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No Prefix Anni-Newgame

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by AnniXpy, Apr 29, 2022.

No Prefix - Anni-Newgame
  1. AnniXpy Regular Member

    It is suggested to update the new rules of the game (in order to speed up the progress of the game)

    1: All maps of gold ore changed to 32

    2: Destroying leaves can get apples directly (leaves and trees are regenerated)

    3: Miner's new unique function: iron ore and gold ore are directly transformed into iron ingots and gold ingots after being excavated (maintaining the attribute of doubling the excavation)

    4: Keep the mechanism that you can only eat 2 enchanted golden apples in 3 minutes

    5: Fixed bug that Tinker could not gain emerald gain after eating enchanted golden apple

    6: Each player has a permanent regeneration 1 Effect on their own resurrection point

    7: The defer course has its own permanent regeneration 2 Effect to ensure that it can really defend its core

    9: Dasher's maximum skill cooldown is reduced to 15 seconds, otherwise he will be vulnerable in front of the boy scout

    10: Players can save time in making Tinker armor books

    The above are all my update suggestions for shotbow. No matter what, players will support most of my opinions

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