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No Prefix Alchemist and gapples

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Duder_Bug, Jun 11, 2019.

No Prefix - Alchemist and gapples
  1. Duder_Bug Platinum

    I think Alchemists should be nerfed where they cannot make Splash Regen 3 because that is really broken and its hard to defend against a team of 8 full dias that are all thor or scout and had ONE ALCHEMIST splash them all with speed 3 and regen 3.
    Also I think Alchemists Regen 3 should be nerfed to Regen 2 but have some absorption hearts with it (Regen 2 for 1 minute with 5 absorption hearts.)

    Also I think gapples are not that useful nowadays and they should be upgraded. My idea is to make it have Regen 4 for 30 seconds like it used to be in 1.7! Nowadays Its really hard to solo rush since people know how to use mercenary or immo or anything along those lines!
    Anyone remember the good old 1.7 solo rushes you could do? :((
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