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Suggestion A way to store special items

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Mohawk2, Mar 21, 2018.

Suggestion - A way to store special items
  1. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    I think it would be nice to store your special items not on your character, and have an enderchest or something. Now, you might think this is a really bad idea because it would take away the whole "die and completely restart" aspect of mineZ. But I have a solution for that. The enderchest would only work on specific items. Maybe it would have a special tag that allowed it to be stored. There are two ways you could open it.
    Way 1: you do a command like /echest and it opens it. This, of course, would not work in combat
    Way 2: 4 enderchests are placed near each of the corners of the map. This would be pretty out of the way so the only way you would get here is if you were purposely trying to get there to store your items. This would also make it really interesting because you might encounter someone guarding the enderchest and them try to kill you to take your stuff. It should also have a cool looking but small structure around the enderchest (and maybe since there are four corners and four elements you could make each one element themed?)
    Now you might ask, why would you do this? I think this should be added because the only way currently to store your special items is on an alt, and if you don't have an alt you are really out of luck, which is unfair for people without an alt.
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  2. Goliac Silver

    For the billionth time, ender chests are not for MineZ.
    Seriously, this got suggested way too many times and it simply won't work. Alts have been only way to store your items for the past 5 years, and this is how it should be.
    You must not be able to find iron stuff,nades etc. in a southern place. But you probably asking, you can do the same thing using alts? That's because you can't block alts.
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  3. Sh4dowB0t Obsidian

    I agree having enderchests would be a bad idea
  4. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Having enderchests would be a bad idea, I agree, BUT like I said, it would only work on event items. Please read the whole post. It would not work on any items you get from chests (iron, grenades, pots, ect.) It would only work on seasonal items from event that people (mostly) don't want to use and then lose. Maybe legendary too because they are underpowered and are just used in trades.
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  5. Oraceon Obsidian

    Settlements 2.0!?!!
  6. Goliac Silver

    I read the whole post. There was no information about which ones can be stored and which ones can't be, so i had to assume you can put iron, nades etc.
    Plus, imagine you put a Simoon's Song or a Dentril's Freight in that chest. You could basically rule an entire spawn town with that kind of stuff.
  7. Aexon Regular Member

    Just a community that secretly wants MineZ 2 back
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  8. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    This is kinda dumb because if you have those items you can basically just take them to the south and "rule" it anyway, no echest needed. If you are still worried about that, it could just be permanent storage. You put it in, and the only way to get more space is by deleting it. The reason you want to do it is because
    1. You have bragging rights
    2. Maybe there should be a command to see what is in someone else's echest by doing /echest (playername) so you could see what they had, but of course could not take any of it.
  9. lJuanGB Platinum

    Collecting rare items is a cool and fun way to make the best out of MineZ. Whether it is through events or seasonal rewards, it always feels like doing them is a bit pointless if you are going to lose the items anyway. I like the idea of having a storage for event rewards.

    If someone receives a unique reward when they don't have an alt they know they will have to get rid of it, because what is the point of permanently losing a space in the inv if you are eventually going to die? I think this dependence on alts is unfair and very much what Mojang tried to discourage when setting up the new EULA. Even if this alt model is legal, you are basically giving 40 permanent inventory spaces for each 20$ you put in the game. For a game that supposedly has no permanent inventory, it seems like a very strong advantage.

    I'm not saying ban alts, I just say that a way to retain useless items will do nothing but promote the participation of more people in public events, since they know that at least they will be able to keep the rewards. Having to walk to the corners of the world seems like a good way to balance this, since player would still have to risk losing the items in the travel.
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  10. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    its all good fun until your inventory gets removed!

    surely never happens, like EU is all fine and good..... oh wait.... ok
  11. jinl3e Platinum

    Ok im not saying i agree w/ this idea but what if instead of enderchests, backpacks? Like in mta you buy a backpack and can store things in it and you can lose it by throwing it out or dying. If you die, a person can collect your backpack and steal all ur goodies etc.

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