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No Prefix Anniに関する2つの提案

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Swiirly, Mar 31, 2021.

No Prefix - Anniに関する2つの提案
  1. Yirumalol Platinum

    2.Delaying blockがriftwalker以外でのラッシュの成功率を大幅に下げています。Delaying Blockのシステムとしてはとても面白いものなので、後に語るriftwalkerの問題点と合わせてご検討ください。
    Anniはラッシュの際の攻防戦も一つの楽しみであると考えています。今から語るのはそのためのriftwalkerとdelaying blockの修正案です。
    Riftwalkerを使える範囲、Delaying Blockを設置できる範囲をパーミッション範囲の10ブロック先にする というものです。それに加えて、7秒間のMining Fatigue II→3秒間のMining Fatigue II.Resource dropからのdelaying blockの出現率を30%→50%への変更です。
    1.How about displaying the time it takes for a boss to appear a second time or later after it has been defeated once?
    2.Delaying block has greatly reduced the success rate of non-riftwalker rushes, which is a very interesting system and should be considered in conjunction with the riftwalker issues discussed below.
    Riftwalker rush is currently used a lot in clan fights and regular votes, and is a very powerful tactic. However, I think it lacks the fun of rush, whether you are playing or watching.
    Anni believes that the offensive and defensive battles during the rush are part of the fun. What I'm going to talk about now is a proposal for modifying riftwalker and delaying block for that purpose.
    The idea is to make the riftwalker and delaying block available 10 blocks beyond the permission range. In addition to that, the rate of delaying blocks from 7 seconds of Mining Fatigue II to 3 seconds of Mining Fatigue II.Resource drop will be changed from 30% to 50%.
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  2. Meramii Emerald

    Anni really lacks fighting to get into someone's base which used to be a pretty fun part of the game, would love to see this suggestion in game
  3. Vietmyke Platinum

    truffle class please
  4. Nasar Obsidian

    This is definitely a good idea that will change the meta, I consider rifting boring and it is very frustrating for those who spent 30-40mins building a wall to get rifted by 10 players and not being able to defend the rush. I agree with this suggestion. +1
  5. Yirumalol Platinum

    この提案が採用されることで、新規プレイヤーの流出抑制にも繋がると考えています。理由としては壁を建てるという行為は他の行動よりも遥かに簡単で達成感が得られるものであり、新規プレイヤーのモチベーションになる要素の一つになると思うからです。はっきりいって、新規プレイヤーが現状のゲームに影響を出すのは不可能です。もちろんこれだけで新規プレイヤーの流出抑制が完全に行えるとは思っていませんが、現に壁がメタに取り残されていることでやめてしまった友人もいます。そういった方々も戻ってきやすい環境作りをするといった点でもこの提案のようなものを施行してみて欲しいのです。I believe that if this proposal is adopted, it will help reduce the outflow of new players. The reason for this is that the act of building a wall is much easier and more achievable than other actions, and I think it will be one of the factors that will motivate new players. Quite frankly, it is impossible for new players to influence the current game. Of course, I don't believe that this is the only way to completely curb the exodus of new players, but I have friends who have quit because their walls are being left behind in the meta. I would like to see something like this proposal enforced to make it easier for those people to come back.
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  6. Ayash1mon Platinum

    i agreed it was more fun before, i remember fighting outside of wall with defender when rift rushes weren't a huge thing, now all rushes all the same you cant really defend against them as a solo or duo and most walls get bypassed easily, as a rusher i dont find it fun to use rift for rush because only teamfight there is, its in the nexus and people with gapple and relatively high prot dont die, it is painfully for rushers and defenders. Liked the idea.

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