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No Prefix About HCF-/ and a EU-server comeback

Discussion in 'The Network' started by P4iNN, Jan 7, 2019.

No Prefix - About HCF-/ and a EU-server comeback
  1. P4iNN Silver

    First of all, I've been playing on shotbow for a long time now (first time was like 6 or 7 years ago)
    I didn't play for like the last 2 years

    When i came back, first I was surprised and happy that there was still the Shotbow Network! Congratulations for that dear Shotbow team, I really spent a long time of my Childhood on this Server (probably longer than i should have :D)
    I was sitting in School thinking about new tactics for Annihlation, or I thought of new Traps for HCF

    But enough of me...
    So now that I am "back", even though I'm Happy that Shotbow is still here i miss some things
    I would say the most important thing is a EU server!
    I am sure that there's alot of others who think like this and who probably are currently playing on another Server for this Reason... But I am sure that alot will come back once the high ping and lag problems are solved for the EU players

    Secondly I miss HCF, sure you could say i could just play HCF on some other Server
    but too be honest HCF went to shit on every server that I can think of

    I want back the old HCF, the Shotbow HCF, not the pay 2 win HCF, where you buy keys and get diamond blocks and full high enchant dia sets, or where u get sets 1 level higher enchanted then the rest.... that's pure bullshit

    Greats from a Shotbow fanboy

  2. Murgatron Network Lead

    EU server has been covered before:

    There was an attempt to relaunch HCF however due to multiple factors unfortunately it was unable to keep going. There is certainly some passion about the mode though!
  3. P4iNN Silver

    Could i ask what the factors were?
  4. _Silver Gold

    Mysterious_Seven and _Swipe like this.
  5. P4iNN Silver

    Well if there was a HCF comeback on shotbow then money would come in from buying lives I'd say
  6. _Silver Gold

    Shotbow can't legally do that anymore. With the EULA update, a lot of the ways servers could make money were basically taken away. Selling lives was one of the things they explicitly stated can't be done.
    " ...you may not sell “lives” or reduced ban time for hard currency."
  7. Callum1370 Platinum

    It's struggling to even reach 200 players on a single region, adding a second would kill the server.
  8. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    As others have written, unfortunately EU just isn't possible at this time.

    And for legal reasons we're not targeting European players anymore. We have an ongoing partnership with DDG, which hosts in Europe and is more likely to be the home of any future Shotbow games in Europe.

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