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No Prefix Anni

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by dimodes, Apr 19, 2023.

No Prefix - Anni
  1. dimodes Regular Member

    Annihilation is extremely pathetic now. Not enough people to play games, can't switch teams away from dead teams, having 3 teams team up against one from the start of the game. Might as well just close it, it's understandable with shit management like this why the server died. This game is unplayable without 120 players full it can't reach its potential without full teams when you have a rotten residue controlling games like this, with the toxic trash community you have left it's on the way to zero quick. Keep making new maps that will never be as good as Coastal and Arid while destroying the spirit of competition, the only playerbase you have left is a bunch of craps who I can 1v10, who group up on discord while on different teams and farm EXP then pretend they are good.

    Inb4 the invetiable cope of terminally online losers who try to deny any of the truths I just posted (because they practice these things themselves) with some dumb shit like "no u" or some attack on character, summon their discord buddies to the thread, mods who are in on it who cry and report because I said a bad word. In that case your game deserves to die. I give it until next month when games are unable to start.

    It's a shame that the minecraft community moved to crappy megaservers with gamemodes that aren't even fun and left Shotbow with a bunch of neck beard losers like this.
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  2. AnniPvP Emerald

    My man spitting facts
  3. Toyl Silver

    Ong bro you spitting facts frfr no cap on my momma they hating cus u speaking truth!!!
  4. Repressing Regular Member

    If we are talking about saving Shotbow, then the only solution is revamping the Network from the ground up, which will naturally affect the player base that which you are describing. In summary, I agree with you.
  5. T_mmm Gold

    logged on for the first time yesterday since 2014, it isn't the same as it used to be that is for sure
  6. andreasvico Regular Member

    Server is deas as fuck too. 15 players in one anni game right now.....

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