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MineZ Alternate Account Policy Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Marine_PvP, Jun 12, 2019.

MineZ - Alternate Account Policy Update
  1. MarineAP Obsidian

    New Alternate Account Policy

    For many years, MineZ has allowed completely un-restricted usage of alternate accounts. There has never been a limit on the amount of accounts, how they can be used, or any other form of restriction. As player count has decreased over time, the ability to actively play on only one account has decayed. As a result, many players have begun getting many accounts alive at the same time out of boredom. The issue with this is that many of these accounts end up at the same location with full end game inventories. This means that even when someone dies to either PVP or PVE, the player can simply log onto a new account to recover their loot or fight the same enemy. This pattern of logging back into locations 1 - 3 times in order to kill an enemy is extremely damaging for the game. This is one of the many reasons why using alternate accounts is hurting the game, and thus something must change.

    The goal when playing MineZ is to gear up by exploring dangerous locations to retrieve better gear and survive, however the biggest danger in this process is dying and losing everything. The abuse of alternate accounts allows one to completely circumvent this, which is also a large source of the game’s replayability. The thrill of possibly dying in an instant and the adrenaline involved is no longer so prevalent with the safety of alting. Simply recovering a player zombie if one dies removes the threat of losing everything and the excitement involved in surviving.

    Perhaps the biggest reason alting is currently a huge issue is how they are being utilized for combat. In MineZ, choosing to enter a fight means the inevitable expenditure of resources. Assuming a fair fight takes place, the winner will be considerably drained of resources and need to restock. Currently, killing another player in northern locations means there is a high chance that the same player will come back on an alternate account. Now we have a situation where one player is out of resources trying to reap their earned rewards and the other is fully geared again. This scenario removes the skill involved and punishes players who didn’t make a gameplay error but simply didn't have enough accounts. This simultaneously almost completely removes the reward of surviving a fight. Dying to another player should be due to one of the players making a fatal mistake in combat, gearing, or positioning. In MineZ, dying should mean losing everything, and simply not having enough accounts in one location is no longer going to be a factor or viable strategy in MineZ.

    The main reason that the alting policy must change is that it allows the MineZ Team to continue making changes. As of right now, almost any changes made to the game can be undermined by the abuse of alternate accounts. A good example of this is the combat update, the MineZ Team has worked hard on creating a balanced and fluid combat system to improve player interactions. If combat between players is deterred by the threat of an alt coming to kill them after every fight, then the combat update is essentially obsolete.

    The new policy will not be banning the use of alternate accounts, but rather will be restricting how one can use them. The new restrictions are subject to change and expansions in the future.
    • Alting for the purpose of Combat will no longer be allowed. This means if one dies in a fight they will not be allowed to log back in on a new account and continue fighting
    • Alting to retrieve one’s player zombie or their own loot after dying is now prohibited. When dying in MineZ, a player should start from scratch.
    • Alting for the purpose of dungeons is also now prohibited. Dungeons are balanced to be done by multiple people and have loot according to that number.
    • Alting during any events is prohibited.
    • Alting for the purpose of farming XP, statistics, or achievements is not allowed
    As a result, alting will still be allowed for simply playing MineZ or for storage, but alting for any of the purposes outlined above will result in scaling punishments. While these changes may be difficult to swallow at first, many games enforce strict alt bans making this policy quite lenient. We hope the community can understand how these changes are vital to the game as a whole moving forward. We thank the community for remaining flexible during recent adversity the server has faced, and we plan to continue improving the game.

    이 새로운 규정은 부계정 사용 자체를 금지하지는 않지만. 부계정 사용 방법 중 몇가지가 제한됩니다. 이 규칙들은 언제든지 바뀔 수 있고, 새로운 사항들이 더 추가될 수 있습니다.
    • PvP를 위한 부계정 사용이 금지됩니다. 즉, PvP중에 죽은 뒤 부계정으로 로그인해서 싸움을 지속하는 것을 더이상 할 수 없습니다.
    • 부계정으로 본인 또는 다른 플레이어의 플레이어 좀비 또는 땅에 떨어진 아이템들을 얻거나 지키러 갈 수 없습니다. 마인즈에서의 죽음은 처음부터 다시 시작하는 것을 원칙으로 합니다
    • 던전에서의 부계정 사용이 금지됩니다. 던전은 지정된 사람 수에 맞게 클리어되게 설정되어 있고, 보상 또한 그 숫자에 맞게 벨런스되어 있습니다.
    • 이벤트 시에 부계정 사용이 금지됩니다.
    정리하자면, 일반적으로 마인즈를 플레이하거나 아이템을 저장하기 위한 부계정 사용은 허용되나, 위에 명시된 3개의 규칙에 위배되게 사용할 경우 그에 따른 처벌이 가해질 것입니다.

    新しい方針ではサブアカウント (Alt) の使用を禁止するわけではありませんが、それらを使用する方法が更に制限されることとなります。この制限は将来変更または拡張される可能性があります。
    • 戦闘目的においてのAltの使用は許可されなくなります。つまり、ある人が戦闘中に死亡した場合彼らは別のアカウントを用いて戻り同じ戦いを続けることは許可されません。
    • 死亡後にAltを用いて自分のプレイヤーゾンビやそれらのアイテムを回収することは現在禁止されています。MineZで死亡した際、プレイヤーは一からやり直すべきです。
    • ダンジョンを目的としたAltの使用もまた現在禁止されています。ダンジョンは複数の人によって行われるように調整されており、その数に応じた報酬を持っています。


    Q. I want to start playing on a new account after a fight. Am I allowed to do this?
    A. You are allowed to bring or log on alts in the same 1k block region after a while. You're allowed to hop the same region on your alt at least 30 minutes after the fight ended, or you logged out or died in the last time.

