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MineZ 2013 MineZ Spook-Fest! - Event Schedule

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by GnomeChompski, Sep 30, 2013.

MineZ - 2013 MineZ Spook-Fest! - Event Schedule
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  1. GuardenGnome Retired Staff

    2013 MineZ Spook-Fest! - Event Schedule

    It's that time of year again! Time for some Spooky Fun in the Apocalyptic World of MineZ! During the entire month of October, you will have a chance to search for treats, go ghost hunting, and fight for your lives against the Nether Army!

    The Halloween Treat Chest from last year will make it's return. Every day at 6:15 pm CST, a special chest will spawn on a random US Server (and a few on EU Servers) with a Pumpkin for you to wear as well as other special goodies! A Broadcast will be sent to all servers at this time telling you which server to go on and where to look! Be careful though, as the undead will be guarding each chest!
    No idea what to look for? Here's what it will look like!

    What's inside the Treat Chest?
    Each Treat Chest will always contain a Pumpkin (which may be enchanted or not). Additionally, you may also find armor, food, healing items, water bottles, swords, & bows. There is also a chance that you will find rare items that you can't normally obtain!

    The Halloween Treat Chest will always spawn in one of the following places:
    • A Town
    • A Landmark (Maybe under a Giant Tree?)
    • Inside Ruins
    • On a Bridge
    Chest will NOT spawn in the forest, at the end of a Dungeon, or somewhere that you can't get to on foot Parkour may be required.

    During every Saturday, A special event will be held on either all servers or on the US-Event server.
    Here's The Schedule:
    • October 5th - "Darkness Falls"
    • October 12th - "Ghastbusters"
    • October 19th - "Search and Destroy: Voodoo Vlad's Cursed Tunic"
    • October 26th - "Into The Nether"
    Winners of each event will receive 5000 XP!

    The day before each scheduled event, an additional Announcement will be posted on the subreddit as well as on this forum post with Additional Details, Server Info, & Times
    Mark Your Calenders!

    No special events will be happening on October 31st because most of our staff will be packing for Minecon and let's face it, most of you will be trick-or-treating. We can't take that away from you. The only event happening on that day will be the Halloween Treat Chest!

    Hope you're all ready for a great month! Make sure to check back every Friday for additional details on the event scheduled for that Saturday!
    You can also bookmark this thread as I will update it with links to each announcement posted!

    Reddit Post:
    Happy Hauntings,

    P.S. If you'd like to help me out in funding my Minecon 2013 Trip,
    Please donate any amount you can here!

  2. Lucky_RP Platinum

    Time to pick me some pun'kins.
  3. Asutoro Emerald

    Hooray, Halloween is back! :D
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  4. Bracko Emerald

    Holy shit, if I actually liked MineZ this would be awesome. :lmao:
  5. Qik Silver

    meh...MineZ is not my thing
    RuthlessTomato likes this.
  6. EzPeaZ Platinum

    Its that year again.. Time to egg me some house's :3
    Davidss10001 likes this.
  7. Trajicz Platinum

    Into the nether? :eek:
  8. GuardenGnome Retired Staff


    Chest will spawn at 6:15 pm instead of 6:00 pm to allow enough time for all servers to reboot. Servers reboot at 6:00 pm CST but it takes a few minutes to reboot all MineZ Servers!
  9. _Nottoday Silver

    i hope the prizes are creative and not just "premium" :D
  10. GuardenGnome Retired Staff

    Prizes from the Halloween Treat Chests will always include a Pumpkin which may or may not be enchanted. Other items it may have include armor, swords, food, health items, or an exceedingly rare item!
    ubdegrove likes this.
  11. ubdegrove Silver

    Thank you! Pumped!!
  12. ZentzVB Platinum

    What's Halloween? :stuck_out_tongue:
  13. xXxNahanxXx Obsidian

    lol can't wait to start the hunt! i'm predicting alot of player deaths near the chests.... Wish we could have some form of kill counter
    DuskShadowBrony and kjean07 like this.
  14. Boburt314 Regular Member

    I feel like this sounds fun but the event serer is private so most people can't participate. Do people who spend the money to get SBN perks actually care about xp rewards from these events? I believe Halloween Events ought to be public.
    SuperPolentaman likes this.
  15. Asutoro Emerald

    To be honest, we don't really do it for the xp (not like we really get any decent amount of xp anyway), it's more so for the fun (and trust me, most events are fun!)
  16. Boburt314 Regular Member

    Exactly people play for fun, not xp. Why are the events not public?
  17. Asutoro Emerald

    Well, there's only one event server per region (that I know of), and when there's an event, that server is usually filled by premiums anyway. Imagine non-premiums and premiums battling to get into events.
  18. GuardenGnome Retired Staff

    Donors get perks such as access to our event server. We do this to show our appreciation for helping fund our servers.

    Only the Saturday events are going to be Privately held(excluding GhastBusters). The Halloween Treat Chest will spawn mostly on public servers. So you can still participate in that.
  19. XiantheMiguel Gold

    ...If only I was somewhat good at MineZ.
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  20. Majicou Retired Staff

    Just posting here to give s shoutout to NicolaLeevey for the amazing spooky Lobby! It's SICK!
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