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2020 Spookfest Headhunt

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by _frostie, Oct 11, 2020.

2020 Spookfest Headhunt
  1. _frostie Retired Staff

    Welcome back, Survivors!

    This will be your source for any Halloween Headhunt information rolling out this month. Find the details and information below! Please make sure to thoroughly read through all of the points in the thread!


    20 different trick or treat baskets have been placed in the world. This week, the heads you'll be looking for look like this:

    • The heads could be hidden anywhere at any location on the MineZ map. This excludes any dungeons, but may include places you must parkour into or up to. Some locations may not be listed by the website map, but that doesn't exclude them from potentially hiding a head there.
    • They will not be in the wild, and can only be found in landmarks / structures. You won't find one hiding behind a boulder out in the middle of the jungle!
    • At the end of each week, the heads will be swapped around to new locations. We will update this post when that happens!
    • The only instance they can be in is inside of Wind Spire. If you've entered one, you've gone too far!
    • Heads will only appear at a location once! They don't like being seen in the same place twice!
      • Previous Locations:
        • Week 1: Agni Ignis / Al Hasa Quarry / Bell Farm / Byesford Castle / Carnival / Concord / Crymoore Pond / Drycreek / Floating Islands / Geuten / Ghost Fleet / Grimdale / Knoxmoor Inn / Medusa Lake / Mount Longton / Pileus / Ravine / Sercaul / Stonehenge / Zerbia
        • Week 2: Aurora / Body Offload / Boot House / Castle Wayvernia / Devil's Castle / Evergreen Manor / Fort Erie / Fort Forthwind / King's Grave Jungle Ruin / Mining Town / Old Saens / Purple Sunshine's Humble Abode / Romero / Somnia / Torchbar Farm / Tristitia / Warped Ruins / Wizard's Pass / Wooden Bunker / Zerbia Ship
    Album Rules

    Below is the general information for how you should send your pictures to us, please read through these!
    • Upload your images into a complete album on Imgur. Please don't send us 20 individual images...
    • The treat basket face must be facing the camera! You wouldn't want your photo taken from behind would you!
    • Please take your screenshots in third person view with the head clearly in the frame and a message in the chat to prove it's you! We've provided an example screenshot below:

    Completed screenshot albums are due by the dates listed below to qualify! Please upload your completed albums to Imgur! We will send out a broadcast on our Twitter and Discord announcing they have rolled.

    Week 1: Saturday, October 17th at 11:59pm CST

    Week 2: Saturday, October 24th at 11:59pm CST

    Week 3: Saturday, October 31st at 11:59pm CST

    Send your completed albums to Tannatron & _frostie on the forums via direct message.


    Surely this is what you're here for, right? Well, you're in for a treat, some of the prizes are sure to send a shiver down your spine!

    First Place Submissions receive:
    Everyone else who submits their completed album by the required date receive:
    Prizes will be distributed some time after each hunt ends.

    Best of luck, trick or treaters! See you soon, and happy hunting!

  2. Smartzz Emerald

    hey so if I find them on more than one account, do i have to prove its me or can you guys /ip me
  3. FastGhastBlast Obsidian

    Are the heads on all servers? PvE included?
  4. iMarbot Platinum

    I just found one by accident (on PvE), so yeah I guess so.
  5. Andrew_64_MC Retired Staff

    Do the screenshots have to all be from the same account?
  6. _frostie Retired Staff

    So long as all of the images are taken from the same account, using an alt to get the rewards on it is fair game. Brownie points if you let us know it's you when you message us :wink:

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  7. FastGhastBlast Obsidian

    Are they located behind button doors? I know in the past they haven't been?
  8. _frostie Retired Staff

    No buttons are required!
  9. up44 Platinum

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  10. plusouplus Obsidian

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  11. _frostie Retired Staff

    We have a winner for first place, congratulations to Lil_Jeffy!

    Don't let that discourage you, we're still open for all other submissions up until this Saturday!
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  12. RoseFredricks Artist

    What type of locations are possible locations?
    Are the minor non-unique locations like the random Forts potential locations? Or is it only minor unique locations?

    And are dungeon entrances (the parts before the instance) fair game, or should be dungeons be completely ignored for this?

    Will you guys be avoiding locations that are extremely tedious to check, like Grimdale?

    Are the 2 caves systems also fair game?

    Also can locations repeat between weeks? And can locations have more than 1?
    _frostie likes this.
  13. _frostie Retired Staff


    Any location, anywhere on the map, could potentially have a head hidden there. Dungeon entrances are included, the caveat being if you've entered the instance you've gone too far. Wind Spire is kind of the only exception, since it's just a location that's been instanced.

    We won't be reusing locations once they've already had a head placed there, it can get pretty tedious looking through some of these places just once :stuck_out_tongue:

    There'll only be 1 head placed at each location, just for simplicity's sake!
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  14. senoc44 Retired Staff

    Wind Spire is kind of the only exception, since it's just a location that's been instanced.

    Please clarify, Wind spire is fair game for a head?
  15. _frostie Retired Staff


    Yep! (sorry for only now getting back to you oops)

    ++ We've updated the post with some new information for next week's head hunt. Please read through the main forum post so you don't miss anything / aren't turned away when you submit your albums. Just a reminder, we will send out a broadcast when everything has rolled out! Happy hunting everyone!
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  16. _Lizzieh Obsidian

    Are the rewards going to be different for subsequent weeks? Or is it all the same? :stuck_out_tongue:
  17. _frostie Retired Staff

    Mostly the same, we've changed the cosmetics out this week so there's something new for people to nab each time!
  18. ShayminPlays Media Team Coordinator

    None of the heads are in the same location as previous weeks, right?
  19. _frostie Retired Staff


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  20. _frostie Retired Staff

    We have a winner for first place this week, that being suichaso! Congratulations!

    One quick side note, we'll send out an announcement for whenever everyone receives their cosmetics. They will automatically be applied to your account!
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