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Suggestion Add a check to stop civbreakers

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by GiveMeFlowers, Mar 20, 2021.

Suggestion - Add a check to stop civbreakers
  1. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    Hello there,

    If you've played Shotbow for at least a day, you have a high probability of encountering a hacker, more precisely a civbreaker, but since the Shotbow team may not always be present players have to deal with hackers, a high percentage of the times games ending in phase 2 because of the hacker and staff not being able to act in time or not act at all.

    A solution can be to add and activate a check when hitting the enemy nexus, which records the hits for a certain interval that the user performs (based on the user's ping), and the item that the player uses to break it - for example wood / stone pickaxe physically can't make 5 hits to the nexus per second even with Haste II, and once detected something that is impossible (I reiterate - based on the characteristics the player has such as ping, if he has haste or not) is to kill him or apply a temporary ban, so even if the hacker hits the nexus 5-10 times, he gets banned and can't end the game or destroy the nexus entirely, giving staff members time to ban the hacker and repair the nexus.

    What benefits would this have?
    - First of all alleviate the staff members which are busy attending other reports or players so they don't get spammed with reports of a civbreaker in a game.
    - Significantly reduce the amount of games and nexuses destroyed by civbreakers.
    - Reduce player complaints regarding this.

    The solution above is also good because staff not always repair nexuses even if they catch the cheater, as a example I would like to give yesterday's game, two nexuses got destroyed by the civbreaker, the staff got him eventually and he got punished, but only one nexus got repaired by staff, which is unfair to the other team that didn't get a repair.

  2. Gurhann Gold

  3. Motivatie Regular Member

  4. JonnyDvE Jr. Developer

    If it was that easy they would have that and it would work, the reason it doesn’t work like this is because they don’t actually break the nexus that fast. If you ever see a hacker civbreak a nexus you will notice that the first hit is actually just as fast as allowed. I don’t know how exactly it works after that but I assume they just Tell the Server that they already started breaking the block again before they finished. Which is also possible. (Think hitting the nexus). And then they just tell the server no look I actually didn’t stop breaking the nexus I just had a lag, and tell the server that they broke the block. This presumably allows them to break the block more than once at the same time, with each hit taking the required amount of time inbetween. To you it looks like it’s breaking instantly but the server thinks. He is just lagging a bit.
    Probably it’s way more complicated but it sure isn’t as easy as you put it here.
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  5. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    That is exactly why it's needed to check the break nexus itself and not the block, because the nexus being broken triggers a event on Shotbow end (that gives you xp, and more), instead of hooking into the default minecraft block break event which you say will trigger nothing. And this is also why real player ping should be checked as mentioned above.
  6. ILoveTinkerer Silver

    Code-wise there are plenty of ways to implement it properly and make it work.
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  7. Ivandagiant Silver

    Still though, how hard is it to implement a check that if a relatively new player (ESPECIALLY one that didn't even bother to switch classes and is using CIV) gets an absurd amount of nexus damage in a short period of time to kick them? Once a player has gained some more experience/time in the server, these restrictions can be lifted. Looking at ping and pickaxe material and stuff would be hard to implement, but just running some simple checks against new players and getting the delta of nexus health would help a lot imo.

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