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Announcement Alt Abuse Update

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MineZ Team, Mar 30, 2022.

Announcement - Alt Abuse Update
  1. MineZ Team Administrator

    Over the time that the Alternate Account Policy has been implemented, the team has noticed a lot of confusion and disliking for the Alt Abuse rules. As a result of this, we have updated them to be a more clear set of rules to follow.

    PvP Alt Abuse

    • A combat situation or fight begins as soon as a player sees an enemy player. Active melee/bow fights are not required to start a combat situation. This is to prevent occurrences like logging on empty accounts at hidden places to check towns for enemies or check the size of the enemy group before logging on a PvP account. Slowness on login also automatically starts a combat situation.
    • If a player gets told about a nearby enemy group but doesn’t see them themselves and then switches accounts, it does not count as combat situation, even if both places where they logged off and where the fight is about to start are very close.
    • After fighting, logging on an alt account within 500 blocks radius of the fight location is never allowed for 30 minutes after the fight, even if the player doesn’t plan to continue to fight on the alt account and wants to do dungeons/something else that is in no way related to the fight they just had.
    • Outside of the 500 block radius, players are allowed to log on alt accounts to play immediately after they fought. However, they must ensure they don’t interfere in any way ongoing fights that involve their team or the teams they just fought. Exception: Completely unrelated fights at very different locations.
    • Use of alt accounts in the 30 minutes after a fight to regear the used combat account, their team, or support the same fight in any way is not allowed.
    • Use of an alt to get back items after dying in a fight is not allowed.

    PvE Alt Abuse

    • Using an alt to continue a dungeon attempt after dying on a separate account is not allowed.
    • Alting to ‘solo’ a dungeon that requires multiple players normally is allowed, however you are not allowed to bring more than the minimum required accounts into the dungeon. The minimum is shown on the hologram at the start of each dungeon as "Minimum Players". Dying on any account means the run failed and you are not allowed to bring an additional alt in to continue.
    • This rule also only counts for solos. It does not apply to duos, trios etc.
    • Entering Axis Mundi with multiple accounts is not allowed. Players can only enter with one account per opening.

    Common Alt Abuse Examples

    • Logging on a fresh account within 30 minutes of the last fight and continuing the same fight against the same team (even if its more than 1k blocks away, for example if your team chases an enemy from Crowmure to Midlands and you log on a Paluster account to cut off the way)
    • Logging on storage accounts to give a combat account or teammates new gear (pots, food, armour repairs) within 30 minutes after the fight. This includes PVE. Players may use alt accounts on PvE at the fight location immediately after the fight, but they are not allowed to drop the combat account or their teammates any gear.

    Not Alt Abuse

    • You can fight a team at Al Hasa then immediately switch to a Crowmure account and fight the same team again on their Crowmure accounts.
    • If you use a separate account to restart the dungeon with your team.
    • Logging on alt accounts to do something completely different (like a dungeon) even if it’s in the same area (but outside of the 500 block radius).
    • Logging on an alt on pve at the same location to gear it up or do dungeons etc.
    • Logging on a storage account to store loot from the previous fight.
    • Logging on storage accounts to get food and pots for dungeon runs (for example when failing zerbia entrance parkour so many times that you run out of pots on your main account)
    • Running up alt accounts from Meridian does not count as alting.

    In addition to the changes, we would like to note a few things:

    Playing on alts outside of the 500 block radius immediately after a combat situation is at your own risk. If a player accidentally runs into an enemy player account from the previous fight within the 30min time after a death, they still might get banned. To be 100% sure to not get banned, stay off for 30 min after death, go on PvE, or keep playing on the account you just died on and regear. If unsure about the rules, contact a MineZ Admin.

    If a player gets banned for alting, they can get an explanation by contacting a MineZ Admin. The admin can explain how they broke the alting rules and answer any questions that arise. Players are not allowed to see the evidence that resulted in their ban.

    If you would like to read the old rules, they can be found here.
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  2. ccbas Regular Member

    Is using an alt as a dungeon sacrifice considered abuse?

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