1.9 Changelog

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by Kayaba, Jul 29, 2016.

1.9 Changelog
  1. Kayaba Regular Member

    Slaughter 1.9 Update Log

    • Fixed mobs running towards players, but not being able to hit the all the time.
    • Fixed a lot other major bugs (Cannot disclose due to sensitive nature)
    • Fixed Anti-cheat issues when starting games
    • Patched exploit client-side money glitch
    • Fixed Catacombs Wave 1 Bug
    • Fixed Slaughter Server Stalling
    • Fixed Invisible Chickens
    • Fixed More Invisible Mobs
    • Fixed escaping from maps
    • Fixed randomly getting hit in-game
    • Fixed Slaughter Map Exploits
    • Fixed mob farming by trap doors
    • Fixed mob Knock Back Exploit
    • Fixed Several Slaughter Inventory Bugs
    • Fixed Spectator Interactions
    • Fixed Quick Revive Exploit
    • Fixed double death messages.
    • Fixed health potions.
    • Fixed issues where the arena wouldn't close after being totally slaughtered.
    • Fixed player visibility issues.
    I will be updating this update log as more bugs are reported.

  2. Superbob1000 Administrator

    I'm excited to see where Slaughter goes to with the update! :)
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  3. Bergmanman Platinum

    Glad to see there's a changelog! I hope more gamemodes adopt this
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  4. Kayaba Regular Member


    I would have released more information but as you can see that information was sensitive to the network and therefore was not published. :)
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  5. Kayaba Regular Member

    Updated update log with more information..
  6. Futar Regular Member

    Yay! They made the gamemode much more harder now and no one will probably beat it anymore!!! So excited!!!!! :))))
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  7. BitterSweetDeath Regular Member

    With the inventory bugs, do you mean when people pick up more than there is space for in their actionbar and it becomes unreachable for the rest of thr game or do you mean the chest bug when you shift click items into it, they get stuck? I Dont mind the inventory bug as much as the chest bug, because I see around 50 gold worth of stuff get wasted in the chest every game someone new is playing slaughter :confused: In the later rounds you cant keep all of the "junk" items in your inventory as you need more health potions, and therefore I always waste some gold around round 20. I can add screenshots in this or make a bug report on the bug report section when I get my pc :wink:
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  8. Joey_nINJJa Silver

    Healing potions are now water bottles. As if it wasn't already hard enough solo...
    (Yes, I filed a bug report.)
    Also, much like arrows in MineZ, you can't pick up gold without a free space in your hotbar. Even though you have gold in slot 9.
  9. DumbdogFaShizzle Regular Member

    When Slaughter was re-released me and my friend played the hell out of it, we loved the game, but sadly the game got very buggy and no one played it. When in Rogue suffered this problem, and that game was an absolute blast to play! I'm very happy to see that a lot of bugs that were annoying at the time are being fixed. (Also i'm not sure if by escaping maps you mean players, but I know that with some of the maps endermen will teleport out of the map and they will continuously do it for a long time)
  10. Ranger_Elite Regular Member

    This 1.9 isnt out yet?
  11. BitterSweetDeath Regular Member

    I thought the 1.9 was out on US, but I honestly don´t know anymore.
  12. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    The 1.9 beta version is impossible to solo thanks to bigger hit ranges on mobs, also buying healing draughts gives you water bottles instead.

    pls fix.
  13. Joey_nINJJa Silver

    Pretty sure I said this half a year ago (or shortly after whenever they announced the 1.9 beta server); is it that hard to at least fix the potions?

    Although, if updating requires restarting all of Shotbow's servers simultaneously, then I suppose it is that hard... I don't know if it does, though.
  14. bubblegumrockya Silver

    I remember some person recommended a mob finding compass, that would be a neat addition to reduce the time to complete a slaughter from 1 hour and 30 mins to around 45
  15. BitterSweetDeath Regular Member

    I know right, or even better: A fishing rod to simply teleport the closest mob to your face.
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  16. Hollow_Leg Gold

    Just give xray
  17. ILM_okome_ Platinum

    Slaughter is MineCraft version 1.9?! updated?
  18. royat18 Regular Member

    so the garden map in 1.9 is broken? i've spent many days trying to figure it out and ive come to the the conclusion that the command blocks are not being activated when you push the buttons. if i remember correctly when you push the buttons the gravel should disappear......but its not. will there be a fix for this?
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  19. DevAttack Regular Member

    soon probobaly or RIP Slaughter

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