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Question A MineZ Story (MUST READ IF YOU ARE DEV)

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by 111kittycat111, May 11, 2020.

Question - A MineZ Story (MUST READ IF YOU ARE DEV)
  1. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    I died today on my main. Not gonna say how, but it meant I had to regear the account.
    >Portsmouth - get an inventory of apples and drink 1s after 5-10 min
    >Maze of the Tenth - almost die to pigmen because they spawned faster than usual
    >get the most useful legendary in the game and barely full chain
    >Full iron dsword off super secret alt
    >Tahosa for better quality pots
    >pots got nerfed to 1 chest, I got a drink 2 and a splash 2
    >I got a button in ports so I decide I want a binding helmet
    >Go to krubera, 50% of the chests are spawned and i get a few carrots and some bow dura
    >flawless parkour
    >brand new dungeon in gives me stone swords and chain
    >Giant fight, the room is filled with zombie spawners but I can hit the giant much faster so it shouldn't be so bad
    >Giant takes 50+ hits to kill
    >I used fourteen potions and 3 lone sword clicks
    >Loot room gives binding helmet, less than 30 dura iron pants, a bad smite 2, and a good power 2
    >everything else is iron swords, stone swords/axes, bad bows, and chain
    >for FOURTEEN POTIONS and 50+ dura off all my armor pieces
    >Have to clear out the zombie horde that jumps me as I leave the loot room, then I run to aurora because need to farm pots and food at the same time in order to not die
    >switch to PvE so I don't get jumped
    >when I log in I'm bleeding
    >wasnt before
    >there's like 4 food chests in aurora but they each spawn 1-2 items and it's rarely apples or carrots or wheat so I spend most of my time there without sprint
    >loot pot chest once, 2 drink 1s
    >run around aimlessly filling my shears with dye
    >loot pot chest again, 2 splash 2s and 1 drink 2
    >also get 2 gunpowder just from casually opening random mil_rares

    Important questions to consider (least to most)
    1. Why is gunpowder found pretty much everywhere now? I'm not the only one getting a ton of gunpowder. I thought the devs intended splash inventories to be hard to get...
    2. Why weren't lone swords moved? Everybody assumed they would be because the risk/reward balance in Maze of the tenth leans drastically in favor of the player. 50 free hearts of healing...
    3. Why wasn't Krubera Vault playtested? Whether it was a deliberate decision or a ball of spaghetti in Doc's new code, the requirement to kill a Giant with over double health is so unreasonable that I am unable to believe there was any feedback phase at all. Maybe if it wasn't closed for PTR, the players could have told you that they legitimately feel cheated when they blow their entire inventory on an obnoxious boss mob (not difficult, obnoxious) and are rewarded with the lowest caliber of gear. Do the devs actually believe that the current krubera vault can be beaten with a chain set and stone swords? Is that why the dungeon chests spawn them? Or am I supposed to basically gear twice just so that I can get a binding helmet? KBV has the opposite problem of Maze of the tenth, and no thought was put into it.

    I believe every sane player appreciates the monumental effort supplied by the builders to improve and add to MineZ's map and lore. However, it's become clear over the past few days that these efforts were imbalanced. This story outlines the grievances of just one player, a player who otherwise feels beyond satisfied by the work done by the builders. Many other more cynical players are telling the community that the entire update is a letdown and MineZ is dead for good. I don't think these things are true, but Origins has many issues that I'm not confident will go away if I continue to be silent. Discuss.
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  2. rory2 Emerald

    don't worry all of this will be fixed in orgins part 7 and the 1.13 update
  3. sometimesforever Emerald

    ur just bad L
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  4. rory2 Emerald

    who are you?
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  5. MarineMZ Jr. Developer


    1. GP spawnrate has never been changed. What town were you looting at?
    2. It will be done in legendary rework.
    3. Dungeon reward is not just the loot, but the legendary. Binding helmet is considered a pretty good legendary armor hence we didn't see a reason to buff the loot as well.
  6. kevory Silver

    before update krubera was one of the more annoying ones to farm because of the button needed. now with the removal of 1 of the pot chests at aurora you are looking at 1 binding helm every half hour or maybe even more. Thats not taking into account you mess up the dungeon on one of the pieces of glass in the first room (which has killed MANY people already). You do all of that and you get stone swords? At that point just remove the chests... u can get 2x better loot in krubera (the town) anyway whats the point of the dungeon? pre-origins binding helms were still rare... this dungeon did not need to be nerfed this bad.
  7. MarineMZ Jr. Developer


    The main reward of a dungeon is a legendary, not the dungeon chests. The dungeon chests are a small reward for you to have for completing the dungeon. We are aware most legendaries are pretty much useless currently and will start rebalancing them once we fix the issue with random lag spikes.
  8. kevory Silver

    ok get rid of dungeon chests then
  9. 111kittycat111 Platinum

    time traveler from 1.13 update here, gp spawns less and the giant problem was fixed
  10. RoseFredricks Artist

    Biggest problem with a lot of dungeons is the vanilla zombies that spawn which deal about double the damage and have about double the health. These are especially prevalent in LTG and Maze.

