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Discussion A guide on which class to buy

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Litnetti, Aug 11, 2015.

Discussion - A guide on which class to buy
  1. Litnetti Emerald

    So everyday I see at least 2 posts about which class people should buy.
    What I am about to tell you isn't something you should follow, but is based on my opinion on the current classes.

    Below will be several ranking spreadsheets for all the classes based on situational play-styles.
    (Includes free classes)

    Since my images are apparently broken, here is the spreadsheet link:
    there are multiple tabs at the bottom of the page for each category

    Overall Class Rankings
    Best = Most well-rounded
    Average = Most situational
    -Most of the Free-to-Play classes here are ranked highly simply because they are well-balanced and free to obtain.
    -Pyro is ranked as excellent because most engagements take place on land and water isn't super common.

    -Acrobat is ranked as Best simply because it is THE most well-rounded. No Fall + extra mobility trumps every other class in the game.
    PvP Orientated Class Rankings
    Best = Most advantageous in PvP situations
    Average = Least advantageous in PvP situations
    -Enchanter is ranked as Best because it allows you to build up towards getting better gear, which helps the PvP aspect.
    -Miner is ranked as good and not average because it helps gear up faster in the early game, putting you ahead of everyone else (theoretically).

    Defense Orientated Class Rankings
    Best = Most useful & practical at defending/protecting your nexus
    Average = Least useful or practical at defending/protecting your nexus
    -Alchemist is ranked at Excellent because it has to potential to create potions early game, which can be used to defend efficiently.

    Support Orientated Class Rankings
    Best = Most useful at benefiting your team & teammates
    Average = Least useful at benefiting your team & teammates
    -Alchemist ranked as excellent for same reason as above.

    Hope this helps any of you wishing to buy a new class!
    Again, this is just my personal opinion (I've played since the release of Annihilation) and I am not making you follow this exact ranking.

    Comments and feedback are always appreciated :D

  2. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Your images are broken.
    SquallyTheWally likes this.
  3. Litnetti Emerald

    I can see them...?
    If you not just right-click and copy the image URL, then open it in a new tab.
  4. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Ok, thanks.
  5. GopherAsassain Platinum

    Images dont work for me. Also i find enchanter/miner to be more support based classes
  6. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Go to each image's link, and click show codes at the bottom. Then, copy the thumbnail code for the forums. It should then look something like this:

  7. Litnetti Emerald

    thanks andrew
  8. drewko09 Platinum

    Defender is pretty good at defending tbh
  9. Litnetti Emerald

    Which is why its ranked as Best for defending purposes :D
  10. DislikeMePlz Regular Member

    Overall acrobat is most well-rounded class currently.
    Zapptech likes this.
  11. drewko09 Platinum

    not on your list
  12. Litnetti Emerald



    this is the defense orientated ranking
  13. MansionHotel Regular Member

    Build wool and dirt wall ()()()()()()...
    to y:50
    then to attack use pyro or scout
    to defend pyro archer immobliser iceman berserker
    succubus only because its OP

    iceman is only good for a hit and run defence so you can run out of the nex and them chasing you.
    they'll be busy after you they'll forget about the nexus!:wink:

    Pyro also for hit and run but 3 hits and run
    Warrior if iron sword with sharpness
    Berserker for diamond geard or iron geared assulters

    Thank you for reading

  14. Litnetti Emerald

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  15. maximus930 Regular Member

    Thanks for putting that together; it's really interesting and helpful to see! The only thing I might disagree with is that for your Defense Oriented classes, I might put Spy as one of the best rather than just excellent. Especially on maps like Coastal and Canyon where there are only one set of stairs to get to the nexus, you can just stay there invisible, and then when someone comes down, if you wait for them to pass you and then start hitting them from behind, you might not even take damage, depending on how quickly they turn around, or if they're just running toward the nexus and ignoring you. That's just what I've found while using this class to guard, so those are just my thoughts on the matter.
    CustomOG likes this.
  16. Dinohoot8 Platinum

    Builder should be in the Support Orientated Class Rankings. Builder should be in best.
  17. Litnetti Emerald

    This was made like 1 year ago and idk how it made it back to the front of the forums page lol

    i guess i'll change it

    edit: it's all changed on the actual spreadsheet, so look at that
  18. NovaFanOvar9000 Regular Member

    Wow, Civilian isn't included in any of the lists? I'm so triggered right now, all classes have feelings you know, you classist. Civilian is the best, crafting bench op.
  19. Litnetti Emerald

    oh my bad

  20. maximus930 Regular Member


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