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No Prefix A rant....

Discussion in 'Gun Game' started by NinjaBlokk, Jul 30, 2016.

No Prefix - A rant....
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  1. NinjaBlokk Regular Member

    OK. So just got off the Anni lobby because I got tired of waiting for a specific map to play (nature). I thought to myself,you know what? I think I'll play a little bit of gun game now. And so I join the gun game lobby and join an already started match in the map Politics.

    I check the score boards so see how far the match as progressed so I can roughly guess what I'm up against. First thing I notice is that all the other players are at 1-4 kills or so, except for one guy by the name of [Redacted]. He's at about 7 kills. So I think to myself "ok, we might have a skilled player here, this should be interesting." The game spawns me in after the customary 5 seconds of wait, and I land in the spawn room.

    I run outside to the sound of furious gunfire, and I'm sizing up the battle. All of a sudden this guy zips across my screen really quick, and I'm thinking, "oh shoot, someone picked up a speed drop". I track him with my crosshair and I start shooting. He takes a few hits, and suddenly he shoots straight up into the air like a ROCKET and then flies off behind white spawn building (if you've played the map, you know what I mean). I try to process what that heck just happened and I glance at the chat.
    [Teammate]Dude, i think we got a hax
    [another Teammate] ya haxor

    Now, before I go on, there's a few things you know know. Firstly, I've played Gun Game since it's release on shotbow a few years ago. Secondly, I played it and Wasted a LOT. like, boat loads of hours spent on it. So, needless to say, I have plenty of skill in the game and I'm pretty good at it too, even when they added four more pistols and another two shotguns to it.

    The Hacker comes back out and I take a good look. He's constantly crouching, but he always runs so much faster than anyone possibly can, even with the speed buff. The first thing I do is /report this guy as fast as I can, and then join the rest of my team. We're all calling him out in chat, and he doesn't say a thing. His teammate leaves and it's just the three of us against this one dude. I proceed to thrash [Redacted]'s butt with my experience and skill. He gets three more kills by the time I get to my 8th kill, and then his progress grinds to a halt because he can't spray fire with the first shotgun (you know, the "short barrel 5x5", the one with only two rounds in it and a firing speed comparable to the mosin nagant).

    He's the only one on the map at the time and most of my kills are from nailing him as he flies around. A few people join late in the match, but It doesn't really matter because I still get the winning kill. On [Redacted]. While he's still at 10 kills.

    So I report him again, and the match ends. The other players are ecstatic because I beat a cheater with nothing but skill (not trying to brag here, honest). [Redacted] is in chat going "LOL, I am hax. U want me to no hax?"

    and I say, "Does it really matter?" he logs off for a bit and then comes back. we all join a match in the map Baggage Claim, and in chat hes all "Im not hax now, im not hax" And I say, "ok, so?" He gets mad and starts going off about how hes not using hacks and we think hes using it, And I say "I never said you were hacking now, I just asked if it matters." He gets all mad and I tell him to just stop arguing and play the game.

    We start playing and for whatever reason, his teammates leave and it a 3v1 again. he's loosing and he's goes to chat with a fury with the common "f*** you B*tch" messages. I tell him that I've won 1v3 matches before (and I have, several times) so it is possible to win. But eventually I get the winning kill on him again, and he cusses in chat.

    We get back in the Gun Game lobby, and he's in chat going "you want me to hax now, do you?" At this point I've about had it, and I say "It doesn't matter if you hack or not, I still beat you both times." And he's like, "no, you didn't beat me! u little b*tch". Then he threatens to ddos me and asks for my skype. I ask him why would I give him my skype and report him again. I say that he's not worth my time and I leave.

    And that's the end. I guess I just wanted to rant about how I wanted to play a few rounds of gun game, ended up beating a hacker WHILE HE WAS HACKING, and the little snot being a sore looser about it kind of ruined the whole thing for me. My only regret was that I didn't film the whole thing.

  2. Robertthegoat Developer

    If admin wasn't around at that time to respond to the report (Gun Game's team is fairly small at this time), I would encourage you to record in the future and issue a Player Report via the website here. Even if its just a screenshot of the DDOS threat, which is also against the rules, send it in!

    Congratulations on showing him who's boss!
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