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Suggestion A serious Thread about GG

Discussion in 'GG' started by Voymar, Apr 17, 2020.

Suggestion - A serious Thread about GG
  1. Voymar Platinum


    in this thread I want to make some serious suggestions for GG.. As we all know this gamemode has gotten a bit dusty in the last few years and I want to get this gamemode a bit updated.

    - as soon as originis is reaeased, the combat system should be implemented into GG too (especially bow boost shouldn't be possible anymore)
    - make a barrier around the maps, so people cannot jump of fights anymore
    - disable legendaries for GG
    - remove bleeding (has no point on a practice server)
    - chanbge the classic iron set to this:
    - fix stone axe (it makes way more damage than diamond swords)
    - instead of "Eillom" put "Crowmure" as a fight town. Usually there go more people to Crowmure than Eillom
    - make items stackable as in MineZ
    - give grapples the same power as in the real minez
    - implement the scoreboard from MineZ (PTR) into GG
    - give people their premium tags for cosmetic
    - same MZ kill messages for GG for cosmetic

    Since most of this is based on the origin update for MineZ, I would prefer to realize this thread after the MineZ update got realeased. Since GG is based on a practice server it makes sense to have the same PvP system as in the real gamemode.

    Feel free to tell me your thoughts about this suggestion here.


  2. robdoom Emerald

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  3. Hollow_Leg Platinum

    To be honest I thought this was going to be another "gg".

    I don't know why you'd take a chest into battle with you but everything else looks mighty fine
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  4. Voymar Platinum

    I don't see any chest in my inventory, but thanks :D

  5. Hollow_Leg Platinum

    Nevermind me, I mistook the creative menu for the hotbar
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