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Discussion Admin abuse and general bad administration

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by niistei, Jun 21, 2020.

Discussion - Admin abuse and general bad administration
  1. niistei Regular Member

    Im going to talk about several points ruinning the server so gl reading all this
    the main problem we have are the admins
    most admins are... cocky, annoying, useless, they see someone they dont like and ban them for no reason, i once saw some admin getting attacked with harm potions, he said "moron get out of my server" and banned him just because he almost died
    another example, quoting another admin "my fight style is banned style" after loosing a fight and banning his opponent
    (while i was writing this i found out who said this two things is the same admin :lmao:, another fun detail, this is the only admin ive ever seen in game and its toxic, would i get banned if i say names? at this point i dont think its a good idea)
    but when it comes to actual hackers, farmers and other toxic people to the game they dont do anything even if you submit a report to the forums
    If the admins are playing the game they wont attend reports so even with admins on your team you can get killed by a hacker infront of them and nothing will happen
    so i guess the only way i can get a /report to work is when an admin is not playing the game but online on the server, which is basically impossible
    i understand they want to play the game and they dont have to be always watching everyone but why do they have to act all mighty only when they get annoyed?
    Reports (ingame) we should be able to report people that are offline, why? as simple as turning on fly hack, killing someone and disconecting for five minutes, has happened to me and when i try to report hes offline, then he comes back 5 minutes later and plays normal so any report would be useless and i might be punished for "false reports"
    well that if admins ever saw the reports in game xd we all know that doesnt happen
    the reports (forum) when you report someone you have to wait 2 weeks to get an answer, and the answer you get its "thank you for what you coul get" even if its someone flying
    do they really need 2 weeks to see a video of someone flying and not even say if hes banned now?
    at least give me a reason to report people, i seriously got better stuff to do than be recording and uploading hackers just to get a "ok we saw your vid" response
    ive checked the forums (and i invite you to do it too, its even funny to se how admins could be completely ignoring reports, we are just wasting time) and you can find posts with someone doing 20 cps getting 0 kb and the admin reponse was "nah i dont think hes hacking", i dont know which one of these 2 answers is more annoying
    is it really worth my time writing a report????

    i could go on, there are so many things wrong with how admins act but does anyone actually read long threads?
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  2. notswipe Jr. Developer

    If you truly believe any member of staff is abusing their powers and have sufficient evidence, go to the "Contact Us" section and select "Staff Abuse Report".

    While I am not an admin, I can attest that the admins do read all reports, and many punishments have been dealt to offending players based off reports off the forums.
  3. JonnyDvE Platinum

    If this really happend, which I personally doubt, the Admin in question would be immediately removed from the team and probably banned if you provided real evidence.

    While sometimes the reaction from the admins might feel slow, personally i have maybe 1 game in a month where a hacker doesn´t get banned within 5 to 10 minutes. So I guess either I´m playing in a different timezone or you are just overreacting.

    Do report him even if he´s not flying anymore, he might still have other cheats enabled, if you aren´t constantly flooding the report page with wrong report (and therefore wasting time) you wont get punished for it.

    Shotbow doesn´t share their bans.
    If you provided sufficient evidence and the guy doesn´t play anymore, you can be pretty sure he banned. So why care?
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  4. Sevy13 Annihilation Lead & BAC Co-Lead

    I'm very surprised by this, our staff are trained to be impartial and professional at all times and we have strict ban criteria with all ban reasons logged. We take admin abuse very seriously and if what you say is indeed correct then we definitely want to hear about it. As per my DM to you, please contact leadership as soon as possible with details and any evidence that you may have.

    Saying "if an admin is playing that means nobody else is patrolling" is not correct, some admins choose not to show themselves as online on the forum or on discord so that is no indication, in addition admins patrol vanished so you will not be aware of their presence. As already stated, most reports are handled very quickly. Having said that, our admins are volunteers, we can't chain them to their PC's, and as such, no matter how good our coverage, there will always be the occasional blind-spot. Compared to other servers our response times and ban rates are extremely good.
    Again our staff are trained to be impartial and professional and if you have experiences to the contrary then we definitely want to hear about it so that we can address this.

    I'm not sure why you can't report people that are offline. I'm guessing it's to prevent people from being able to spam the reports page. If they log and come back, even if the are now playing normally, absolutely please still report them. Reports page ELO is only affected when people abuse the report system such as spamming false reports or repeated malicious reports. Whenever possible add a comment to your report (using /c), please be respectful, comments like "do your job useless admins" are not constructive and disrespectful to our admins.

    Yes, forum reports are absolutely worth your time. Our policy is not to reveal if action was taken because it can cause problems like public shaming, harassment or retaliation. Evidence submitted with reports, while good, may not be sufficient to issue a ban, and that's the reason why you might get a response like "thank you for what you could get" or "this may be due to latency". It's not unusual for people to submit a 10 second video with one brief fight scene, in cases like that, if we suspect foul play, the person reported goes on a watch list so our admins know to keep an eye on them. We have very strict ban criteria as to how much evidence is required to ensure that all bans are placed correctly. This is also the reason why we ask people to submit multiple instances whenever possible.
    Forum reports are usually handled within a week, but may take longer depending on the nature of the report. You submitted 7 reports in one day, 4 of these reports were handle within 2 days, all of them were handled within a week. Sometimes we pin reports while we investigate, that doesn't mean we have forgotten about them. I can see that multiple people that you reported have been banned including the person you reported for flying.

    I hope this answers your questions, feel free to ask me to elaborate on any of the above :)
  5. Carrots386 RAP Lead

    I'd like to emphasize that adding a comment to your report by using the "/c" command is very helpful.

    Just a simple description of what you have seen in game is very much appreciated and really helps us out.
  6. niistei Regular Member

    yes an admin already contacted me to talk about this case
    come on guys
    we all know whats going to happen
    everyone will just say im crying for no reason
    and admins will continue to be as "not useful" as always
    im now even scared to kill an admin maybe ill get banned lol

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