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Guide A Manual of Classes - for everyone

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by konyvfalovb, Jan 20, 2014.

Guide - A Manual of Classes - for everyone
  1. konyvfalovb Platinum

    The thread's goal is pretty simple. Explain all the classes's functions, advantages and disadvantages, and, which almost nobody talks about the best tactics for them. As usual. But those who know me already know if I make a guide I make it long and thorough. And I want it to apply here, too.But before I begin, I want to point out you can only get the best experience when you have a great FpS. Install Optifine, decrease the visuals or get yourself a new machine, it doesn't matter what you do, but the greatest advantage is a great FpS. I've gotten wrecked several times in full dia because I was lagging.

    NOTE: the thread is discontinued. The meta will probably have changed when you are reading this. Read with caution.

    Now, after all the beginning, starting the descriptions themselves seems necessary.

    Before you start thinking about what class do you want, you should think about what do you want to use it for. Every class has its own unique terrorities in which they are the best. You should, for first, think about if you want to use it for PvP or not. If you don't want to PvP, skip this part.

    - PvP classes -

    The PvP classes give you advantages over other people while fighting. The classes which are designed for PvP are the following: Acrobat, Berserker, Bloodmage, IceMan, Pyro, Scorpio, Scout, Spy, Succubus, Thor, Vampire and Warrior.

    NOTE: Classification is a short "tag" about the classes main strenght. Melee represents the character is mainly sword-oriented, ranged classes are better with bows and supports are best when used in a team. The second tag, Assault or Tactical represents being a plain fighter class (Assault) or warning you that for using the real advantages of the class you need to think, too (for Tactical).

    For ACROBAT, the good thing is its mobility. Although Acrobats don't get speed like Scouts but their double jump comes handy in quick situations. Acrobat is the best for intense PvP where you mustn't fail, therefore it can be used for nexus rushes and fighting over the middle if the terrain is suitable. Doublejumping gives a real advantage when a quick escape is needed, and if you aim with the bow well you can shoot others from above. Nice, isn't it? It also gives you a chance to doublejump back from the void on Skylands.
    Acrobats get a speed boost in water, too, due to their doublejump. This may not work all the time.
    But there is another thing which Acrobat is good for, and this is attacking from the sky. Having a Lumberjack or Builder (preferred) on your team can help you get into the enemy base really quickly. Get a good armor, potions if needed, jump down and enjoy the no fall damage buff! This comes handy on Skylands, where skybridges are common and on Canyons, where you get a second chance over the enemies. Acrobats can also jump an additional block when they are on a cooldown time, which is 6 seconds, making their ability turning them into a 4x4.
    Best maps: Canyon, Skylands, but good on every map
    Best in: hard PvP, preferably close fights. Jumping over enemy walls, for nexus rushing.
    Can be beaten with: scout, archer, bloodmage
    Classification: Melee, tactical & assault
    All-in-all: this class is an all-terrain vehicle, good for most movements. Watch out for Scouts!

    Berserker is a multifunctional class. It needs time, patience and great PvP skills to turn its weakness into its strenght, but if you succeed, you'll become a tank in a medieval battlefield. Having 150% health is really suitable for everything, including nexus rushes, fighting over the middle and comes handy in ambushes.
    The Berserker can also be used as a Tank, a living shield which takes most of the damage and buys the teammates time to do what they supposed to do. Works both as a support and as a main fighter. Be careful because it's very weak early-game. But on Skylands your health doesn't usually matter, making getting 15 hearts and falling into the void an annoying combination.
    Best maps: Everything except Skylands.
    Best in: Rushes, tanking. Advantages wher you're overwhelmed.
    Can be beaten with: Archer, Scout, Acro, Vampire
    Classification: Melee, support, assault
    All-in-all: Berserker is for experienced people who want to turn themselves into a PvP god/goddess. If you succeed, you'll become somewhat invincible, althought you need a lot of preparation for the finale.

    Bloodmages are martyrs who sacrifice their own lives for good - and for defeating the enemy. Bloodmages are team supporting people, which can be a great support against Strenght rushes or against a strong foe - Bloodmages can help you defeat a diamond guy with some leathers/irons, which seems to be counter-prodictive, as they kill themselves, but they help dealing vast amounts of damage to the enemy if they are wearing well-enchanted armor. A diamond armor without enchantments take 20% of the damage, resulting 1 heart from a diamond sword and half from a wooden one. Bloodmages deal an extra 1 (half heart) true damage which ignores all enchantments, making it useful agains strong guys but nothing more.
    Best maps: all, small rooms tend to be better
    Best in: stopping strenght rushes, killing strong enemies.
    Can be beaten with: archers/bowmen
    Classification: purely support, tactical
    All-in-all: Bloodmage is a kamikaze class. The Sacrifice gives several ways to gain advantages, but the class's repupation is bad. *I HAVEN'T TRIED THE CLASS!*

