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Suggestion Ammunition Variation

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Hydralaxius, Apr 21, 2017.

Suggestion - Ammunition Variation
  1. Broooce Regular Member

    There was many types of ammunition used for different guns in Wasted, why not use that as an advantage and expand on the idea?

    In a previous thread I talked about how there needs to be variation in how bullets travel, but that isn't all that could be done. Ammunition varies in real life to take on different tasks such as being effective as piercing kevlar or travel speed from a distance. This could all be customised here to make a truly dynamic type of combat in Wasted, in which is needed for variation. As we know already, the snipers in Wasted were lacklustre, with no unique traits apart from the occasional zoom from the PKP which ironically enough was a machine gun, hence why it was known as the overpowered spray and pray. There were also the rifles that also had the capability of a sniper, such as the Mosin Nagant. Yet they didn't have any unique traits to allow their performance to boom at long distance apart from the slight damage variations between them.

    There should be high velocity bullets for some weapons which allow them to reign supreme from a distance, along with some new implementations of weapons for long range, this would allow for more diverse gameplay and use of buildings in towns and cities.

    There needs to be hard hitting bullets for the rifles such as the AK, which are used on the ground from a fair distance and would be used as a common fighter for everyone, and would keep balance in tact when choosing between an ordinary rifle, a sniper and a machine gun.

    There also would need to be ordinary high caliber ammunition for the machine guns to keep them balanced too. With some implementations of stationary fire and turrets, this would also help with the balancing between the weapons. The bullets wouldn't be powerful by themselves, but when sprayed they would be decent.

    However, you wouldn't need to strictly use this ammunition but obviously high velocity ammo would be useful from long range if you want to hit your targets effectively, or you could stick with some hard hitting or maybe incendiary bullets to pack a punch on somebody if you really wanted them dead.

    Just a small idea, needs some more elaboration. I might work on that for a later post.

  2. HypeTrains Regular Member

    So we're turning Wasted into Battlefield: Battle Royal? Alright :)
  3. Broooce Regular Member

    Yes. I don't know. I have tons of ideas to boast on about but I doubt any of them would make a real different to Wasted and its release but oh well.
  4. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Maybe just an AP variation for certain ammo types to make some guns favorable that would normally not be very good.
    HypeTrains and Hydralaxius like this.
  5. HypeTrains Regular Member

    I boasted my ideas for 2 years and nothing happened :D
  6. Robertthegoat Developer

    Ah, but you're so wrong!
    Hydralaxius likes this.
  7. Broooce Regular Member

    I'm pleased to hear this, thank you Robert.

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