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Guide A Guide to Help You Choose A Class

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by theofficialn00b, Nov 10, 2013.

Guide - A Guide to Help You Choose A Class

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  1. theofficialn00b Platinum

    [UPDATED DECEMBER 6, 2013]
    Congratulations! You finally reached 25,000 Shotbow XP. The problem is that you aren't premium, so you can't really get "easy xp" and you don't want to buy an XP package. I think I can help...

    Acrobat is basically a class where you can double jump high in the air. It comes with a bow and 6 arrows, so you can get some easy bow kills with this class. I only recommend this class if you want some bow kills in the air or if you're rushing a nexus and you're too lazy to go through the opposing team's lame entrance. If you plan on doing none of these, then I suggest you start mining some nexus, cause it's time to earn scout.
    For more information on acrobat, watch this class review:

    With berserker, you spawn with 7 hearts. You get 1 heart for every person you kill, and the maximum amount of hearts you can get is 15. Once you die, you spawn with your hearts, therefore, once you kill 8 people, you have 15 hearts. This is a very cool class, in my opinion. I recommend this if you want to do a lot of strength rushes or if you wanna help your team take over mid. This is also a cool class if you want to defend your nexus. You are basically invincible if you have a god apple and regeneration. Your hearts reset back to 7 once you die.
    For more information on berserker, watch this class review:

    Bloodmage is a class where you can do 1 extra point of true damage (damage that ignores all enchantments, potions, and armor) when you have sacrifice active. This is class is only good if you're trying to kill strength rushers attacking your nexus. I wouldn't recommend this class if you're going offence, because you deal true damage yourself. But, it's great for sneaking up on people with good loot. If you are 1v1ing someone, I suggest you have sacrifice inactive...
    For more information on bloodmage, watch this class review:

    Builder is a class where you spawn with a lot of blocks for well, BUILDING! You spawn with a book, bricks, wood, and stone. Every 3 minutes you can open that book and get some more bricks, wood, and stone where it gives you more blocks to build with! I only recommend this class if you wanna build your defences early. If not, then this class wouldn't really satisfy you.

    In my opinion, defender is an AWESOME class. When an enemy is near your nexus (when you're there of course), you will get some RAINBOW PARTICLES, indicating regeneration. If you wanna defend early in the game, I will seriously recommend this class. Your whole team will love you and more importantly, HELP YOUR NEXUS STAY ALIVE.

    With enchanter, you gain 35% more enchanting xp for every action you perform. This makes enchanting your gear much more easier. I only recommend this class if you want to enchant your gear quickly. It's very good if you want to defend your nexus early on in the game or get a good bow/sword for mid early in the game. Otherwise, enchanter is a pretty useless class.

    EDIT: In the December 6, 2013 Annihilation update, enchanter's extra XP has been buffed up a bit, so you can actually notice the XP difference. You can also put your XP into bottles to make bottles o' enchanting :) Definitely recommend it.

    Engineer is a very useless class in my opinion. I only recommend this class if you're into making cool entrances and/or traps. Most of the items that you spawn with engineer can be mined easily with the miner class. Also, it's very entertaining for team griefers...

    Farmer sounds like a useless class, but I have a friend that uses it and I have to say, IT'S PRETTY OP. You spawn with wooden tools, with a stone hoe, 5 bones (for bone meal) and wooden shovel. When you break grass, you get fertilizer. Fertilizer instantly grows crops. And you will find some rare things in your inventory at times (not sure why), including nether warts, apples, gold, potatoes, carrots, etc... I would definitely recommend this class if you're a team player and want to supply your team with food. If you aren't, then erm... DON'T WASTE YOUR XP ON IT.

