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No Prefix Al Hasa Dungeon

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by NPCtom, Dec 4, 2018.

No Prefix - Al Hasa Dungeon
  1. NPCtom Silver

    I am currently working on a simple-solo dungeon that will be located to the left of the Tools chest in Al Hasa in that stairwell.

    What does everyone think about this and what do you think should be included?

  2. Alqddin Regular Member

    don't use hasa? i feel like it would probably be suited to the majority of the major locations on the map that don't yet have a dungeon. if you really wanted the dungeon to be in that area you could use like Al Hasa Quarry or McHarlington or Tenebris (that'd be cool). you could also do sanctuary of peace or the forest around there or something.

    also i don't really get the point of asking for people's opinions on your dungeon when you didn't share anything about what the dungeon would be like thematically or anything about its content.
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  3. Toyl Regular Member

    I think this a great idea because it would draw more pvp towards the midlands :^). Hopped hasa for 30 mins and found nobody, sad :`(
  4. NPCtom Silver

    I think it would be a easy-parkour style dungeon with a short mob wave room and the reward would be mil-epics/rares and a dungeon common. And it can only be done solo as the button to acess the dungeon will disappear after the player has entered. Also the door will be replaced with stone bricks to prevent other players from using more buttons.

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  5. NPCtom Silver

    Change-log and download available here

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