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Class Suggestion Anni: Paladin (Class Suggestion)

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by MODERNMEGa, Aug 28, 2017.

Class Suggestion - Anni: Paladin (Class Suggestion)
  1. MODERNMEGa Regular Member



    You are a cavalry.
    You are weak on your base but you are powerful in enemy base.
    Also you have a horse for riding.
    And every kill gives Absorption 1 to you
    Class created by Maashg.

    Unlock: Reach Master-II Rank (75.000 p)

    Class info
    Paladin spawns with wooden sword, wooden pickaxe, wooden axe and a horse.
    Paladins have Regeneration 1 in enemy base.
    But Paladins have Weakness 1 in own base.
    And every kill gives Absorption 1 to Paladin.
    Finally you have a horse, you can go very fastly with horse but horse can not swim and you can not walk in the small tunnels with your horse.
    Paladin's horse spawns with saddle. Just you can ride it. Teammates can not kill it but enemies can. The horse has 20 hearts and it has average speed and jump boost. After 30 seconds it will die and you will able to spawn it again after 30 seconds cooldown. This means you can ride your horse just for 30 seconds. Also if you die, your horse dies with you.
    (If you spawned a horse, your egg item won't go from your envanter. It is undropable item.)

    • Horse makes you faster.
    • Unlimited regeneration 1 effect is very good for rush. So you don't need making regeneration potions.
    • Paladin's horse has 20 hearts.
    • Every kill gives Absorption 1 to Paladin
    • You can not use horse on water or in the small tunnels.
    • Weakness on own base.
    • Paladin can ride on own horse just for 30 seconds.
    • Horse egg has 30 seconds cooldown.
    Tips & Tactics
    • You can use Paladin class for Phase 2 rush.
    • You can rush with only potion of strength.
    • You can catch the enemy with your horse.
    Video Review

    - Requested Japanese translation of this post. -

    -Added "Every kill gives Absorption 1 to Paladin" 01.09.2017

  2. jinl3e Platinum

    Didn't you make one from 4ish months? Other then that, I like the concept of the idea but I don't think there should be a horse. Get rid of the regeneration in enemies base because that's too op and the weakness 1 in base. Maybe there should be a power that has a cool down of 45 and it gives you regen II for 3 seconds and absorption II (Adds [IMG][IMG]) Idk that could be another class suggestion.
  3. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Alex you know me. I accept criticisim. Look at my old (2016) posts. But he is targetting me all time. Really enough. Some his friends are really toxic. But he targets us. Just enough. Please respect. Of course everybody is free on this forum.
  4. sdeddy Platinum

    A Paladin class is an interesting suggestion, however don't you feel that instead of adding more classes the Admins should focus on improving some unused classes already in play? I mean Hunter right now is pretty much useless, they should add a class item where if clicked on a foe 1 or 2 wolfs spawn and chase the target until they are killed.

    But that's another topic...

    What I like:
    I agree that a class with a buff in the enemy's base would be very useful, and for the most part totally unique. The only other class that has a bonus in the enemy's base currently is handyman with him having a chance of healing his own nexus. I would see this class as more balanced if this was like a reverse-defender. Where the paladin only gets a buff in the enemy's base and is normal everywhere else (or maybe just a weaker buff outside his own base and a larger buff when inside an enemy's base.)

    What I don't like (Just my opinion):
    We already have classes focused on increasing movement: Scout, Acrobat, Dasher, Assassin. Speed is a very powerful thing in Anni. How many times have you really wanted to kill a scout but were not even able to touch him? There are entire classes with the sole purpose to increase speed. I feel that adding a speed bonus on top of a regen bonus is a bit too much.

    Overall though I think that a class which encourages people to get outside their base and attack is awesome, and I really like the idea of more classes with buffs in opponents bases.
  5. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Thank you a lot for saying your comment! :) Maybe we can add that every kill gives Absorption 1 for 50 seconds but you can not get Absorption effect in enemy nexus. :)
  6. Litnetti Emerald

    horses in these types of gamemodes is simply a bad idea. it's just another unfair movement advantge
  7. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Can this class be good without horse, in your opinion? And also current Dasher is pretty much bad idea too :(
  8. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    You said it is not unique but you liked current Dasher and also Thor is much stronger than this class but you do not say anything for current Dasher and Thor. Just come to Annihilation and every Japanese clans do Phase 2 rush with Thor. Thor already was useful without buff. Dasher too. Just a lot of players did not know their tactics.
  9. Champion_Guiga Gold

    Not sure why you are quoting my same statement again (am I speaking to Berke now?), but I liked the Dasher change because it brought the class out of the gutter from being the worst mobility class in the game. Especially with the 1.9 food system, Dasher was about to quickly lose viability, and I am still happy that Shotbow brought more playability to Dasher.

    Ask a few people that I hang around and they'll tell you that I wasn't a huge fan of the Thor changes. Here's some background: The original Thor change was to JUST give it knockback II and in exchange map the lightning to right-click only. My thoughts then was that even though Thor was A Tier, giving it an edge to convince people that it was good was worth bumping it to A+ Tier. When the actual notes came out, Thor got the Resistance buff, in which I was conflicted about. You see, Thor was originally intended to have Resistance, but it never worked. Overall, I was happy that Thor finally has its full kit, but I knew for sure that it would be broken. I'm still in the camp of rather having Thor gain Resistance, because it can be tweaked later and still have a new, interesting mechanic.