    Iceman is only a good class for Coastal, Canyon, and Andorra. If you're a Castles or Skylands fanboy, I wouldn't recommend Iceman. With iceman, you can walk on water or lava. You can also drown opponents that are under you with your sheet of ice. Keep in mind, that you can't sprint-jump, and if there's good loot in the water, you can't get it. Iceman is also very glitchy.
    For more information on iceman, watch this class review:

    Lumberjack is a very useless class. It's exactly like miner, except you spawn with an efficiency 1 stone axe and you get 2x wood for each wood you break. I only recommend this class if you're too lazy to mine a few stone and/or iron to get a stone/iron axe. It can be good to build some defences though, but it's basically another miner class.

    Pyro is a very OP, yet UP class. Every hit you land with pyro has a 25% chance of setting your opponent on fire. BUT, you are basically immune to fire. Therefore, if someone has a fire aspect sword, you are basically immune to it. I wouldn't really recommend this class, unless you have a boatload of XP to spend.

    Scorpio is a very glorified class, in my opinion. With scorpio, you spawn with a hook that you can use to drag enemy players towards you. It's very good if your enemy is running away in water. What people don't realize is that it's very hard to aim the hook. People often abuse this class by building a 50 block tower up and throwing the hook to guys with good loot and knocking them off. You can also drag guys off the void. I only recommend this class if you like to troll people and/or drag enemy players towards you. Otherwise, it's kind of a useless class that takes lots of skill.

    EDIT: In the December 6, 2013 Annihilation update, scorpio has been nerfed a tiny bit. Once you scorpio an enemy, they get 10 seconds of no fall damage. This ruins things like building a scorpio tower and knocking an enemy off. You also aren't able to scorpio enemies and suffocate them in a wall.

    Spy is a cool class in my opinion. When you shift, you turn invisible and no one can see or hit you. If you hit players from behind, you deal 25% more damage. But, with spy, you can only walk 3 blocks invisible. After that, everyone can see you. Spy is a great class for defending the nexus, but it will hurt your shift key :stuck_out_tongue:. It's also good for attacking enemy nexuses, but you will have to do a lot of shifting, and it's a very slow process. This class is great with invisibility potions, because if you shift, your particles aren't shown to other players. I would recommend this class to anyone who's considering it.

    Succubus is a very complicated class (it's also named after the female sex demon and she was the creepy wife of Chef in South Park o_O) . Basically, every 2 minutes, the female sex demon succubus can attempt to suck the remaining health out of an enemy player. If your enemy, has 4 hearts or less, he is automatically killed. The remaining health is transferred to you :). If the enemy player has more than 4 hearts his remaining health is transferred to you in true damage (damage that ignores all armor and enchantments). I wouldn't recommend this class to anyone, as it is basically suicide and useless. It's also named after the... um... female sex demon...

    Do not be fooled by the cool name and description Shotbow gives you. Thor unleashes a lightning strike once every 2 minutes. All enemy players are dealt with 2 true damage. However, if enemy players are hit by the lightning, they are immune to any additional lightning strike for 30 seconds. I don't recommend this class at all. It is very underpowered and practically useless. It has no advantages to defending or offending.

    Tinkerer is not a very good class in my opinion. It is good for team, but eh... Let me explain. You can make PowerPads with tinkerer. Once you or a teammate steps on those PowerPads, they can get effected with whatever you put in them (speed and haste). You might be thinking "oh it lasts until I die, that's pretty cool". No. It lasts for 30 seconds AND when you die. I don't recommend this class unless you want to help your team for 30 seconds...

    EDIT: In the December 6th 2013 Annihilation update, once your PowerPad is destroyed by a douchey teammate, it returns to your inventory. Also, the time limit on the PowerPad has been removed and lasts until you dies now. Definitely recommend your class if you're a team player.

    Transporter is a very glorified class. Let me explain why. You can make portals to enemy nexuses or anywhere you want to. The thing is, you cannot battle with this class, considering your portal dies when you die. It can also be abused by making portals to a death trap for your teammates (which is bannable, I think). I only recommend this class if you want to help your team. Also, you have to be very skilled and sneaky while placing a portal. It can be easier with invisibility potions though.

