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4Sure Recruiting

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by JuanTap, Dec 20, 2014.

4Sure Recruiting
  1. Revolutions Regular Member

    Hello Guys! Today I am recruiting for the faction 4Sure! We would love to accept new people in and also experienced people in!
    Members so far-
    JuanTap (Owner)
    pwur (Owner)
    RipTideBarca- (Owner)
    EmeraldShock- (Owner)
    Kawes101- (Member)

    If you would like to join please comment with the format below
    Please follow this application:
    Pvp Skills:
    Building Skills:
    Time Zone:
    Past Factions:
    Past Betrayals:
    Anything I should know:
    Do you have teamspeak?
    How much are you on?
    I will PM you if we believe you should be on 4Sure.

  2. Deidrim Regular Member

    IGN: Deidrim
    Time Zone:europe
    Past Factions:none
    Past Betrayals:none

    This will be my first map on HCF. I was playing on kohi and HCT but now i wanna to play here.
  3. Stefano_Hypz Regular Member

    IGN: Stefano_Hypz
    Age: 14
    Pvp Skills: 8/10
    Building Skills:7/10
    Kills: None just starting up on this map
    Deaths: None
    Time Zone: Mountain
    Past Factions: They were old factions 3 maps ago but since then I've been solo
    Past Betrayals: None
    Anything I should know: Nope
    Do you have teamspeak? Yea
    How much are you on? Everyday for ATLEAST 4 hours
  4. Block_Belieber Regular Member

    IGN: ZzIgnacioZz
    Age: 15
    Pvp Skills: 7/ 10 Alone - 8/10 Group [Tank]
    Building Skills: 10/10 I love it , but i'm very eccentric guy when i build so that's why sometimes people get angry with me
    Kills: 0
    Deaths: 0
    Time Zone: -5 GMT [Lima , Perú]
    Past Factions: Stormpike ( 1 year) , Wonderwall ( 2 years ) , then i did factions on my own
    Past Betrayals: None
    Anything I should know: My pvp depends of my ping ( today i have 120 , tomorrow i 've 200 )
    Do you have teamspeak? : Yes
    How much are you on? : Well im on holidays so maybe 3h or more , but somedays im busy .

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