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Discussion All gun damages, and opinions on them

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by Low_Ping, Jan 26, 2016.

Discussion - All gun damages, and opinions on them
  1. Low_Ping Platinum

    First off, to find how much a gun does per shot, shoot a car twice, numbers will appear in the chat telling you how much health the car has left. To find out how how much damage each shot does, shoot a car and the first thing you see Ex. (-29) take that number and divide it by 2, this will give you the amount of damage each hit does.

    So I have made a list for you of MOST guns.
    I will go from the top down
    All these aren't critical hits.
    Level 88 Marksman rifle - 14.5 damage per hit
    Level 79 Sniper rifle - 12.5 damage per hit
    Level 60 Regular Rifle - 8.5 damage per hit

    Bullpup shotgun - 7.2 damage per shot
    Combat shotgun - 6.3 damage per shot
    Sawnoff shotgun - 4.25 damage per shot
    Assault shotgun - 4.2 damage per shot
    Pump shotgun - 4.2 damage per shot

    Machine guns
    Special Carbine - 4 damage per shot
    M4 - 1.2 damage per shot
    Carbine Rifle - 3.1 damage per shot
    Ak47 - about 1.9 damage per shot

    Combat MG - .9 damage per shot
    MG - 1.4 damage per shot

    Gusenberg Sweeper - .5 damage per shot
    Micro SMG - 1 damage per shot
    SMG - 1.1 damage per shot
    Tec-9 - 1.2 damage per shot

    AP pistol - 1 damage per shot
    Combat pistol - 1.8 damage per shot
    SNS - 2.2 damage per shot
    Desert Eagle Pistol - 4.2 damage per shot
    9mm silenced - 3.5 damage per shot
    9mm - 3.5 damaged per shot

    Vulcan Mini Gun - .7 damage per shot

    Flash grenade- 0 damage
    Grenade - 32 damage
    Molotov - 14 damage

    Explosive Ranged Weapons
    Grenade Launcher- 15 damage, excluding fire damage per shot
    RPG - 22.5 Damage, excluding fire damage per shot
    Rocket Launcher - 30 Damage, excluding fire damage per shot

    All other ranged weapons would not register on vehicles.

    Weapons that need Buffs:
    The Marksman rifle, and the bullpup shotgun, both need multiple Rate of Fire increases.
    The M4 needs to be buffed to 2.5 damage per shot, as it has the same rate of fire as the Ak47.
    The Combat MG needs to be buffed to 3.3 and the Regular MG needs to be buffed to 3 damage per shot.
    The Gusenberg sweeper needs to be buffed to 3.7 damage, as it can't be bought, only found.
    The Vulcan Mini Gun needs to be buffed to 2.7, as it is the last gun in the game.

    Weapons that need to be Nerffed:
    The combat shotgun needs a few rate of fire decrease and its damage needs to go down to 5.8.
    The regular carbine could be nerffed to a 2.7

    If you have any suggestions or think guns should be modified differently, please state what you think.

  2. AGearBeast Platinum

    Lovely. Thanks Low
  3. 323465963 Retired Staff

    You can find the damage of an explosion by shooting it near a player, then calculating how many hearts it does to an unarmored player.

    The M4 should deal slightly less than an AK, because while the apparent rate of fire seems the same, the maximum rate of fire (achieved by spamming right click) is nearly twice that of an AK, meaning a player can deal nearly 2x the damage with that.

    Vulcan's fire rate should also be increased.

    Haven't really explored the special carbine, but it's damage should be decreased to 3.5, just to keep it a little more realistic.

    Sniper rifle should deal 15 damage, marksman is fine as it is (basically a 2-shot kill). But, if the sniper rifle's rate of fire is greater than that of a marksman, the marksman's rate of fire should be increased so that it shoots faster than a bolt-action sniper rifle.

    Also, wow, never knew the 9mm's deal 7 damage. Haven't tested them in a while. Funny how they deal 10x that of a minigun :lmao:.

    If the 9mm and silenced are nerfed, I'd like to see them have identical stats, just for consistency.

    Grenade launchers need to be buffed, either with a small damage increase or fire rate. Clip size should be lowered to 6, just to be realistic, but that's optional.

    Everything else I agree with in the OP's post.
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  4. Low_Ping Platinum

    Thanks, the reason I left out the explosive weapons was because on a player with no armor, a direct hit with an RPG a Grenade launcher, and even a rocket launcher always did 1.5 hearts. But if aimed at ground could do up to 3 hearts, also if you shoot them at cars, it will give you a reading of 1 dmg, which isn't true.
  5. Low_Ping Platinum

    I knew something seemed wrong, Forgot to divide 9mm damage in 2, so they do 3.5 each.
  6. hora6112 Platinum

    Ping and I tested the explosives first. I used my alt account, which had no armor, and Ping shot the level 77 RPG at it. It dealt 1.5 hearts every time, even though we tested it at least 7 times. Then, he shot it at me, while I was wearing full diamond armor, and it dealt 3.5 hearts.

