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Suggestion Add burstfire to LMG's and Miniguns

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by _Ahri, Jan 27, 2016.

Suggestion - Add burstfire to LMG's and Miniguns
  1. xrcfvbn Platinum

    Actually, LMG's and miniguns feel underpowered (at least for me) because you have to spam right click to make them work, and that isn't how these guns act irl. i think their rate of fire should be increased by adding burstfire (right click once, shoot 4, like Wasted pkp, m249 and m60)
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  2. enderman494 Regular Member

    Couldn't you just control tap fire for the same effect?
  3. xrcfvbn Platinum

    Yes, you can do that, but it is still underpowered, because you need "Spamming skills" to do that, while using a shotgun or a machinegun you can just hold right click for almost the same result
  4. HypeTrains Mini Builder

  5. storm345 Developer

    Hm, maybe finding a good way for holding right click to be as good as spamming would be a good solution; although that is likely challenging to do well since the events corresponding to firing the gun are only fired every now and then when holding down, etc... I'll look at it though!

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