    The IceMan divides the people about its usefulness. There is no doubt it is really useful when you are on water, creating ice below you so you - and your teammates and enemies - can walk on the 5-wide circle made of solid ice, and trapping others underneath it. It is develastingly strong in, well, on water, even near it - they can use water as an escape route, too. Transportation is really simple on water and the ability I am talking about extends its borders to being able to "camp" the water and kill everyone passing through. This comes particularly handy on Coastal where everyone goes through the water allowing you to kill them really easily. The bad thing is you can't get their loot because you can't submerge - making IceMan even more a Support class while it is a plain ighter, too, allowing transportation on water - or even in the sky (link), making the class great for both fighting - they have a chance to give Slowness to the enemy - and supporting teammates.
    Best maps: maps with water: Coastal, Andorra, Kingdom
    Best in: killing enemies in water and transportation on water
    Can be beaten with: Scorpio, Archer, Acrobat
    Classification: melee, support, tactical
    All-in-all: IceMen is a class which is insanely strong in water - doesn't mean he is invincible - and has a handy ability (slowness) on ground, too.

    Scorpions are cunning people. Their ability to grab their enemies to them makes them be able to cause unfair fights and huge advantages in water. When they hit an enemy with their "hook", the enemy gets immediately teleported to them, making a skilled scorpio a great danger even against great PvPers. When they hit friends with their hook they "pull" themselves to them, and not by teleporting, making Scorpioes be able to get a temporary movement boost of about 20+ blocks when used correctly. Scorpioes in water are especially dangerous as manuevering in water isn't as easy as on land and they can gain several successful hits on you. Previously there was a tactic called "scorpio fishing", where they piled themselves up to 30+ blocks and started to spam their hook on enemies literally fishing and knocking them down making sure they fall to their death. This is now prevented by giving hooked people 10 seconds of invulneratility to fall damage, making fishing useless but it can still be used for grabbing a player from a horde for a "fair" 1v1 or Xv1 instead of having to deal with their teammates. They can still knock enemies on skylands into the void on Skylands.
    Best maps: Kingdom, Skylands, Canyons
    Best in: grabbing people to finish them off easily, occasional speed boost, additional advantages in water
    Can be beaten with: Scout, Warrior, Acrobat
    Classification: melee, tactical
    All-in-all: Scorpions are really effective in water and against groups of people but aren't such a damage for quick people like scouts or acrobats.

    Scouts are... scouts. The class, if used well is incredibly agile, and the permanent speed I makes a huge difference in most fights, not to mention the grapple. It can be used for boosting yourself, reaching high places and getting away from your chasers.
    The real advantage of Scout comes handy almost everywhere, because in Annihilation speed dominates power. Scouts can easily overrun people leading them into traps, or just for the sake of safety, and can reach the enemies when they are running from you. The advantages are plain and simple, as clear as the strenght of the speed boost. Scouts are also perfectly balanced between premiums and non-premiums as it unlocks after 500 nexus damage. Sometimes even warriors feel they shouldn't attack scouts because of their power. But keep in mind, you may have a racecar but you must learn to control it in order to make the best out of it.
    Best maps: Every map where the battlefields are large and open
    Best in: the hardest PvP and executing dangerous or quick movements.
    Can be beaten with: Acro or Archer. Fire is useful, too.
    Classification: melee, assault
    All-in-all: Scouts are the Lamborghini of Anni. Being fast and famous grants you real power - after you learn its real uses.

    Being a Spy can be difficult sometimes. It needs a great amount of patience to wait while shifting for the victim to come - or the nexus guards to go. While being invisible, the enemies can have no clue you are there, making the class really powerful. Spies can rarely use their invisitbility ability in close fight but their +25% damage from behind can mean 1-1.5 hearts of damage in fights. Spies can't move (they can as long as they don't leave the block they are standing on) or hit enemies while invisible. They get revealed by even having a teammate eating near you and you aren't invincible to the enemies. By being patient, brave and well-equipped, you can preform a lot of actions which can only be done by spies. You can easily raid enemy mines, or "farm" the nexus, hitting it until guards come, then hide and wait till they're gone. Then... enemy nexus, meet Effi 4 golden pickaxe.
    Best maps: maps with small rooms/hiding spots: Coastal, Canyon, Andorra.
    Best in: ambushes and special nexus rushes
    Can be beaten with: luck. Bows and wands are useful on skybridges.
    Classification: fighter, support, tactical
    All-in-all: Being a spy needs patience. Then you can laugh how easily you can do several things.

    - Non-PvP classes -

    Non-PvP classes are about gathering or defending, depending on what their special attribute is. They are best used as supporters, gathering resources for further assaults or constructing walls and other defences. These don't get any buff in PvP meaning they are mostly used by people who don't like to fight or help their teammates have the upper hand.

