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MineZ Alternate Account Policy Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Marine_PvP, Jun 12, 2019.

MineZ - Alternate Account Policy Update | Page 3
  1. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin


    If your friend is on and was not a part of the fight, they can go get your player zombie and the enemy's player zombie.
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  2. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    Luckily those alts can still be used just at different locations. So their money is not wasted they will just have to adapt. Considering most games ban alts all together, this really isn’t too bad.
  3. Sacrificial Gold

    The game will never have a "better chance to grow" because staff have already said in the past they don't plan on advertising any old games. So with that said the next advertisement we MAY see is for gold rush whenever its full developed and released to the public.

    With the player count as low as its been the past 2 weeks (excluding the times when events were hosted) you rarely find people at places you used to, and these people who dedicated their money to pvp are forced to move their accounts to a different location where they most likely wont see anyone. Also, may I ask what games ban alts? I rarely see servers, let alone other games that do this
  4. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    Hardcore factions ban alts, the mmo servers, annihilatuon I believe. Those are some I can think of off the top of my head.

    I’m not sure what the staff in the past said but there is still definitely a chance.
  5. Sacrificial Gold

    HCF doesn't typically care abt alts, its in the rules but they don't do anything about it most the time.

    As for the staff in the past I believe the post isnt that old
  6. Sacrificial Gold

    I thought you weren't going to respond anymore...

    All jokes aside I do think you have some good points but the change of banning alts wont be reversed, its here to stay whether the community likes it or not.
  7. InstantLightning WebMod Lead

    All toxic posts, and posts replying to them, have been deleted.
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  8. Mr_3141592653589 Regular Member

    How else would one voice their disapproval of this change? 'Sides we all know this change does nothing to the gameplay experience. Same with the overbalancing of different areas and same with the rebuilding of different areas. The main group you have hurt with this change is the PVP group. When was the last time the PVP group got an update that gave them more content? They haven't. Instead dungeoneers get content- but the irony of this all is that the loot from dungeons is rarely used and often sits on storage alts unused(And if I'm right in guessing, this is easing towards the banking update where storage alts will then probably banned).

    Lets also consider a different question altogether. How the bloody hell will you be enforcing this? You allow people to use alts but not under very specific circumstances, which means you will be spending a lot of time investigating these circumstances which ultimately means it's very diffiicult to enforce

    The thing I hear from this is, you're asking for the pvpers to get lost, as your audience in the game is dungeoneers. I'm indifferent to this because MineZ is a husk of its former self, but there will be people who are not indifferent to this. You have just censored all those people who are not indifferent.

    If you want people to actually play the game, maybe it's time to stop fixing fake problems and start adding more content. But nah, lets obliterate the eye of ender too. Lets kill global chat. Lets rebuild buildings instead of creating a map expansion. I understand you're also volunteers, but you're pretty much pawns in those who make money off of your free labour.
  9. Deexe Regular Member

    What? Name one major and real “HCF” server that does not care about alts. On any “Power Faction” server alting is banneable.
  10. Nilantive Platinum

    I think this is a good change. Just because it's a widely-used practice to have alts in combat doesn't mean it's a good one. It just means that people get cheated out of fair victories in a 1v1 setting and have to deal with extra lives, and then must use extra lives themselves to counteract it.
  11. rocketboy4221 Platinum

    Can't say I agree with silencing people's voices. Toxic or not, there needs to be discussion about this.
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  12. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin


    I don't think anyone want's pvp'rs to get lost. I think they just wanted to fix an abusive strategy that wasn't good for the game. There is a combat update literally on the way so new content for pvp'rs. I will agree that dungeoneers get more attention but I don't think we should demonize all changes. Some rebuilds are bad, and some are good. We just need to give quality feedback on which rebuilds are good or bad. I don't think the team wants to silence people that are indifferent they are just removing extremely toxic posts that don't bring up actual reasoning but just scream at the team.
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  13. HellionX2 MineZ Mini Admin

    It's very possible to discuss in a civil manor, that's the only effective way to discuss. As far as I know they aren't silenced, since they probably can just repost their opinion in a non-toxic way and bring up some actual points.
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  14. Tozzu Platinum

    It's a bit late for an april fools joke.
  15. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    While we're deleting toxic posts, how about we delete the whole thread? How about reversing the toxic policy, considering about 2/3 of the community seems to hate it?
  16. ShayminPlays Platinum

    For those who think this is a bad thing, it might be worth considering that alting in situations such as PvP is slightly pay to win because you're essentially using something which you paid money for (a second account) to gain an advantage.

    To explain; most fights that are evenly matched and skill based result in both people using all of their potions, grenades and sugar before someone dies. This leaves the victor looting very little besides armour and food from their opponent they killed, meaning you'd need to re-obtain potions, grenades and sugar before being ready for another fight. When the person you killed logs in a different account which is prepared for battle, you're not in a good situation because you need to either fight with very few potions left over or run in which case the other person can outrun you with sugar because they had an alt prepared.

    If they didn't have an alt, you would win fair and square. That fight would be over. However if they do have an alt which they paid for they can kill you with little struggle due to equipment advantage alone. Even if you are very skilled, if you didn't loot anything good from the person you killed the upcoming fight against their alt wouldn't even matter because you would likely die anyway due to exhausted resources. That's unfair gameplay, because it means just because the other person had an alt account it allowed them to win a fight they would not have otherwise. The only way to compete against that would be to have an alt prepared yourself, but then you would have to pay for it and that doesn't solve the problem and only makes it worse because it means you'll likely alt in PvP in other scenarios in the future, which may prompt other people to do the same and it becomes a downward spiral.

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  17. RogueFlame1 Regular Member

    So, no alting in dungeons? I guess that means nobody will be doing Frostbain, Anemos, etc. anymore, since there aren't even 4 active dungeoneers around anymore. Phenomenal choices being made here!
  18. ShayminPlays Platinum


    That's untrue. All you need to do is look to places like Catsage's hub or MineZ Completionists.
  19. cyclone_43 Silver

    Rip the **solo** dungeon boys.
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  20. Flexicution Platinum

    its not a 1v1 session my guy

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