less potent. Support your teammates by poisoning enemies and reducing their maximum health with your Corrupt ability.
    • Passive: % Chance to inflict poison
    • Activatable Abilities: Wither (Reduce enemy health by withered effect for 30% for X seconds)
    The backbone of any good defense, your supply kits enable you to quickly build defensive walls and structures to guard your Nexus.
    • Passive: Can place cobblestone as smoothstone. Gain exp from placing blocks.
    • Activatable Abilities: Resource Drop (You can now get Wool, Wood, Stone, Brick, and Obsidian) (Also lowered the cooldown for the resource drop)
    You may not have the special abilities of the other classes, but don't worry! Civilians fuel the war effort with their set of wooden tools. Get to work!
    No changes

    You are the last line of defense. When all else fails, you are the only thing standing between the enemy and your Nexus. You gain more health as your Nexus health decreases, and activate Guardian's Peral to be instantly teleported back to your Nexus.
    • Passive: 10% of missing nexus health added to max hearts. When not in combat regen added. (Only around nexus)
    • Activatable Abilities: Guardian’s Pearl (Activate this while in your base to be TP’d close to your nexus.)
    You upgrade your team's gear with your advanced knowledge of enchantments. You gain extra XP from gathering resources, and your special ability buffs your teammates XP gain as well.
    • Passive: Extra XP from resources. Possible chance for XP bottle. When at half a heart xp will be consumed as hearts but as true damage. (Example: If you have 30 levels of exp and you are attacked; when you get to half a heart each attack after takes away levels of exp as though you are taking true damage.)
    • Activatable Abilities: Intensifier (Activate to give teammates within 10 blocks a 1.35 exp multiplier for X seconds)
    An expert in controlled demolitions, you are responsible for the destruction of enemy defenses. Use your Bunker Buster to destroy blocks placed by enemies. If you are killed, have the last laugh with Martyrdom.
    • Passive: Martyrdom (When killed you will explode dealing 1 heart of true damage to nearby enemies.)
    • Activatable Abilities: Bunker Buster (Break through enemy defenses with TNT that destroys enemy placed blocks!)
    Keep your team fed and at maximum health. Your Feast ability instantly replenishes 2 hunger of any allies near you. You also find items while breaking grass.
    • Passive: Find items when breaking down grass. Crops instantly grow back when removed.
    • Activatable Abilities: Feast (When activated the hunger of nearby allies is instantly replenished.)
    You are the fixer. Every hit you get on an opposing team's nexus has a chance of repairing your nexus! Phase 2: 20%. Phase 3: 15%. Phase 4: 10%. Phase 5: 7%
    • Passive: Chance to repair your own nexus.
      • Phase 2 - 20%
      • Phase 3 - 15%
      • Phase 4 - 10%
      • Phase 5 - 7%
    You keep your teammates alive in the heat of battle. The longer you survive, the more maximum health you get. Use Health Infusion to transfer some of your health to your allies.
    • Passive: Every minute alive the healer will gain 1 heart (max of 5). When out of combat the healer will have increased regen.
    • Activatable Abilities: Health Infusion (Healer sacrifices a portion of their own health to heal a teammate. (Max 10 hearts)
    An experienced outdoorsman, you command a pack of wolves that seek out your enemies!
    • Passive: Upon killing someone you gain 1 wolf to a max of 6. If you die all of the wolves die.
    • Activatable Abilities: Hunt (Wolves will sniff out nearby enemies and give a temporary speed buff while in pursuit of them)
    You really hate things that move quickly. When your enemies hit you it slows them down. You also freeze water or lava when you walk on it.
    • Passive: When hit the attacker is slowed.
    • Activatable Abilities: Toggle Freeze (Ability to freeze water and lava to walk on it)
    Some people like to move. The Immobilizer doesn't. Stop an enemy dead in their tracks for 2.5 seconds.
    • Passive: If the person immobilized is killed within 10 seconds after being stunned the cooldown is reset.
    • Activatable Abilities: Immobilizer (Immobilize players for X seconds. Stun will be broken after time is up or immobilizer is killed.)
    Note: The stun effect is NOT broken when the person being stunned is attacked. It is ONLY broken when the immobilizer takes damage.

    Lumberjack - WIP

    Your support the war effort by gathering the raw materials your soldiers' gear needs. You get a chance for double ore and a special ability that makes ore respawn faster!
    • Passive: 30% chance for double ore.
    • Activatable Abilities: Gold Rush (Resource Nodes respawn 20% faster for ores within 10 blocks.)
    A psychopath obsessed with fire, you are immune to the burning effects of fire and lava. You have a chance of setting your enemies on fire. Use Firestorm to watch nearby enemies burn!
    • Passive: Immune to fire damage and lava. On every hit there is a chance the enemy will be ignited.
    • Activatable Abilities: Firestorm (Ignite nearby enemies dealing additional damage if player is already on fire.)
    Interdimensional travel is a cakewalk for you. You have the ability to teleport to any teammates not near an enemy Nexus and bring up to 2 other allies with you. You'll be weak after rifting, but any potions you consume will be applied to the 2 allies that Rift with you.
    • Passive: After rifting if rifter consumes potion effects the effects are added to the riftees.
    • Activatable Abilities: Rift (Teleport to a teammate and bring two allies. Receive debuff for X seconds after rift.)
    Use your hook to quickly reach allies by pulling yourself to them, or use it on enemies to pull the enemy to you.
    • Passive: After three successful consecutive hooks on an enemy the next hook will apply weakness for two seconds.
    • Activatable Abilities: Hook (TP an enemy on impact to you.)
    You are the feet. Use your permanent speed boost to maneuver around the battlefield, and your grapple to ascend to new heights and gain perspective on the battlefield!
    • Passive: Gain additional movement speed.
    • Ability: Grapple
    You are the Deceiver. Become one of your enemies to infiltrate their defenses or vanish into thin air when still and sneaking!
    • Passive: While shifting and standing still you gain invisibility.
    • Activatable Abilities: Disguise (Disguise yourself for X seconds as a random member of the closest enemy team.) (Disguise cancels on attacking and taking damage)
    • Passive: 30% chance to drain health from enemies.
    • Activatable Abilities: Sacrifice Soul (When at 40% health or lower you can activate this ability to sacrifice yourself making you immobile but invulnerable until you explode in two seconds dealing 50% of remaining health as true damage.)
    • Passive: Absorption for both swapper and swappee after being swapped.
    • Activatable Abilities: Swapper (Every X seconds swap places with an enemy.)
    You are the Hammer. Once every X minutes, unleash the power of the heavens upon your enemies, dealing 4 true damage. You are most resilient when surrounded by enemies.
    • Passive: Increased resistance based on some math relating to # of allies to # of enemies around him.
    • Activatable Abilities: Hammer (Deal an area of effect lightning strike dealing 4 true damage.)
    Tinkerer - WIP

