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Other #26 NexusSaturday Event | Best Defence

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Maashg, May 23, 2020.

Other - #26 NexusSaturday Event | Best Defence
  1. Maashg Platinum

    Team Nexus Forum Post: (Click here)
    Our Discord Server: (Click here)


    #26 Team Nexus Event | Annihilation
    - Best Defence (3) -




    - Hello dear Shotbow community -
    Hey everyone! As Team Nexus organizers, we want to host an event next weekend.
    We hope to bring people together (similiar to how MadnessFriday events were).
    If there's enough interest, we will meet up in the Nexus Discord Server.

    - Explanation -
    Every team will build very strong def as possible as they can do. Map will be original Andorra. Riftwalker and Vampire will be disabled. So we can see a different META in the game! :)

    - Time -
    20:00 GMT - Today
    - Where -
    Annihilation Sandbox Server
    By JTGangsterLP6

    - What is Team Nexus -
    Team Nexus is a group (not a clan) comprised of various members of the Shotbow community! Our goal is to connect older and newer Shotbow players and their clans through discord (similar to SiglerSpeak). Games are organized weekly - anyone is free to join us for some casual fun!


    Best Regards!
    ~ Team Nexus Staffs

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  2. Maashg Platinum

    Guys quick change:

    - Only Riftwalker will be disabled in the event!
    This is Jorge's idea! Thanks to him!
  3. Maashg Platinum

    My bad, i forgot to note Vampire also will be disabled.

    Btw event will be started in ~20 minutes! :)

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