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Discussion Anemos Sanctum

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Jingle535, Oct 15, 2014.

Discussion - Anemos Sanctum
  1. Jingle535 Gold

    General discussion on Anemos Sanctum because it re-opened (supposedly) yesterday. It is so difficult to do. I got to get a feel for it in the test on Tuesday so it seems it would be almost impossible. Just thinking about how to beat it, I just watched a video of like 15 well equipped guys failing the dungeon. If it were to be done it seems there would need to be a large group doing it like 20-30. Also, anyone know if anyone has ever beat it? Lastly, will It be in mine z 2?


  2. Hangar_Straight Silver

    Yes, people beated it, but not many. And sure it wont be on MineZ 2, because its a different gamemode, just based on MineZ. Completely new towns, maps, and a lot of more. If you want to know more about MineZ, come to this thread: http://shotbow.net/forum/threads/261817/
  3. 8noremac Regular Member

    if you need players i can join you guys
  4. vampire_toothy Guest

    anemos is the hardest dungeon, 99% of the time you will die, more people means nothing except for time wasted, a group of five beat this before
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  5. Viceroy_Vibiras Regular Member

    I might be able to join you, but I don't have Skype/Team Speak.
  6. Jingle535 Gold

    I already knew about the thread but I didn't know if people had beaten It and if not they might have added it to minez 2 but thanks for info. Also, who beat it?

    Can you show me the group of 5 or any more info, I am very interested who did it! I was thinking more people because a lot will die off with the parkour so you will have more at the end, for example if everyone has a 50% chance to live on each challenge then more people could help but I know what you mean.
  7. MineReepers Platinum

    I'm not building a group to go do this or anything :rolleyes:
  8. MOAB4leader Platinum

    Parkour can be hard even the simple ones, watching five people die on the same jump In a row now it's your turn adds a "oh shit" feel that you can get much from anything else...
  9. 8noremac Regular Member

    Put me in the group too.
  10. Megaplaylist64 Platinum

    Anemos Sanctum is too hard.
    Some people beat it.
    *Shotbow adds me (Painis Cupcake) to the dungeon*
    No one will ever try it again.

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