    I'm not a hypocrite when it comes to class balance, as I've seen you accuse me of many times. Check my Class Balance Megathread, for every class in S tier and above, I suggested nerfs or nerf reworks. For everything in B or below, I suggested buffs. For Thor, I had suggested a change to the knockback, and for Dasher, I suggested a cooldown increase. Both classes gained uniqueness from their updates, because Thor gained an ability that it should've had before, as well as being the only class with Knockback in its spawn kit, while Dasher received an instant self teleport ability similar to in MOBA games. Nothing not unique about them.

    There is a fine line between playing in groups and playing alone. The vast majority of players probably play alone, therefore the game should be balanced around that. Outnumbered Phase 2 rushes are horrible to deal with, but sometimes it doesn't matter what class they are. The difference between picking Thor and Acrobat in a P2 rush is so small that it isn't something that should be dealt with. Unless the entire enemy team is rushing with Civilian, 9 times out of 10 the first team that gets P2 rushed by a clan is going down. That may be why you believe in Thor and Dasher's old tactics so much, because your group used it in your rushes and saw results, even though higher tier classes would've done just fine.
  10. BowspamUToDeath Platinum

    Devs have already mentioned that a horse spawn item would be incredibly difficult to implement and the horse itself is not very practical (you might as well just use Scout).

    People will say negative things if you constantly necro and re create almost identical posts for while back. If you really want people to not say negative things, then stop doing the things that are causing it. Also, he might obviously say negative things if you dislike bomb his Youtube Channel:


    (Now while 14 doesn't necessarily match 28 and the other 14 certainly could've used VPNs, just 14 dislikes on a video that tried to sort classes into tiers which took a lot of effort still counts as dislike bombing)

    Remember, treat others the way you want to be treated.

    No. Annihilation maps are not designed for horse use, and off the top of my head most or all of the popular ones won't be suited whatsoever for horse use. Scout is the closest thing to a horse and since it is just yourself and not something 3 blocks wide you can move much easier with Scout.

    People usually don't care about old posts as opinions and mindsets can very well change with one year (*cough cough politicians cough*). He doesn't target you, he and the Annihilation Forum community as a whole doesn't like it when unoriginal ideas are getting spammed and when you get banned you go around by using a friend's account do repeat the same thing. If you don't want hate, then really post original content or think of something people haven't have before.

    I won't lie I can get toxic sometimes when I am pissed off (i.e. too much bowspam or someone steals my loot) but if anything you guys are very toxic. I won't post any screenshots because I can't show names due to the no public shaming rule but some of the stuff they have said to me and others are like "EZ" "L" (spamming it after every kill) "STFU MAD KID" (context lol) "fuck your mom" and also the whole clan slandering someone by spamming "/rp [Player]" without any evidence, so please just don't say those things and with your clan all together, and maybe people would be a lot more friendly in the first place.
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  11. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Unfortunately as stated before, horses do not go well with Annihilation.

    I can personally back them up as you can get a yourself on Andorra if you fish for ages and it is the most glitchy thing in the world,
    Fair enough I'm often combining ice man with this making it even more glitchy. You are constantly getting stuck in non existing blocks and shooting up stairs...

    Aswell as that there is the problem that you are basically getting given 10 extra hearts, because it is extremely hard to got a player on the horse without hitting the horse first.

    Then after that there's the problem of teammates hitting the horse. Now you may say that you would just add them on your team however it is slightly more complex than that as horses are animals.

    However if this class does (not) get added :

    One improvement is that the horse dies when you dismantle it and the 30 second timer starts from when the horse dies..
  12. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Be respectful like this all time :heart: let's make Shotbow is lovely again. My English is bad so i will answer you after translating.

    Thank you
  13. Wayvernia Retired Staff

    I've removed the flame-war posts. Please leave constructive criticism on threads like these only and take personal arguments between each other to DM.

    Please stay friendly and thanks for flying Shotbow. :)
  14. MODERNMEGa Regular Member

    Thank you! :)
  15. EDMQND Regular Member

    Undoubtedly one of the greatest wastes of times I've ever seen.
  16. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Well After
    LeVaillant decided to necro this thread

    I want my reply!
  17. Kryptuss Obsidian

    wow so cool
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  18. lotus0g Regular Member

    Here is Japanese translation.

    Master-II ランクで解禁(75000XP)
    馬に乗ることができ、敵をキルする毎にAbsorption 1の効果を得る。

    敵陣ではRegeneration 1、自陣ではWeakness 1の効果を受ける。
    また敵をキルするたびにAbsorption 1の効果を得る。

    ・Regeneration 1はラッシュに最適。再生のポーションを作る必要が無くなる
    ・キル毎にAbsorption 1の恩恵を受けられる





    ー「キル毎にAbsorption 1を獲得」を追加。2017/01/09
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  19. Maashg Platinum

    Dude! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :heart:

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