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1.12-1.16 Support & Annihilation Base Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Aug 8, 2020.

1.12-1.16 Support & Annihilation Base Update
  1. Mistri Network Lead

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    1.12 to 1.16 Support
    It's finally here! Shotbow now supports all connections from 1.12.2 to 1.16.1.

    Please note:
    • The same rules for modified clients apply, as always. If you are installing new mods, please ensure they abide by our rules.
    • With the advent of the 1.13 update, swimming is much faster on the client-side. We were faced with the option of trying to block this on the server-side, but we realized it would be a tough task. Instead, we are allowing the 1.13+ swimming mechanics to be used on Shotbow, alongside 1.12. If you would like to take advantage of these new mechanics, you can upgrade to 1.13 or above.
    Annihilation Base Update
    The Annihilation 1.12 base update is out! While there is not much new content in this update, it has prepared Annihilation for faster & cleaner updates in the future.

    • Tidied chat
    • Added space to tab between team and name
    • Added game start information to the boss bar area
    • Boss bar depletes when the Nexus is bleeding
    • Game ending countdown moved to the boss bar
    • Altered the team and phase chat logos/images to the proper size
    • Fixed class descriptions in the in-game class selector and in the XP Shop
    • Swords now deal more damage than axes
    • Overall damage has been increased slightly to better replicate 1.7
    • The price of one Cobweb in the Weapon shop has been reduced from five to one Gold
    Bug Fixes
    • Game stats not saving at the end of the game
    • Defender/Mercenary chain armour not auto-equipping
    • Scorpio suffocation trap
    • Regenerating blocks' permanent removal
    • Scout's fall damage avoidance when 'bungee jumping' over the void
    • Scout's grapple not working on vertical surfaces
    • Acrobat's jump not working over the void
    • Spy and Assassin retaining armour on respawn if they died while their abilities were active
    • Spy and Assassin having their armour deleted when their abilities' end if they put on different armour during the ability action
    • Clan tags not displaying with your first message
    • 'Invalid item!' displaying when hovering over a player's name in chat. It will now display their current Annihilation rank
    • Spider's webs could be harvested using shears for infinite webs
    • Spider's 'Web' ability creating webs over the void
    • Buying from a shop with a full inventory removes gold but does not award the item purchased
    • The ability to make gravel fall and thus remove it from the world
    • Hunter's trap not showing for team-mates when the trap owner is greater than 20 blocks away
    • Scorpio targets being teleported back to the Scorpio after the target has died
    • Anvils making a noise when placed in the Nexus region
    The following are major code changes which should not affect you, but a great deal of work went into and will help the server:
    • We have implemented a more efficient map loading system which will considerably reduce the time it takes for a map to load once selected.
    • Scouts grapple has been refactored and is now standard across both Annihilation and MineZ; although configured differently for the respective game-mode.
    • Improved cheat detection and discouragement
    Next Steps
    Once the 1.12.2 release has been established and any emergency bugs have been fixed, the Annihilation development team will begin work on our next update, code-named: Nifty Boron. This content update will bring some much-needed balance to the game.

    Then, we will begin work on an interactive tutorial for the game which new players can use to get a jump-start into the intricate world that is Annihilation mechanics.

    Finally, a long term goal is to refactor Annihilations' entire code base, some of which is as old as 2014! This will allow us to add new features to Annihilation more easily.

    MineZ: The Adventurer's Update
    Earlier today, MineZ posted a brand new update. You can read all about it here.

