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Alternate account farming!

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by PokeTheEye, Jun 28, 2017.

Alternate account farming!
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  1. PokeTheEye Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    Let's get straight to the point! Farming with alternate accounts to gain experiences for better stats is not allowed and we will ban for that!

    Farming to gain money, arrest or a higher level etc. is not allowed! If an admin sees you doing so he/she is allowed to ban you and your alternate accounts without any kind of warning!

    Using friends to farm isn't allowed, so if a friend is just standing there doing nothing so you can kill/arrest them you can get banned for that. Same goes for killing/gaining arrest to get high on the leaderboards is bannable.

    This also means you can't farm with alternate accounts on a private instance or in a mission. Farming with alternate accounts on any kind of Mine Theft Auto instance is not allowed!
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