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Suggestion Admins VS Admins sandbox match

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by KerbIsLovely, Jul 2, 2021.

Suggestion - Admins VS Admins sandbox match
  1. EmperorKerb Silver

    I think it would be cool, funny and interesting if there was an admins vs admins match
    • Coastal
    • 12v12 (if there are enough admins, make it with 4 teams instead of 1v1)
    • Livestream it on youtube
    • Swapper disabled
    I just think it would be cool to see what kind of strategies they would come up with considering some of them watch so many clans play, they have a clear view to see what goes right and what goes wrong. I think it would be interesting to see what kind of walls they would make, how they would set up mid, how they would rush, how they would run etc..
    I know for sure I would watch it, would anyone else?
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  2. EmperorKerb Silver

    Also it would be funny to watch the highlights/mistakes that would inevitably happen in the match lol
  3. Smartzz Emerald

    Anni vs Minez, make it happen
  4. commando0301 Silver

    Here's how it will go down. Half of them will play scout and the game is therefore ruined.wont even be any fun to play or watch
  5. SnowVi1liers Annihilation Mini Admin

    I think it would be entertaining to watch, numbers are the only issue... Unless the older admins return for 1 match, that would be pretty awesome... It could do well for shotbow too.

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