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Other 1v1 Gamble tournament at Grayvale

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by Sh4dowB0t, Sep 1, 2019.

Other - 1v1 Gamble tournament at Grayvale
  1. Sh4dowB0t Obsidian

    The Gambles will be provided by the Event-holders
    Event-holders: Rest_in_Peace (Sh4dowB0t), LuckyGambleUser (SizL) and TTCreuse (some Frenchie).

    What can u win?
    If you win u can either choose between Silver Premium or a Goldname for MineZ.

    When does it start?
    01.09.2019 1pm CST

    Bring your own button / Grapple to get in please.

    If anyone kills someone before the tournament at Grayvale u wont be able to participate

    1. Grenades are allowed
    2. Speed is allowed
    3. Bows of any kind are not allowed
    4. flash grenades are allowed
    5. If you use a diffrent sword at anytime u are disqualified
    6. Lone Swords are allowed for healing
    7. Cobwebs are allowed
    8. Alting or refilling between fights is strictly forbidden

    If Someone lags out dont kill them!!!!

    Anyone who breaks the Rules gets killed.

    Everything will be streamed at:

  2. plusouplus Emerald

    Are wooden hoes allowed ?
  3. Sh4dowB0t Obsidian

    no :(
  4. plusouplus Emerald

  5. Saviour Regular Member

    cool! :)
    Sh4dowB0t likes this.
  6. ShayminPlays Platinum

    Congratulations to Sebas010206 for winning the 1v1 Gamble Tournament, with LuckyGambleUser coming in second place!
    Sh4dowB0t likes this.
  7. Tozzu Platinum

    Thanks for the gold name
    Sh4dowB0t likes this.

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