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No Prefix About the Scout Class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Salting, Sep 15, 2015.

No Prefix - About the Scout Class
  1. Salty_M8 Emerald

    On Annihilation the grapple is about to break whenever you use the grapple 100 times and then it broke. Its not that fun with the breaking. The Grapple should be unbreakable like on a other annihilation server.

  2. TeeMew Platinum

    i believe the grapple durability should stay, especially with everyones feelings on the class now.
    DaFunk, Superbob1000 and Kazumii_ like this.
  3. SempaiEcchii Gold

    I wish scout is as op as it was 2yrs ago :)
    Salting likes this.
  4. xcw Silver

    *devs make grapple unbreakable*
    *more scout nerf threads*

    I think people can live with this nerf-ish thing. >.<
  5. JackMasterMind Regular Member

    Dude, just go back through the class changer and pick scout and youll get a new one
  6. Shady_Oak Regular Member

    out of all classes to buff you think it is scout *facepalm
    DaFunk and GopherAsassain like this.
  7. Salty_M8 Emerald

  8. GopherAsassain Platinum

    No reason to bump this useless thread. It takes string and sticks to make another grapple not really an issue
  9. PixelatedCalvin Silver

    Just reselect your kit with the portal.
  10. Keyboard Gold

    Buffing fixing bugs should take priority over the vocal minority's opinion.
    The grapple's been broken since the 1.8 compatibility update where the grapple got stuck when you cast it, and it required quickswitching to remove the bobber. Except the devs haven't/can't fix the durability. Who knows why. If it's a nerf, and I highly doubt that, it is an absolutely useless one. All it does is require me to reselect my class once every 10 minutes. If "everyone's" feeeeeeeelings are too hurt by bugs being fixed, it's a good thing this forum doesn't make very many balancing decisions. This game would be a mess.

    Players should not have to work around bugs like this. The implementation of the grapple as an item is strange, to say the least. A Scout with a fishing rod can grapple, but unless the item is literally renamed "Grapple" the half-fall damage doesn't work. There's no excuse for something like that to happen.

    tl;dr it can't be that hard to fix spaghetti /s
  11. Sad Emerald

    Afaik the "bug" came 2.0 when the devs made everything have durability. Probably (maybe kinda) unintended but really they won't remove it as all other tools are breakable now, why not the grapple.
    GopherAsassain likes this.
  12. TeeMew Platinum

    Ok sorry man. From what i heard it was purposly implemented...but i guess im wrong >.>
  13. TechoNinja Platinum

    Damn people are still at this, is there ever an end to all this madness.

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