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No Prefix Annihilationの新規加入とソロプレイについて

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by jbkzusbi, Aug 14, 2019.

No Prefix - Annihilationの新規加入とソロプレイについて
  1. jbkzusbi Platinum


  2. Acheleration Regular Member

    At present, Annihilation has too few scenes where he can play solo. It is considered to be powerful when playing solo, and Lv3pot using Alchemist is recommended. However, those who do not have a job just started cannot select Alchemist and cannot use it. Also, advanced players who have played Annihilation to some extent can no longer perform as if shotbow had a large population.
    I would like to suggest that you restore some item abilities to 1.7. They are gapple, strengthpotion, sharpness. Gapple can be made even for beginners who are only civilian, because apples can be obtained by breaking leaf blocks. In addition, by returning strengthpotion to 1.7, you can have a strong defense against your allies, play an active role in your personal play skills, and balance with gapple.
    And you can get back the "Solo Rush Dash" that players want.
    Changing plug-ins for gapple and strengthpotion is time consuming and hard work. But my suggestion is definitely a proposal to increase Shotbow's population. I hope the above update will take effect.

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  3. jbkzusbi Platinum

    Thank you for the translation

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