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Suggestion A new twist to mineZ

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Mohawk2, Apr 17, 2018.

Suggestion - A new twist to mineZ

Do you like it?

I like it! 3 vote(s) 15.8%
It's okay 2 vote(s) 10.5%
I hate it! 1 vote(s) 5.3%
I don't like it because I don't think it would fit minez 13 vote(s) 68.4%
  1. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Now, first off, I know many people will disagree with me on the fact that this "does not fit with mineZ." However, I have to say, many people have gotten bored of the same old thing with mineZ. Although this has already been suggested a bit, I am here to flesh it out as much as possible.
    The nether world
    This world would have portals in the volcano sections of the map. They may look a bit similar to the meteor crater, or they could simply look "corrupt." Have you ever seen the roots of corruption on a certain MMORPG (Grian backed, the one that is still running) server? It would be cool to see something like that but on a smaller scale. Once you enter the portal, you cannot leave immediately. You get teleported to a certain spot that the portal is supposed to send you to, but there is no portal to go back. The way to get back, if you wanted to, is to find the exit portal. In my opinion, it would be super cool to have this occasionally move, like the ghost ship, so you can't just look at the map and find it. This, if we wanted to be like regular minecraft, would be 8x smaller than the normal world. However, if you wanted it to be bigger or smaller, you could easily change that. Food would be rare in this dimension and water would be even more rare, only able to be found in cauldrons in the builds. Many very hard dungeons would be in the nether.
    There, at least, would be 5 major locations and many (about 20) smaller locations. You definitely should see how big of a project this would be, but imagine how many players it would bring back to minez! The builds would look either very evil or very destroyed/corrupted. The build team could definitely build a few of these locations, but always remember you can have very valuable help, the community! You could post a news thread asking for help, and many people would definitely be willing. I can personally pledge to build 1 major location and possibly a few minor ones.
    This is the category I have least suggestions for. The nether would definitely need some valuable items, however, I don't think diamond armor is a good idea. I think better potions, maybe items similar to legendaries except not in dungeons. I do think that a new mob, possibly a ranged one like a blaze with custom abilities and stuff would be cool. Also, a custom boss, maybe a wither, would also be cool. Sure, it does not fit the zombie theme of mineZ, but this is another dimension!
    How this would work
    First, a person with good terraforming skills would make the nether. Remember that this does not even need to have a roof in all areas, I like the nether sky! Then, you send out the world download for the map, and people build on it (this is so people can make it fit with the surroundings! (I swear I am not doing this to get a custom nether map for some reason, and this is not my twisted way of getting it.) Then, people would send the schematic of the build and say where to put it. Then, after a few months, you could release it, but you could still allow more builds to come in, like the normal world of minez.

  2. lightninge Silver

  3. Tatre Administrator

    Honestly, I would much rather a map extension than this. I agree that some more things could be added to minez, but I map extension would be a better way to do it. The nether dimension thing just doesnt make sense.

    Edit: Also, water only being present in cauldrons would be a problem since it all the water is gone you are screwed. This becomes especially bad with the moving portal because there wont be an exit near you.
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  4. connor564 Platinum

    no, expect full reply in morning
  5. Aexon Regular Member

    It's not wynncraft, it's minez
  6. connor564 Platinum

    A- You're gosh darn right it doesn't fit in with MineZ, it's an apocalypse, not an adventure game. If you're bored with the game, you must not see the new updates coming out soon, i.e. Origins Pt 2 (Although a lot of the main people in that left)

    The nether? Really? Of all the different things you could have come up with, you came up with the Nether? Nuh-uh. Your reference to Wynncraft does not mean anything, and it would actually be outright stealing the idea. In fact, the Nether of Wynncraft is just their excuse for a PvP zone. Definitely doesn't fit.
    Build team are VOLUNTEERS, not full-time working employees. With the current player count, it would not be worth it, as the community that you're trying to bring back is gone.
    Err, no.
    That's not how MineZ build team works.
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  7. DorialC Gold

    I like the idea of a nether but not a completely new world. Maybe just 1 town or dungeon.
    If its a town or dungeon it could have some special mobs but id recon pigmen is just enough.
  8. ShayminPlays Emerald

    I don't think a Nether dimension would be appropriate. I think the slot for a second dimension could be filled by something much better e.g. a parallel world dimension
  9. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    I knew this would happen, but I thought it would be worth a try. People shoot down every attempt to add something interesting to minez, (not saying that my idea would definitely be the best idea, just saying that you should make an alternative, and minez definitely needs something to re-ignite the hype and excitement about the gamemode) so all the people who quit are the ones who would come back if something interesting changed, and the remaining people don't want to change the formula that no longer really works. Also, with the wynncraft thing, I was not sure if I could say that or not since some servers don't allow it. I was not talking about copying wynncraft nether dimension, I was just saying it would be cool for the entrance to look something like it. Also, connor, remember origins part 1? It added nothing interesting besides a few new dungeons. In my opinion, it was a major disappointment. I feel like the best thing that came out of it was the youtube videos. Also, I love that you said that the build team would not have enough time. That is the whole point of me suggesting that the community could do most of the locations. A few months would be more than enough time for the build team to make 1 or 2 major locations.
    Also, one more thing. I am not just getting mad at people for not likeing my idea, and I tried not to come off that way in this comment, however, I feel like the way zackcolejost made his comment was a lot better than the way connor made his. Zack said his opinion, said what he did not like about it, suggested a new idea (although minor) and said something that could be improved.
  10. Bloxyest Gold

    I honestly wouldn't mind this. the devs could play it off as the realm of Agni or something. And that special item found in it could be some kind of fire rod that shoots fire charges for PvP, but only has about 5 charges with like a 0.4% chance to spawn in one of the few chests that are in the realm. the water scarcity could also be played off so that people can't farm them indefinitely, and would have to find one of a few portals dotted around the nether map to go back. blazes could also be played off as Spirits of Agni, and would be a nice challenge that would give a better reason to go to Floating Islands for fire protection chestplates.
    Sadly we're just the minority and this will almost certainly won't be added in, but it's always nice to throw ideas around to see if anything sticks.
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  11. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

    In my opinion I would like this if it was similar to the North Pole, except for Halloween instead of Christmas.
  12. cyclone_43 Silver

    This is something I could get behind
  13. Toxxiic Platinum

    I think there should be a island made in the west so ppl can get dswords in the west
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  14. connor564 Platinum

    Well, Again, that was only half of it. The new stuff is coming with the next update.

    All I see are Nyke pvp montages, and that's not good :/

    They wouldn't have the time to implement these builds/mix the entire map with all the other builds together, that'd just be mind numbingly tedious, and would probably make it look like patchwork.(NOT THE LOCATION)

    Again, volunteers, and quite frankly map rollouts aren't done by the build team, but the devs.
  15. ShayminPlays Emerald


    Agreed, but I think it was kind of contradictory starting your post out with "I knew this would happen", that sounds kinda condescending y'know?
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