    With vampire, every hit you land at nighttime has a 50% chance of draining your opponent's health. But, at daytime, you deal 25% more damage. I recommend this class if you want to take over mid at the start of the game (most games start at nighttime). This class is very good for strength rushes, as you can kill people much more easier. I have this class and it's very OP and underrated. During TP rushes, I kill 3-5 leather warriors at a time and I'm still left with 4 hearts. I've saved my team dozens of times with this class and prevented a ton of damage to our nexus. Daytime is basically suicide with vampire, considering you receive 25% more damage (a full leather can kill you when you're in full diamond, it's happened). I totally recommend this class if you want to get easy kills at night. My motto for vampire is "gather items at day, murder bitches at night" :D
    For more information on vampire, watch this class review:

    If you're a team (giving your team an advantage) player, these classes are for you:
    Enchanter (for the enchanting bottles)
    Farmer (for the food, nether warts, etc...)
    Tinkerer (for the speed and haste PowerPads)
    Transporter (for TPs to mid, mines, and enemy bases)

    If you're an offensive (PVP style and/or nexus raiding type) player, these classes are for you:
    Berserker (for the 15 heart maximum)
    Bloodmage (for the true damage)
    Pyro (for the fire, wouldn't really recommend it though...)
    Scorpio (for the hook and pulling players toward you)
    Spy (for the invisibility, great for nexus rushing)
    Vampire (for the health drain at night)

    If you're a defensive (defending your nexus, building defences, stuff like that) player, these classes are for you:

    Bloodmage (for the true damage to rushers)
    Builder (for spawning with blocks and care package/resource pack)
    Defender (for the regeneration near the nexus)
    Lumberjack (for getting 2x wood and an efficiency 1 stone axe)

    I hope this helped you make a decision, considering I spent an hour typing all this... And credit for the videos: NeonChargeGaming and CookieIceCream :D

  2. driftking47007 Platinum

    :heart: nice guide, helps alot :D
  3. Infernam Silver

    Nice Guide,you could add that you can also Drag yourself to Teammembers when using Scorpio,pretty useful when someone is running on stairs,you fly about 20-30 Blocks...lol
  4. 20thCenturyBoy Retired Staff

    Well done but have you asked Cookie to use his videos? :stuck_out_tongue:
    I'd say give him some credits in your post.
  5. seziun Emerald

    Nice guide +1 like
  6. Gizcow Retired Staff

    That giant wall of red text is full of wisdom.. we shall name it Knowledge.
  7. theofficialn00b Platinum

    i said deal as in receive.
  8. TheMarkusOfTime Emerald

    Great guide, this should be stickey'd.
    Davidss10001 likes this.
  9. NovaFanOvar9000 Regular Member

    Didn't even read it...liked anyway.
  10. GPAD Regular Member

    Having a class based on your playstyle helps too. Having a class that isn't based on your playstyle can be bad.
  11. Murgatron Retired Staff

    The transporter class can be fantastic for escaping. Simply place a TP at your base, then place the other when things start to go badly. Instant escape! :D
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  12. Rrrepatiti Gold

    was that zan's minimap?
  13. Friend1908 Regular Member

    That's what i do! Such a troll! Also great thread! And officialn00b be careful, that game we were in yesterday when I did my trolling to a hacker I got banned for 3 days. :lmao: SO be careful about spamming chat because it is apparently bannable.
  14. bilcan Emerald

    Im pretty sure you take 25% more damage, yours may be also right
  15. theofficialn00b Platinum

    idk those arent my videos....
  16. Rrrepatiti Gold

  17. IvyyWolff Platinum

    Did you ask Cookie before you posted those videos o_O
  18. waddledee18 Silver

    I am guessing you have yet to buy this class and try it out yourself.
  19. theofficialn00b Platinum

    did you read the rest of it?
  20. waddledee18 Silver

    Yes I did read your whole post. I meant that it's a really bad introduction to one of the best classes there is and if you don't have it you won't know that it is very helpful.
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