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Discussion A Wasted Series: Wasted Revival

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Hydralax, Dec 8, 2015.

Discussion - A Wasted Series: Wasted Revival
  1. Broooce Regular Member


    I've been planning to do this for a while now, thinking what to exactly include in it since all I see on the forums is suggestions, they flood my mind whilst playing Wasted so I thought I'd make an easy series to follow where I discuss a lot of suggestions and discuss them here.

    I'm also doing this because everyone should agree, Wasted is at an all time low lately but it is quite clear why, I understand why everyone left Wasted and it's a very clear reason that I will discuss on my first part of this series sometime this week. And yes, I'll be including evidence for some of my points to make it pretty clear and understandable.
    For your information I will not be talking about completely new things that could be added to wasted to make it better, just minor changes to the current stuff we have; there's honestly no need to discuss new things because Wasted is in a place where it needs more bug fixes before that would be even a thing to consider from a developers point of view.

    I will definitely be discussing the major things that are requested commonly and to be honest they need to be discussed even though they can sometimes be a nuisance as well.
    Also, I will not be going overboard and discussing every single minor thing possible and ranting about how people need to get working on bug fixes immediately and talking about developers in a trashy way like I hear a lot on servers and on forums, but that doesn't stop me from taking shame upon the updates that have happened. I took a good look a while back and found a pretty good example of this.

    Throughout being here in the Wasted community watching over, people have been dropping each day. Major people who played Wasted before have quit, the people playing is at an all time low and Wasted needs a big revival but to be honest, I don't think it needs much work at all. There's only a few things that it needs in order to make it back to normal again; the hard part would be getting those players back after it was fixed and I can't think of a way to do that a part from making the staff play it on streams or you tube channels, even paying a famous you tuber to play it would probably do the trick.

    ================================================================================================================As the title suggests, this will be a series and it will be quite a long one. It might be done by Christmas but I'm not too sure, I'm still in the middle of my examinations so it might not be but I aim for it to be done by then.
    There will be consecutive parts that will link into each other, they'll all discuss WHAT WENT WRONG and suggestions on how to fix them using the help of past suggestions and discussions like I said before so it will be interesting and I'd like to see how it goes down in the comments, hopefully there's no hate.

    Anyway, it will be worth reading them when I make them since they won't be like any other, I will be discussing what went wrong and giving some examples from forum posts to show you how easy it is to fix. There's been major uproar on the forums about Wasted in the past and that's where I'll get all the things from.

    I will be discussing many things about the items in Wasted and SLIGHT nerfs and buffs to make them seem more balanced and fun. After all, it was the fun department that made Wasted what it was, it excited the players who watched others play it. People would be thinking: When I wake up, that's what I'm going to play. I'm going to invite my friends too, it will be a blast!

    There's been many people who have inspired me to do this which I'll include in other posts I make!

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  2. xSandblast Emerald

    I'd love a banner :D but I'm not sure what background... maybe something that has to do with Shotbow, and the text could be bold, Emerald green saying my name and a picture of my skin with sunglasses :stuck_out_tongue:

    (I hope I'm not asking too much :stuck_out_tongue:)

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