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Suggestion Add Ranked/leaderboards for Gun Game!

Discussion in 'Gun Game' started by Creeperker, Oct 3, 2016.

Suggestion - Add Ranked/leaderboards for Gun Game!
  1. Creeperker Obsidian

    Hey guys!

    I'm having FUN on Gun Game many times And Gun Game is Good Game! (Who's baby :stuck_out_tongue:) But Gun Game has always only few players... My favorite game should gets more players and so happy! I think if add Ranked/leadetboards system for Gun Game, it become awesome game. Would you add this for My favorite? Please make my dream :lmao:

  2. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    Sounds cool! How would this work though?

    Would there be leaderboards for most wins, kills, etc?

    I hope this gets added in 1.9!
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  3. Creeperker Obsidian

    make a both(win and kills)
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  4. KoenigApfel Regular Member


    I think it should include wins, kills but deaths as well. Maybe even combinations of single stats like a Kill-Death-ratio :D

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