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Premium A Few Questions About the Donation System

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Kar900, May 21, 2015.

Premium - A Few Questions About the Donation System | Page 2
  1. Mr_Darn Retired Staff

    You get what you pay for, not what you are upgraded too.

    You can't just "add $10" you need to buy something, so if you were basic, and you bought another basic, that would be $30 total on access packages and entitle you to a silver name upgrade, with the basic days premium.
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  2. Halphenen Platinum

    Does that mean that if I pay for basic the 7 times it would take to get up to 100 (okay, 105) dollars, and get upgraded to platinum, that I don't get the unlimited premium benefits that I would get if i just dropped 100 dollars on platinum right away?
  3. Mr_Darn Retired Staff


    As long as its paying for access packages (IE basic, silver, gold) then once you reach $25 total, you are entitled to a silver upgrade, but you get the access time of the package you paid for.

    For example:

    already silver, buy a silver = gold name and silver time.

    already gold and buy a silver, stay gold (as you've not reached the next threshold yet) and get silver time.

    The above person buys another silver, making it a silver, a silver and a gold, this = $100 and is eligible for an upgrade to full platinum, and all the benefitsof platinum as though you had bought it outright.

    NOTE: all access packages need to be for the same user to qualify. You can't buy a silver for 2 separate accounts and expect a gold upgrade.
  4. LoisSmith Platinum

    but it does not explain where to get emerald rank
  5. Murgatron Network Lead



    How do I obtain Emerald or Obsidian?

    Emerald and Obsidian are special ranks given to those who have gone above and beyond in supporting Shotbow. You must be at least Platinum rank before you can obtain Emerald or Obsidian. Once you have reached Platinum, you may upgrade to Emerald or Obsidian if the total purchases made against your account total $250 or $500 respectively. The easiest, and most effective way to obtain these ranks is through a Shotbow Subscription, or by purchasing cosmetics once you have reached Platinum. You MUST contact us in order to upgrade to your account once you have accumulated such total amounts.
  6. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    Step 1: Get Platinum, Step 2: Donate 150$, Step 3: Be an nice player, Step 4: Contact Shotbow.
  7. Mysterious_Seven Platinum


    Sounds like bribery when you stand back and look at it.
  8. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    :Joy: :lmao:

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