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Ah The Old Times.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by iTechnoskull, Oct 6, 2019.

Ah The Old Times.

Remember me?

Yes 2 vote(s) 66.7%
No 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. iTechnoskull Silver

    Hello. My name is TechnoSkull. I was an OLD OLD member of this community playing back in 2012 and such. This game was a part of my Child Hood that I wont forget. I share many encounters with many people online that feel the same way. I am Still In contact with some of the old players such as BackWood, Highlife_OSU, Ebanski, Bajunga, ShortBridge and a few others. Id just like to say that from the start I knew it would end one day. I tried my best to grasp the nostalgia of the game as long as I could. Some of the players who Impacted me were M0XY, SuperAdvanced, Kiaa, GardenGnome, ProShow and many more. To be honest I dont even think all of the old mineZ players are alive. Some of us lowkey perished or we are locked up in jail. I dont think I will ever log back into this reddit/forum but this is lowkey my story:

    I started playing back in 2012. I had no one, I met an E-Girl Named Cassmich and I played with her and her friends. I then met another hero, WholeMilk. I played with wholemilk for a while, I lowkey felt he was an influence upon those times of my gaming life. Anyways I also enjoyed old Bionic Prodigy before he became who he became. Anyways after that I started getting into clans and this was when a 100 players tried to fight on one server and there were usually 12 different servers. It was usually clique vs UD...ah the old days. I then remember playing with Ceras Jbrawn and many other people who ive already mentioned. Now due to my addiction into this game I missed out on stuff that kids shouldnt miss out on, but I have no regrets. It was how fate put it for some of us. I remember meeting a player named nate6565 he told me he had cancer but I dont know forshure. I remember the old mineZ events. Honestly Why isnt there a rewind button to the simple days...

    Goodbye Shotbow > I wish the people in charge at the time did better to keep our servers working <

    (M0XY MADE IT LOWKEY, He is playing with streamers who get 40k views. LITTY GOOD FOR YOU m0xy you always were good at games)

  2. Bananermann Regular Member

    Honestly I feel this post so much haha, the good ol' days of when I was still young and immature, yet still able to meet fantastic people and have a blast of a time on minez and such, wish I could get back into it, but as you stated it just didn't have the proper upkeep it needed, I saw this as a child and lost my pleasure for it and just screwed around, thus leading to why I am unable to play now, which I somewhat regret as it was a lot of fun when I could play back then. It's rather surprising that you mentioned some of the people here as I've had encounters with them back in my old days of playing as well haha
  3. iTechnoskull Silver

    Many More names in the back of my mind that pop up during daily occasions, such as anonymoose or adventures333, agypagy and more. Its crazy where everyone ended up.

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