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MineZ 1st Regiment "Westerlands" - The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company

Discussion in 'Clans & Teams' started by shrauger, Sep 19, 2017.

MineZ - 1st Regiment "Westerlands" - The UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company
  1. shrauger Regular Member


    The 1st Regiment "Westerlands" are the direct descendants of two of the most senior and oldest regiments in the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company: The 222nd South Aspermont Regiment and the 95th East Yawpton Regiment, whose identity and traditions are preserved in the component battalions: the 1st Battalion(Old Guard), and the 2nd Battalion(Greenjackets).

    We pride ourselves as the most disciplined and most effective regiment whose ancestors were the paragons of hard work, merit and sacrifice. Members of the 1st Regiment form the backbone of the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company, with our own personal Drill Servers, Clan Bank, Wikia and Communication Infrastructure being ran by members of the 1st Regiment. The regiment is also home to the UTC's industrial subsidy of Kaiser Arsenal - one of the UTC's many arsenals and factory of PvP items: specifically concentrating on Battle Inventory outputs.
    Majority of exports in the UTC are usually done by the 1st Regiment alone as well.

    We are the flower of logistics and organization, giving the motherclan the backbone it needs to support its way of life and providing people the luxury to heal, bandit, dungeoneer and explore as they see fit when off duty.

    A regiment, according to our wiki, is an important administrative building block in the UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company. To the outsider, the UTC appears to be a single, unified organization, but in reality, the Company is sub-divided into regiments, each with their own unique cultures and traditions. They generally function like an autonomous clan that operates on their own; independent from waiting for orders from the Directory and is usually comprised of a Regimental Captain or leader who may or may not have Lieutenants below them.
    In the regimental system, each regiment is responsible for recruiting, training, and administration; each regiment is permanently maintained and therefore the regiment will develop its unique esprit de corps because of its unitary history, traditions, recruitment, and function. Usually, the regiment is responsible for recruiting and administrating all of a Company member's career.

    The Battalions are a group subdivided in a regiment to provide economy of scale. However, the actual functional administration of the regiment is very centralized, so the battalions are mostly there to keep the traditions of its ancestors alive and as useful placement of personality or player type. There are currently two battalions:


    1st Battalion - the Old Guard

    The dogged and disciplined Old Guard, the legendary South Aspermont regiment. The pioneers of many of the UTC's achievements and crowning glories. From Plains of the East to the Swamps of the West, the Oldguardsman has given his time and his legendary courage without a thought of gain for his own fame, but rather to live up to the legacy of those who went before him! OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY!

    Oldguardsmen were not usually recruited based on skill, but on pure heart of the volunteer, giving the regiment its tenacity and unbreakable morale in the face of adversity. The Old Guard prized and prefers rookies, particularly regular players because they know they started out new to the game and they never forget where they came from. Skill is not necessary, but discipline is a must - that is our strength.


    2nd Battalion - the Greenjackets

    The Silent Service as they were once known for their quiet demeanor and refusal to brag about their efforts unlike the boisterous Old Guard. The 95th Greenjackets were the ideal regiment of industry. Their support gave the other regiments the luxury to do their jobs or even take the day off and mess about thanks to their work. Pioneers of Light Infantry tactics to compensate for their poor skill, the Greenjackets served and fought with distinction, even though they were considered the weakest of the regiments in terms of PvP. Their techniques were studied and passed on to the rest of the UTC, forever embedding their legacy. I'M NINETY-FIVE!

    Greenjackets used to start out as a containment regiment for girl gamers and the other "rejects" that didn't have a place. Over time, they gave prestige to being the "second-rates" as they found value in their other skills, which was quickly appreciated by the other regiments who initially secretly despised them. The Greenjackets were among the first regiments of the UTC and they have a long standing connection to the Old Guard and it was this long-standing connection that amalgamated both regiments into one. The Greenjackets take in anyone who loves MineZ, but just isn't good at it, because they know that person has other useful skills...

    Recently, as of the writing of this thread, Regimental Captain and Company [?] Major Irishkaiser has took the bulk of the 1st Regiment's forces as well as ALL of its officers to concentrate on a long campaign and as such, the regiment is depleted in manpower and cannot field as much as it could before to apply itself to the Company's efforts in-game.

    We need men on the front while our veteran lads go fight elsewhere!
    So mount and make ready then, sons of the Public, men! Fight for your Rights and the Old Reg'lar Glory!


    Hark now the drums beat up, again! For all true soldier-gentlemen! You've chosen to list and march, I say. Over the hills and far away? It is quite simple to join the regiment. No fancy forms needed: you just ask. Yes, that's it. You just ask. If you wish to brag and have tales of your embellished deeds, go ahead. We enjoy stories... Even if fiction. You can send a PM to the thread author me, Shrauger or you can private message Regimental Captain Irishkaiser.

    The requirements are simple but you must have the following for preferred candidates to make it easier or even think of having your application to be looked over:

    1) Must have little to no history of cheating
    2) Must currently not have any staff or in-game powers in MineZ
    3) Is currently not in any other clan in MineZ(no clanwhoring)
    A' The Blue Bonnets Are O'er the Border!
    March of the Westerlands Regiment

    --------------------------------------------Minimum Memberlist--------------------------------------------
    Irishkaiser, Shrauger, DuncaniaX, Brushfire001, vArturov


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