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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Navarr, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    Image © Mojang A.B. See their post World of Color for more information on the update

    Shotbow now supports Minecraft v1.12!

    We are currently supporting 1.12 through a protocol patch - meaning that our games are still running on Minecraft 1.9, and are accessible to all clients running 1.9 and up.

    Our current plans (subject to change) are to make 1.12 the next base version our games can use. What does this mean? It means in the future you might have to use 1.12 to connect to certain games. We've done this in the past when we supported 1.7/1.8 where some of our games necessitated connecting via 1.8. This is likely a good bit off, so there's no need to panic yet.

    Enjoy the update!

  2. This_is_Hugo Emerald

    Still need Qubion to update! There a build server would expect them to be on the latest patch tbh!

    Edit: also first :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    Qubion is definitely the first one chomping at the bit - but they won't be able to for a good while yet, still. We aren't yet at a point where our games can move over.
    This_is_Hugo likes this.
  4. _Swipe Platinum

    Awesome! Just one question, if the base is still 1.9 that means that 1.12 blocks and entities are still incompatible, correct?
    This_is_Hugo likes this.
  5. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    For the most part, yes.

    We've done some weird things where we've had the base in 1.7 and used 1.8 blocks in the past, but as far as I know we're not doing anything like that.
    This_is_Hugo likes this.
  6. ACringyWeeb Platinum

    oh no. I don't have optifine installed for 1.12 cause of the new launcher... RIP 1.9 i loved u :(
    This_is_Hugo likes this.
  7. sunlost Retired Staff

    We won't require a 1.12 client for a while. We'll be on 1.9 for some time, and additionally require 1.12 for certain gamemodes. (Probably Qubion)
    CringeLOL likes this.
  8. FPSHater Obsidian

  9. 59syu Regular Member

    Quick adapting too fast we cant even react :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. hussar969 Regular Member

    Soooooooooooo gooooooooood!
  11. Thomas_Dorland Obsidian

    so Considering 1.12 is one of the most awesome updates survival eise

    Whats new?
  12. Darinky Platinum

    the server will return to 1.7? :( please, i have been playing here during 3 years, and i don't want to leave the server for a shit update :c
    Foxbuscus likes this.
  13. Fluffoon Retired Staff

    We are never going to downgrade to 1.7 or 1.8. Sorry to hear you dislike these updates, but we *had* to roll them in order to progress as a network.
    CringeLOL likes this.
  14. ohxd Silver

    1.9 wounded shotbow's pvp aspect. 1.12 i predict will murder it slowly with a hot iron poker, stabbing it until all thats left is the remnants of a once-great server. RIP MineZ 2.
    kqce likes this.
  15. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Makes sense
  16. FEDPOL1 Regular Member


    The community is less divided on 1.12 than they were on 1.9 from what I can see. The most major thing about 1.12 is that it requires Java 8, but other than that, 1.12 is a pretty good update for mapmaking as it introduces custom advancements and functions.
    Perhaps 1.13 will be even better as it is rumoured to be a technical update (custom crafting recipes, removal of block ID limit, bugfixes).
  17. Alanschezar Platinum

    So since 1.9 is now solid running here and even 1.12 is supported, wouldn't it be the perfect time for When in Rogue to come back?
    *never gives up the hope*

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