    Most people who like to defend take builder. Builders get a slight amount of in-game experience when placing blocks and can call in supplies, which contain wooden planks, bricks and other types of materials. Builders really fit for their job, being able to raise walls non-stop is an extreme advantage. Several builders can build a really challenging wall around the base until Phase 3. The XP isn't so noticable, it occasionally gets you some free XP to enchant your tool or weapon to tier I enchantments, but it really does what a builder is supposed to do.
    Best maps: Andorra, Coastal and Canyon for defending and Skylands for skybridging
    Speciaity: can call in packages (free building blocks) in every 3 minutes
    Classification: defender, supplier
    All-in-all: Builders are for people who take defending as a necessary and interesting "job", while being useful in making all kinds of structures, due to their ability. Best acts as support, although can be used for building quick bases near the enemies, too.

    Transporters transport people. It's a simple and effective thing they can do. With their teleports they and their other teammates can easily travel through space - but not the enemies so don't fear them thinking they can get through your teleport. TPs can use their own teleports to exit the combat easily: place one TP down somewhere safe and place a second underneath you when running - and quickly sneak. You disappeared.
    TPs are mainly supporting people who can get whole teams to enemies without skybridges, invisitbility potions or other means - if you have a clan, a TP is unbelievably useful. Keep in mind that your teammates won't know where does a TP lead so make sure you mark them - just get 2 logs, make some signs and place them next to the TP. If you succeed and you know a few really great assault tactics a transporter can do a lot of work in one hit, and it doesn't even cost you anything in-game - besides 25000 XP. Every Transporter can only have one pair of teleports and they get destroyed when you die - and when an enemy mines the nether quartz ore with a pickaxe. If you can hide and protect them well, cleaning an entire team's nexus shouldn't be much of a problem with a good team.
    Best maps: Every map, has to hide the teleports
    Speciality: Can link two separate pieces of the battlefield together providing easy access to enemy nexii and other places.
    Classification: Support, tactical
    All-in-all: Transporters can make a lot of work easier and even unneeded. They are somewhat like orators: if they can get a lot of people while staying behind the scenes they are develastingly powerful. Keep in mind. don't die.

    Sorry, it's late for me now, I'll finish this tomorrow if possible. In additon, I'll record a video for every class when my new computer arrives. It will be finished, look at my MineZ Manual if you don't believe me.

    To be continued!

  2. Andy0132 Regular Member

    So the classifications are ranged, melee, and support?
  3. garrett111398 Obsidian

    I like this. Keep em' coming!
  4. konyvfalovb Platinum

    Yep, perhaps gatherer, too for JL and Miner. Most classes are PvP based so this seemed to be a short way to tell people how should they use them.
    nininiggli likes this.
  5. konyvfalovb Platinum

    UPDATE: Added Scorpio and Builder.
    Sorry for this slowness but writing these takes a lot of time and patience. It will eventually be finished, but it's far from there.
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  6. ExpertDash Platinum

    This will be very useful for new players in Annihilation who have found themselves at 25k so and don't know which class to pick! Threads like these should be stickied.

    I have Acobat, Bloodmage, Berserker, and Builder, and you described them all perfectly!

    Also, you might want to include that when Acrobat is on cool down time, you can jump up one extra block, which is very useful.
  7. DieDream Obsidian

    Wow this colored text is perfect. Not that eye hurting haha.
  8. Nigleuse Platinum

    Welcome to kony's like-farm V.2!
    Joke, great work! Keep it going :wink:!
  9. konyvfalovb Platinum

    Thank you for revealing my secret goal... :D Seriously, I expected this from you.
    Master of Xv1s, remember? :lmao:

    Thank you for all of these. Adding these right now.
    Update: I've just added scout. I am awaiting experiences with Succubus and IceMan, perhaps even for Pyro as I've never tried these classes out. I know what they do but for writing guides and suggestions I need experiences.
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  10. ThymeWarp Regular Member

    Acro is best in the water. People don't swim fast in the water. And it's easy to kill scouts in the water and iceman is horrible against Afro.
  11. konyvfalovb Platinum

    Thanks for this tip, I haven't tried this out yet "iceman is horrible agains afro" doesn't make too much sense... :)
    nininiggli likes this.
  12. ThymeWarp Regular Member

    Lol I ment Acro not afro.
    Stupid Iphone spelling.
  13. Nigleuse Platinum

    Haha :lmao: I got Pyro and stuff, I'll help you with these classes. Also my friend got all classes, and I can use his account!
  14. konyvfalovb Platinum

    You have most classes, too and you said I can use yours if needed.
    UPDATE: Spy added. Next will probably be the Transporter and Enchanter classes.
  15. Andy0132 Regular Member

  16. SARS_CoVid19 Platinum

    I vote Sticky, next time you add classes make a poll : Should this be Stickied? Yes or No?
  17. the_grim_sleeper Obsidian

    I don't like it when my Afro freezes either.
  18. ThePious Silver

    Great guide, but please clarify why IceMan has an advantage designed for PvP in your next update.
    I don't want people to think that drowning was designed for IceMan.
  19. konyvfalovb Platinum

    IceMan has a chance to give Slowness to the enemy when they are hit and gain the valuable transportation ability. Simple but useful.
    Iceman strategy? Take a look: on this video.
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  20. ThePious Silver


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