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MineZ Alternate Account Policy Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Marine_PvP, Jun 12, 2019.

MineZ - Alternate Account Policy Update | Page 5
  1. _Silver Gold

    I'm conflicted about this update. On the one hand, alts really can give a significant advantage over those who don't have more than one account, but on the other hand, they have a lot of utility and can reduce a lot of the tedium of the game. However, what I think should happen, if the banning/restricting of alts has to happen, is that the other areas of the game that people use alts for could be improved.

    Looking through this thread and many discussions on Discord, one of the major reasons people don't like this update is because traveling and gearing both take a lot of time, and they don't feel like reusing the same account after death. A solution to this would be to make teleportation more accessible (because right now, it's only accessible to those who can win events or have enough skilled friends to do a series of difficult dungeons). This could allow people to get back into an area faster on their one account, or maybe find a fight across the map if they know there are some players far away. It also has the added benefit of potentially fixing another problem people have, where the lack of accounts around the map would lead to fewer fights because you just don't have accounts everywhere. Having another location with easier access to gate stones would likely be a PvP hotspot, because teleportation would now be a much bigger part of the game and more people would be trying to work for it.

    Another thing brought up here is alt use in dungeons. Admittedly, I have used alts to continue on with a dungeon after I've died on my main account, but the reason I even kept my alt in the dungeon is because the difficulty in many can only be described as cheap. When you have areas in dungeons where, for example, you're trying to parkour across barriers/black stained glass in a dark room where one slip-up means instant death, or maybe doing timed parkour across iron bars with fireballs shooting at you from both sides and you only have one try, dying to these doesn't feel good. Ridiculous challenges like this where there's not much room for error and no chance of recovery if you mess up is one of the reasons a lot of people don't like doing dungeons legitimately. It just feels cheap.

    I think if these things were improved, it could really lessen the blow of having very restricted alt use, and might not have as big of an impact on player counts.

  2. Hingey Platinum

    So, I happen to have about 6 other alts siblings and we all use the same home network. We never play together but we log on after one of us has died or needs help in a dungeon. What are the admins precautions to make sure my siblings and I aren't mistaken for alts?
  3. connor564 Platinum

    *radio silence*

    oh yeah cause they TOOK IT OUT
  4. shrauger Regular Member

    At what point does a fight become another fight?
  5. cyclone_43 Silver

    1000 blocks away from the point where two groups last saw each other, or 30 minutes later.
  6. Clip Regular Member

    umm I asked marine about that on discord and he said that if I die at Hasa I cant even log in at frostbain..
  7. cyclone_43 Silver

    You can't log in at frostbain and go back to Hasa. You can log in at frostbain and stay at frostbain or go somewhere that's not within 1000 blocks of hasa though.
  8. Agypagy Obsidian

    This is a bad change.

    In all the time I played, never once did I think a rule like this is necessary, even when I didn't have a combat alt available and I was fighting people who did.

    All this will do is alienate the more competitive players, and have no impact on casual players, because generally, casual players are not hurt by alting since a majority of them won't be able to kill a PvPer on their first account anyways.

    And despite Marine claiming it will be easily enforced, I think we all know that's far from the truth.
  9. Prompted Regular Member


    Not only that, but it drastically helps big groups. In the past, you could win a huge outnumber if you had alts. Now, no alts = group with more players will always succeed.
    cyclone_43 and Agypagy like this.
  10. Clip Regular Member

    Big facts. Literally nobody complained about this alting thing. Its just less loot and less pvp for everyone.
  11. Tozzu Platinum


    Shotbow: You think you want unrestricted use of alts, but you dont.
    Flexicution likes this.
  12. Flexicution Platinum

    koreans already abused it LOL
  13. Trisbit Platinum

    I personally am a fan of restricting the usage of alts to log back in and continue fighting. It makes it so that even after killing someone and "winning the fight", they'll come back within minutes fully geared again. However, I seriously think that banning the use of alts for dungeons should be looked at and reworked. I can understand why alting for combat purposes is harmful, but literally nobody complained about alting for dungeons.
    Marine_PvP and cyclone_43 like this.
  14. Itz_Jake_ Silver

    Did the minez team hit their head to hard and lose touch with reality or are you guys really this stupid?

    Alting is literally one of the only reasons people play this brokenly boring and grindy game anymore. The more you make it more focused on the extremely time-consuming, time-wasting survival aspect and less of the actual content the game provides the more you strip away from the dwindling player base you built. The reason half the clans don’t even exist anymore is because events are so hard to host because no one can prepare in good time for them, nor do they want to because it takes hours for maybe what, 10 minutes of gameplay? You guys realize by doing this you’re just going to make more and more people leave the game, right?
    Smartz_ and MCDuckler like this.
  15. Prompted Regular Member

    VERY well said. I too think the admin team hit their head and lost touch with the game. They are in the process of making it more and more grindy, (and even have admitted to doing so), when no one wants to play the game in the first place.
    Smartz_ and MCDuckler like this.
  16. Meifot Silver


    Yes, a survival aspect in a survival game. An aspect which has gone criminally untouched, in lieu of pvp and dungeons. We need more map, more places and more overworld difficulties.
    Hollow_Leg likes this.
  17. Smartz_ Platinum

    I agree with you, but those aspects have been woven into the game at its core and also need to be looked at as well.
  18. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    Q. I need a clarification on alts at dungeons!
    A. Once you enter an instance, that's your only life in that dungeon run.


    Q. I need a clarification on alts at dungeons!

    A. Once you enter an instance, that's your only life in that dungeon run. However, you may re-enter the dungeon after regearing on the same account after logout/death.
  19. LKnightO Platinum

    can i store legendaries in an alt?
  20. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    Storage alts are allowed.

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