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Announcement Admin Applications Are now Open!

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by noobfan, Jan 23, 2018.

Announcement - Admin Applications Are now Open!
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  1. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead

    Applications close the February 26th


    I'm happy to announce that the MTA Staff Team will now be opening up applications for the 2nd To handle in its existence and i think its about time we get some fresh faces upon us! we're looking people to take on some new team members from our community to guide new players as they learn the ropes in MTA.


    Diversity. Shotbow maintains a global playerbase. With this MTA has significant German, Japanese and Dutch populations. While not required by any means, we encourage those players who are fluent in languages beyond English to apply.

    As a team member you will be entrusted with information pertaining to the network that may under no circumstance reach the public ear. We need players that we can confidently provide such information to with no doubt about their ability to

    Keep it internal. You will be the voice of the Network. We will expect you to represent us appropriately.
    Any black marks on your record may have an impact on our discussion, but will not necessarily disqualify you from making the team.

    Falsifying any field on your application will result in its immediate rejection.

    Applications will be left open for just shy of a month. During this time, We will be reviewing and discussing each application we receive and selecting those candidates we feel are most qualified for training. Once the applications are closed, all those who make the final list will be contacted personally over the forums via PM.
    Do note: Applying here does not guarantee a position on a mini-admin team. You will not be contacted if your application is turned down for whatever reasons this time around.

    Link to the application form may be found here. Please take the time to answer each field with as much detail as you can provide.

    Best of luck to all you!

    - noobfan (MineTheftAuto Lead Administrator)

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