    You are the Snake.
    Link two parts of the battlefield with portals that your team can use to traverse the map. Your portals are weak so they disintegrate after X minutes, regardless if you die or not. The portals become stronger the more they are used.
    • Passive: As people use the teleporter the transporter acquires stacks.
      • 50 Stacks = 10% Additional Teleporter Existence Time
      • 100 Stacks = 20% ^
      • 200 Stacks = 40% ^
    • Activatable Abilities: Portal Maker (Place a portal down in two areas to tp between the two. Portals last X minutes * Additional Stack % or until destroyed by an enemy.)
    You are the Night. Your resistance make you a feared opponent, as long as you stay out of the light. Transform into a bat for a sneak attack or escape a stake!!
    • Passive: Perm Nightvision. During daytime you get weakness 1 and in dark areas or nighttime you get resistance 1.
    • Activatable Abilities: Transform (Transform into a bat for X seconds allowing you to fly, take damage, not deal damage, during nighttime or in dark areas.)
    You are the Sword. You do +1 damage with any melee weapon and an additional +1 when you go into a Frenzy!
    • Passive: Melee damage +1 on any sword.
    • Activatable Abilities: Frenzy (Gives a 30 second damage boost of 1)
    You can expect to see these patch deploying sometime before the years end!


  2. WWII Platinum

    omfg an update.
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  3. FireGuyNL Platinum

  4. CoastinJosh Platinum

    :eek: omgomgomggomgomg
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  5. FireGuyNL Platinum

    Wait, will I need to edit Solumque and Thallos for this update?
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  6. aet2505 Developer

    Any updates to live maps will be handled by us, the requirements for build submissions will change slightly
  7. Kyl3 Platinum

    I thought we wanted to keep anni alive? There goes shotbow...

    Yes, we stopped farming, but 50 seconds thats a R.I.P. Nexus.
  8. FurtherThanDan Retired Staff


    Death timers are not set in stone. Nothing is. These are just times and values we came up with before we see it in action. You are making an assumption based on no evidence. When it comes to testing it if it seems to heavy it can be changed.
  9. FireGuyNL Platinum

    When will this be tested?
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  10. FurtherThanDan Retired Staff


    Our plan is to release before the new year. We hope to have tests during the time in-between but no dates are currently set in stone.
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  11. WWII Platinum

    It's going to sound heavy. I feel like a 5 second timer would be the best.
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  12. FurtherThanDan Retired Staff


    Because of the inventory changes we see it fit to have a death timer that is greater than 5 seconds because in theory you are saving minutes having to re-gear.
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  13. Rebel_Vanguard Platinum

    This is actually really surprising. I might just have to give this a try, since these changes just may make Annihilation fresh again.

    Question, what exactly is the respawn timer? I'm hoping it doesn't mean that we can't respawn if we get killed in Phase 5 for 50 seconds. I highly doubt that's it, but I sincerely hope it doesn't mean that. Tell me I'm just being paranoid.
  14. SeegerCraft Platinum

    Nice change, but
    Phase 1: 10 Seconds
    Phase 2: 20 Seconds
    Phase 3: 30 Seconds
    Phase 4: 40 Seconds
    Phase 5: 50 Seconds
    Pls edit that.... or think about that
  15. WWII Platinum

    But if you get rushed you have no chance ever thought of that?
    Sorry if I sound rude
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  16. Kyl3 Platinum

    50 seconds, it takes about 50-60 seconds for a nexus to 75-0 with an eff 4 it may be an assumption, but it's still a fact.
  17. FurtherThanDan Retired Staff


    Currently, that is exactly what it means. However, again as I mentioned in the post nothing is set in stone and somethings can't be polished until we see it in action.
  18. StormAerospace Platinum

    I like most of the changes, but the new inventory partial drop concept is completely unfitting and quite frankly bad. Dropping your items at death is a vanilla mechanic and this will remove most fears of death so people can just run around fighting like it's a kit PvP server. It also prevents enemy teams from using resource-blocking tactics (killing miners). You can just give your team full iron and they can all run out and get killed 3 times before their armor breaks.

    Also, the respawn timer should only go up by 5 seconds each phase.

    (EDIT: Changed some wording because I realize I was a bit rude.)
  19. TechnoMaster4 Obsidian

    My goodness, the changes! I am very excited to see how this will pan out. :)

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  20. FurtherThanDan Retired Staff


    As mentioned respawn timers are very flexible. We can tweak the power of rushing with a multitude of factors. It's something that we have to watch and then determine since this is a whole new system.
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