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No Prefix A Short List of Issues and Possible Solutions

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Oraceon, Apr 18, 2019.

No Prefix - A Short List of Issues and Possible Solutions
  1. Oraceon Obsidian

    I believe if one complains about something, they must offer a solution to the issue. So, I have compiled a short list of complaints, some easier than others to resolve, along with some possible fixes that I have come up with.

    - Floating Islands is currently much too difficult and is not worth the trouble

    Everytime I've gone to Floating Islands since the latest update, I've never gotten out alive, save one time where I stayed for 15 minutes and left with less than I came with. The parkour isn't so bad - its when you reach the top where the real challenge begins. The combination of increased zombie damage up north in conjunction with the INSANE spawn rates of zombies and pigmen at Floating Islands makes it damn near impossible to gear. My friend and I went with 10 potions each last night and we both used all ten within 5 minutes because the zombies did too much damage for the potions we had.

    Solution: Cut the spawn rates of zombies in half AT LEAST at Floating Islands

    - Agni Ignis is too difficult

    Agni Ignis suffers from the same issue as Floating Islands - only its probably worse. Literally EVERY corner you turn, there's a pigman. You cannot go 30 seconds without being chased by a large horde of zombies or several pigmen. I went with a group of 7 people a few months back around when the update first dropped. We entered with 7 and left with 3 - the 3 of us would have died if we stayed any longer. While the gear at Agni Ignis and the insane amount of epic chests does warrant a higher difficulty, its still too hard. I believe Agni, however, should maintain most of the current difficulty it has.

    Solution: Slightly cut the spawnrate of pigmen in Agni Ignis. (Agni should maintain some of its difficulty because the loot is admittedly amazing) Another food chest or two wouldn't hurt either

    - zombies currently don't pull you like they used to.

    I don't know if this was intentionally taken out or just a bug, but I thought I'd throw it in just in case

    - Evergreen Dam currently has potion loot that is too OP for its location

    Almost everytime I open the door to the dam, I leave with a golden apple and often time, splashes and splash 2s. The potion loot is much too high tier for being so far south and so easily accessible. I know of people who even farm the chests for hours because of the high chance of gapples

    Solution(s): Replace two of the potion chests with civilian chests; lower the tier of the current chests; completely remove two of the chests; require a button to access the dam and add a military rare

    - Maze of the Tenth is too OP for its location and difficulty

    Early yesterday, I was able to do Maze of the Tenth five times in a row without regearing after running up from Portsmouth. I was able to get full iron, 5 lone swords, and several smite and power bows by the time I was done. Simply put, this dungeon is way too farmable, especially considering the legendary is so damn good

    Solution(s): Require a button to access the maze; make the maze change everytime the dungeon is started; add a timer to complete the maze and add more spawners; make it impossible to obtain iron in the dungeon out chests

    Keep in mind that the solutions I offered are just possible fixes and not something I necessarily prefer to be used to fix the issues I've spoken about. If you have any complaints and solutions, please put them below to start a little conversation about them all.

  2. cyclone_43 Silver

    Evergreen dam is out of the way and litterally traps you so you have to wait 6 minutes in-between looting it. This is ater all over again. Maze is too op. As for floating and Agni, don't loot it during the night. That's 7 minutes out of every 20. It's not that bad if you loot it like that

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