Other 1.9 SMASH is here! (Changelog)

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Other - 1.9 SMASH is here! (Changelog)
  1. Superbob1000 RAP & SMASH Lead Admin


    After the release of 1.9 on Shotbow, SMASH was sadly left behind due to some critical bugs. However, SMASH will be released once again soon. We hope to release This Saturday! (The only thing that would stop us from doing so would be critical bugs on release that we missed after countless hours of playtesting)

    Without further ado, here is the changelog for this update:

    SMASH 1.9 Changelog

    - Fixed Spectator
    - Fixed Particles
    - Fixed Double Jump related issues
    - Fixed Player Visibility bug
    - Re-added Ranked!!!
    - Added penalizing system to Ranked (Don't be a quitter!)
    - Added Void Damage check so you're no longer falling infinitely into the void
    - Added countdown system to Ranked, so more people can join your match during that time
    - Added NPC stats leaderboard
    - Very slightly nerfed knockback velocity
    - Fixed dying from explosions during a Teams match
    - Added Queue info to Ranked signs
    - Fixed SB XP Bug
    - Added a new item! (Have fun with it!)
    - Added /elo <playerName> command to check ELO
    - Added a few new maps!

    Edit by Jesse:
    Changes since release:
    - Added checks to prevent bow flying
    - Modified minimum player count for Ranked to 5 players (4 player maps CAN be played!!)
    - Changed the way map regen works so it's not nearly as laggy
    - Fixed issue with Ranked where sometimes ELO wouldn't update
    - Fixed issue with getting kicked on-join
    - Fixed issue with signs where left clicking wouldn't show players in match
    - Increased Ranked afk kick timer to 75 seconds instead of 60
    - Fixed Random kicks "for flying" caused by lag

    Known issues:
    - Server crashing randomly
    - Grabbing animation not showing correctly for player
    - Sometimes Ranked maps take a bit to load

    All issues are being investigated and will be fixed in due time.

    That's right! Ranked is fully functional to be playable once again! If you find any bugs while playing SMASH, please post a bug report by clicking This Link!

    Huge thanks to Kingey and Jesse for making this update possible so soon. They spent countless hours working on this while I was widely unavailable. :heart:

    Speaking of Kingey, also welcome him as a new co-lead! :D

    I hope you all have a wonderful time playing SMASH in 1.9. Again, I apologize for the delay SMASH has experienced. Hopefully this update (and planned future ones) can help makeup for the time SMASH was under maintenance. Have a good day. :)

  2. AsiatusxX Regular Member

    This sounds beautiful. Especially the penalizing system excites me. Im really looking forward to the release, ill be there 100% ^^
  3. lnfuse Gold

    - Fixed Smash

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  4. Mistri PR Team Member

    Forgot "Removed Herobrine"! :stuck_out_tongue:

    On a related note, hype! I am so excited, I haven't been able to play SMASH ranked for quite a while and that was my favorite thing to do when I Ghostcraft died.
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  5. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Man this will be awesome! Smash, one of my favorite games is back! Better and stronger than ever! Kingey and Jesse did work :eek:
  6. marco_polo24 Silver

    It's about damned time too!

    Love you superbob, hope it works out!
  7. DutchBartje Emerald

  8. AsiatusxX Regular Member

    I'm gonna assume there is going to be some sort of promotion on the YouTube/Twitter? Obviously the competetive scene will be coming back really quick, but im afraid that the count of casual players will drop down really low compared to around a year ago.

    Another thing: The next new season is going to start the first of July if im correct. Has there been any investigations about some sort of reward system for the best Players or not yet? Because that would definetly push the Player count back to a decent amount.

    Also: Did you remove the Smash Trailer on the Networks Channel? Im either blind or its not there anymore...
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  9. Sherlock_Ikers SMASH Admin

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  10. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    Does the penalizing system penalize people who leave a game before losing all their lives or penalize a people who leave a game that isn't finished yet (including if they leave after losing all their own lives and being unable to actually play)?

    I hope it's the former.
    Anyway time to start playing again!
  11. Sherlock_Ikers SMASH Admin

    You can't play Ranked again for 30 minutes if you quit.
  12. Sherlock_Ikers SMASH Admin

    Yeah, kingey and jesse did like all the work :lmao: we just helped test and stuff
  13. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Heh looks like you are going to work hard if it is back o_O
  14. LegendaryAlex Gold

    What actually happends if there is something with ur wifi, or u get kicked cause u use 1.11 :0
  15. Sherlock_Ikers SMASH Admin

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we will have to see
  16. Kingey Film Crew Lead, SMASH Co-Lead

    If you have latency issues, that's out of our hands - you will get panilized either way.

    Speaking of penalizing, we've added an AFK timer to prevent people from farming their alt accounts to boost their ELO. If an account hasn't moved in 30 seconds (countdown to match start included) they will get kicked from the game and blocked from Ranked for 30 minutes.
  17. LegendaryAlex Gold

    That is actually really smart, I didnt even think about that :eek:! I guess we will really know who is the best smash player on EU and US from this season!!
  18. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    That's not what I was asking.

    What action is seen as quitting?

    Leaving the game before it is 100% finished or leaving the game before the person leaving is knocked out?

    For years now people on ranked have quit after losing all their lives to go play the next game. Waiting around in the little game start box for 5 to 9 minutes is really boring and no one wants to wait around when they are able to go play another game immediately.

    Unless by quit you just mean people dodging/quitting a game before it even starts?

    Obviously I'd like to see anti dodging in place but if 'quit' includes jumping games after losing the still running first one then that would be a huge shame.

    Essentially there's three distinct time windows in which someone can quit
    • before the game has started (please penalize this)
    • after the game has started and before the player quitting has lost (this is usually due to kicks for hacking or lagging so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
    • after a player is knocked out of a non finished game (penalizing this would be very bad for ranked)
    A 30 min penalty is actually really well suited to penalizing just people exploiting before-start quits because it won't penalize people who get sucked into a ranked game they didn't mean to play as long as it doesn't penalize that third time window.
  19. JesseTheSkrub Developer

    Disconnecting (for any reason at all) or typing the /quit command

    Leaving before the game is 100% finished. The penalize will not count if you leave during the starting countdown, however.

    I have considered on not penalizing people who have completely died (and are thus out of the game). Since they did at least play.

    Again, you will not be penalized for quitting during the countdown, before the game actually starts. However, you will still lose ELO points for quitting during the countdown, since you'd practically come last place.

    I am still working out all the minor details and fine-tuning for Ranked before release. So, if/when I do change something, I'll be sure to post about it here.
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  20. SkeletonXF238 Regular Member

    I strongly encourage you to not penalize people quitting if they are out of the game. No one wants to wait around when they could be queuing for the next game.

    I am a little confused here. Unless something has changed since 1.8 smash no one loses any elo points for quitting before the game starts - they don't even get included in the game. This can often lead to or 3 player games on 4 player maps. People have used and abused this in the past to dodge maps and dodge players they don't like.
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