    Legendary rework isn't going to do anything, dungeon in general are a mess right now.
    - Mostly PvP legendaries, and any that aren't get shrouded out of being used in dungeons
    - Main danger in most dungeons is parkour, despite this being a zombies game. There should be zero death parkour. It makes no sense why this zombie survival game about gearing to prepare for dangers relies so heavily on parkour which you can't prepare for at all...well unless you world download/rebuild the parkour on a different server like most of the big dungeon groups do.
    - Dungeon reward chests aren't focused on because you guys don't like gearing in dungeons...despite it being objectively better gameplay to do a dungeon and actively play the game instead of sitting at a location waiting for chests to respawn before going afk for 5 minutes.
    - Artificially forcing player amounts for dungeons is just a replacement for good balancing to enforce natural player requirements, and it's an incredibly anti-player mechanic that literally helps no players, and hurts a substantial amount of them, especially new ones.

    In conclusion, dungeons are being balanced for the wrong group of players, with bad mechanics, and with intentionally bad rewards. There's not much else to say about it. This is one of the things that pushes new players away. It's up to you guys if you wanna accept that new player loss or not.
  11. Treetop_Archer Platinum

    I agree with everything else but yeah idk about this. I get your point but parkour has always been such an integral and fun part of dungeons and plays a massive role in actually making these dungeons thrilling. I think I would just stop doing dungeons if death parkour was removed.
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  12. Napoleon_1erZ Emerald

    Only anemos death parkour gg and make all other parkours harder and non killable
  13. Smartzz Emerald


    So this is something I'd actually like to sit down and dissect here because you bring up some good points but Id disagree with some of your stuff.

    First I want to comment on this, I'm sorry but you're incredibly wrong here. This mindset comes from a very dungeon focused aspect of the community and with a mindset like that it hurts the pvp community. There is SO MUCH wrong with legendaries right now that need to be fixed for the pvp community. More than half of the legendaries that are currently are in the game don't work. Using an Overkill is bannable right now that's how bad it is. I also want to say that if the legendary works then you still might not even use it cause a lot of them are dog. A legendary rework needs to happen very soon because 90% of the pvp community is just abusing broken legendaries that aren't meant to work the way they currently do.

    I agree with most of this. I will say no one world downloads. It's absurd to say that and I know no one from SA world downloads because I helped buiid like 4 of the dungeons on there fix a few as well.

    Can I get an example of forcing player requirements? Almost all of the dungeons I can think of don't have really bad player requirement issues besides Paluster.
    I'd much rather go to hell tree than gear in a dungeon. I love running up and down the spiral trying to fight 30 pigmen at the same time. I'd much rather do that then kill a giant in Krubera and get a god inv. I also spent upwards of 2 years gearing in dungeons and hopping loot rooms and I don't want that to be meta again. You can also farm sets at some dungeons so easily. I legit have friends that do shrine runs and they give me like 6 sets at the end and I don't have to worry about gearing for the rest of the month. Gearing itself right now is bad, moving that gearing to a dungeon would be so much worse because we'd be back at square one.

    I disagree with a majority of this. There have been so many cool mechanics in recent dungeons and I've actually been kinda vibin with some of the newer ones. I also don't see any new players coming into Shrine on their first life. Dungeons don't push players away too? If anything dungeons are amazing for player retention. Axis Legion has so many new players in there daily and I know that because I speak with them daily in their discord.

    I think this old mindest comes the time when this game was JUST dungeons for 2 years and the pvp screne was literally a giant drug deal. The way that the people who were lead and the people who were staff at the time (not naming any names) pushed this game so far away from the balance of surviving, doing dungeons, and pvping that the game became, "lets gear up for dungeons!" That was a HUGE reason as to why I quit. The update to 1.9 broke a majority of the dungeons, hopping was still bad in them, and on top of that they gave terrible loot. This game has just come out of that dark age and I really want to see the balance return. There are dungeon groups, pvp groups again (for the first time since 2017), and there are the HC kids doing their survival stuff. This game is in by far the best state its been in since 2015 and I think dungeons can be improved on but they should in no way be the ONLY focus and be the ONLY reason someone should play the game.

    tl:dr - Survival, Pvp, and Dungeons should be balanced and focused on with the others in mind.
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