    Q. After dying in a fight, am I allowed to play on an account that is far from where I died?
    A. Yes. Far means at least 1k blocks away. You can PvP or play normally as long as you stay 1k blocks away from where you died. Note that after 30 minutes the fight ended, you may hop the same region on a geared account (from the 1st FAQ)

    Q. I died in a fight and want to help my friends fighting(whether they fight the same players or not), what should I do?
    A. If you wish to help the fight, you have to gear back up the account you died on, or an account that is at spawn.

    Q. During a fight, I ran away and logged out because I was out of supplies to continue the fight. Can I log back on my alts or bring another geared account and continue the fight?
    A. No, once you start fighting on your account, that's your only life in the fight.

    Q. During a fight, am I allowed to run to an alt and take items from it?
    A. No, restocking items during a fight from an alt is not allowed.

    Q. I found players on my alt. If I didn't start fighting them, can I logout and log in a different account to fight them?
    A. No. This is considered alt abuse for scouting an area with another life. Once you find players, you are not allowed to switch accounts.

    Q. If my friend dies and I go get their player zombie, can they log in on alt to pick up their loot?
    A. No, they have to run back up on the account they died on or accounts at spawn.

    Q. If my friend dies, can I bring a storage alt to store the loot on the ground?
    A. Yes and No. You may pick up the loot, go to your storage alt and store the loot you have in your inventory, but you are not allowed to move your storage account to where the loot pile is. This means you are not allowed to physically move your storage account at all, even if it's a short distance (like 3 blocks). Your storage account must be standing still at all time, and you must move the items on your main account, to your storage account.

    Q. Does this rule apply to locations (not dungeons) that require multiple people to enter (i.e Lorfaul Mines Entrance or Fort Kharj)?
    A. Yes, you are not allowed to use alts to enter locations requiring multiple people to enter or loot.

    Q. Can I have multiple accounts geared for Suicide Saturday and switch accounts to do Suicide Saturday?
    A. No. Suicide Saturday is considered to be a single huge fight. You may not use multiple geared accounts during Suicide Saturday. If you want to participate after your death, you will need to gear back up on the account you died on or accounts at spawn.

    Q. I need a clarification on alts at dungeons!
    A. Once you enter an instance, that's your only life in that dungeon run. However you may re-enter the dungeon after regearing on the same account after logout/death.

  2. Clip Regular Member

    Ok idrc about combat alting, just change the fact that a Player Zombie can do more damage than an actual player. The only time I've had to alt is because I kill the player then die to the player zombie because, 1. it takes no knockback and 2. because they do 3 hearts a hit, maybe 4 with a dsword.
  3. MarineAP Obsidian


    I just tested it and a player zombie with an iron/diamond sword does 1.0/1.5 hearts of damage per hit to a full iron and full chain.
  4. silverbackconnor Regular Member

    Thats a lot when you are already about to die after killing someone.
  5. silverbackconnor Regular Member

    Absolutely Nobody:
    Shotbow: Alts are ruining the game and need to be fixed

    No but in all seriousness, who is complaining about this? Because literally every pvper I know has alts for this purpose. Literally every one.
    Dioxide_, Leagueish, Agypagy and 11 others like this.
  6. szth Silver

    how to ruin suicide saturday 101
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  7. silverbackconnor Regular Member

    facts dude SS gonna be a 3v3 from here on out
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  8. bunnyhoppers Emerald

    Now noone will get any fights :D great idea!
    Dioxide_, Agypagy, jinl3e and 9 others like this.
  9. Pirate_Ship Regular Member


    Nice and vague :neutral_face:
  10. gl0y Platinum

    Marine that is just wrong, unarmed zombies hit full iron players for 1/1.5 hearts, a zombie with an iron sword can do upwards of 2 hearts per hit, that's insane.

    And completely banning combat alts is just stupid because everyone has them anyways. Forcing players to run back up on the same account they died on is gonna make them not want to play after dying, this is stupid and it's not going to fix anything. The only people complaining about combat alts are probably like hardcore kids.

    No one is going to want to play if you're MAKING them gear the same account after dying, if they die, they're just gonna get off until the next time they have literally nothing to do. That's the only reason people play minez anymore, just let them play how they want to, your game is not going to ever break 200 players again in its lifetime, all of these forced changes are gonna do nothing except speed up the time it takes for the server to hit 0 players.
  11. w0nder Platinum

    it's a no from me
  12. bunnyhoppers Emerald

    wheres the dislike button
  13. thx4loot Gold

    I feel like this isn't necessary..

    100% agree that people will not want to play if they are forced to play on the same account, ESPECIALLY if they have spent money on other accounts that have spawn kit items such as Speed Pots or Grapples which they spent money on specifically to use in pvp.
  14. MCDuckler Platinum


    Not a MineZ player, but this sounds exactly like what already happened to MTA.
  15. XenoPVP Platinum

    This is GENIUS
  16. Pirate_Ship Regular Member

    Admin dmg reduction abuse confirmed.
  17. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    Y'all are fucking dense
    first bow boosting and now this
    This change helped no one
    ~ A Haiku
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  18. thx4loot Gold

    The bow boosting change was actually good in a sense, yes it took some gameplay out of pvp, but it helped make outnumbers more balanced.
  19. rory2 Emerald

    did anyone ask for this
  20. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    Imagine if you bought a Van Gogh painting and decided it looked ugly so you destroyed it and redid it

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