    Also you forgot about the Special Carbine and the Bullpup Shotgun. For the Special Carbine it should deal 3.4 but should have the same firerate as the normal Carbine, and the Bullpup Shotgun should either deal 8.3 damage and stay at its current firerate, or have the same firerate of combat shotgun, and deal the same damage that it does currently.
  7. 323465963 Retired Staff

    Can I also have some opinions/thoughts on grenades and TNT? TNT isn't really intended for combat, so I guess I can stay the same. I haven't tested this out yet, but I'm pretty sure frag grenades deal near 8 hearts point-blank, no? Flashbangs serve their purpose pretty well, but could have longer blindness/nausea. Molotovs aren't really that useful. I'd prefer if they scatter random fire all around the blast area.
  8. Low_Ping Platinum

    My opinion on grenades is that they should do 3.5 hearts of true damage and molotovs should do 2.5 because of their shorter fuse. Right now grenades do way too much damage.
  9. Juschio Regular Member

    Lol, dat moment a scrub comes up with a much shorter fuse, and you go OH SHET.
  10. Juschio Regular Member

    Desert Eagle needs a tweak, fire rate is VERY slow, and damage doesn't seem enough. It really pales in comparison to even the 9MM. It just doesn't do enough. Even with it fully modded, it still is practically exactly the same.
  11. Aexon Regular Member

    If the combat shotgun firerate get nerfed, they also have to nerf the sawnoff firerate because it is the same.
  12. xrcfvbn Platinum

    Grenade: 32
    Grenade launcher: 15
    RPG: 22.5
    Rocket launcher: 30
    Molotov: 14
  13. enderman494 Regular Member

    I don't know I haven't used grenades that much but I've had frag grenades do very little damage from medium range (concerning their radius) but I think they have way too far of a fuse time and you have more then enough time to get out of the blast radius. I have however had a molotov do 8 hearts of damage to a player in diamond so... still I think grenades and molotovs should do a rather large amount of damage because, well, they're explosives. Oh and maybe just have molotovs do damage over time?
  14. Thrackerz0d Platinum

    I honestly think the changes to machine guns should be reverted, I get that the invincibility was removed so everything got nerfed for the sake of that, but I honestly don't like it, I'd rather have a player be invincible for half a second and miss out on 1-2 shots of damage than have to fire twice as many bullets to get the same outcome. As for everything else(shotguns/snipers) I think snipers need a small RoF increase, I get that they do more damage than other guns, but they are still harder to actually hit with, in the time it takes me to shoot 2 shots of my rifle, I can be killed completely by a combat shotgun, and then you have to consider how difficult hitting a shot with a sniper is, especially from a distance, which brings me to this, the shotguns are so very accurate from pretty much any range, I think this should be changed somehow as I don't think a shotgun getting a guaranteed hit from 100 blocks away is very logical, some people might hate this as a change, maybe even I would hate it, but do what you want with that. The bullpup needs the RoF increased, that or the other shotguns a RoF decrease, as the bullpup has the worst RoF of all shotguns while only dealing 2 damage more, so bring the bullpup to the same RoF as the other shotguns or nerf the RoF of the other shotguns to that of the bullpup. The vulcan minigun and the gusenberg sweeper, I do agree, these need to be stronger than they are, both cannot be purchased, which is a plus, but they are still high level weapons that are pretty irrelevant. I'm not sure how you will accomplish this, but I have to say, I'd like for EVERY gun to be relevant at it's level, if I hit level 80, I want to know that my new level 80 guns are going to be better in every aspect than a level 34 or level 55 gun. I'm sure everyone would like to know that unlocking a new gun at a higher level means that gun is better, if not better in it's own way(for example, different guns such as shotguns/snipers). I understand the wanting balance, but I don't think balance in the sense of a game where you gain levels is making sure every gun does equal amounts of damage, every game I have played that has a leveling system always has it so higher level = better/stronger guns and I think this should be taken into consideration when changing any guns.
  15. Low_Ping Platinum

    Thank you I'll add that in
  16. Low_Ping Platinum

    I agree with everything in this, because I stated 9/10 of them in my original thread. But this went into the detail that would deter people from reading the thread. I 100% agree with the last few sentences.
  17. storm345 Developer

    I have tweaked a bit to match the OP's comments. I didn't do it totally the same though. I personally like the miniguns needing to be fired fast to match other guns. The aim is that the different gun types will match better different situations and play styles which adds more skill to choosing the right gun. Eg. a player far away moving slow a rifle, etc.. will get a good hard hitting accurate shot. A player nearby moving fast it'd be better to spray with an auto weapon and so on.
  18. Juschio Regular Member

    Awwww. What about the Desert Eagle?
  19. hora6112 Platinum

    Nothing has been changed...
  20. Low_Ping Platinum

    If storm could put what was changed about this every week I'd be happy. If not, I would be glad to do a weekly update. Also if anyone has a way to measure fire rate please tell me so I can add it here.

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