  2. DutchBartje Emerald

    I am very happy with the bug fixes and I cannot wait for the class balance changes!
    Good work!
  3. Jriiiiiid Regular Member

    With the advent of the 1.13 update, swimming is much faster on the client-side. We were faced with the option of trying to block this on the server-side, but we realized it would be a tough task. Instead, we are allowing the 1.13+ swimming mechanics to be used on Shotbow, alongside 1.12. If you would like to take advantage of these new mechanics, you can upgrade to 1.13 or above.
    ShayminPlays likes this.
  4. vxlf Gold

    1.13 swimming bad idea imo
  5. Spavky Platinum

    I see many bugs have been fixed, great work!
    JTGangsterLP6 and ShayminPlays like this.
  6. Walkop Silver

    I'd personally like to see grapple disabled when character is in the void. It's mechanic abuse and makes no sense. It breaks walls. It breaks proper defensive strategies. It makes a Scout invincible when being chased - just grapple into the void. Can still use a water bucket to negate fall damage.

    I haven't seen a single logical argument for keeping Scout bungee in game. Otherwise, these bug fixes are fantastic - keep it up! I will definitely have more suggestions soon.
  7. Maashg Platinum

    Everything is great except Spider, chat and current pvp. I hope the pvp gets fixed soon! :)
    ShayminPlays likes this.
  8. Walkop Silver

    Loving the change to webs. I think it's much more logical to buy for 1 gold from the shop than permafarming from one class.

    Scout grapple feels far more reliable than before. It wasn't even vertical surfaces being the issue - landing on a horizontal surface right next to a vertical surface (tree leaves, for example) broke the grapple. Love this fix.

    +1 to all swords - PvP changes, I'm interested in seeing. I see a lot of complaints but no real testing done in a game situation. I'm wary of this change, since it rewards getting the drop on someone even more than it already did (mobile and low-visibility classes like Spy get an indirect buff here).

    Love the Merc, Defender, Spider, *Hunter* and Shop fixes. Hunter's traps actually fully despawned. They didn't become invisible - they stopped working entirely, at least in our experience.
  9. ShayminPlays Media Team Coordinator

    I'm impressed, 1.16 feels cleeeeeaan
  10. Nicson Emerald

    Revert plz!!!!! :D
  11. Slaystyle Platinum

    Did not like =[
  12. Yagram Regular Member

    one of the most disastrous updates I've ever seen. Just rollback the pvp to how it was lmao. Three shot leathers with an iron axe.
  13. ParasiteInLove Platinum

    I think supporting a version later than 1.13 is a good idea, but swimming in the water is losing the traditional Annihilation culture. Also, I think it's a good idea to increase the attack power of the sword, but I think it is a little too strong. I disagree with this update. As before, I think it is necessary to nerf Classes with broken performance such as Swapper. What do you guys think? This is a direct translation from Google Translate.
    Paolo_24 likes this.
  14. ParasiteInLove Platinum

    I think that not a few people have such an opinion. So why don't you do a poll for or against this update?
  15. ebiteen Obsidian

  16. Sevy13 Administrator

    One of the results of moving to 1.12 was a slight increase in melee damage. We decided to keep it since this is something that has long been requested by the Anni community. However, there is a bug that sometimes causes melee damage to be a little higher than intended that we are currently investigating.

    This is a version only update, class balancing will be addressed in the next Anni update which should follow very soon. The reason it was not included in this update is because making changes to content would make it very difficult to know if bugs were caused by 1.12 or by something we did.

    There will be bugs and we are working hard to fix them. Please keep reporting any bugs that you find, we will try to get them sorted as quickly as we can :)
  17. yumt Regular Member

    we just want 1.7 pvp back...
  18. soto Platinum

    no. we requested an increase in strength damage. not overall melee damage.
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  19. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    I like the update so far. I think the hit detection could be improved and damage should be taken a better look at, but I don't think it is as bad as people say. Scout is fixed, some other bugs are fixed. Sounds pretty good to me. I hope that eating while running gets fixed and for some reason I couldn't autofill names on 1.14.2 (not sure if that is a bug?), so I hope that gets fixed as well. I hope the balance update will follow soon.
    JTGangsterLP6, Sevy13 and Mistri like this.
  20. BigChief_ Platinum

    Ugh Fix Bezerker please, Literally ruined pvp, no point getting any good gear when someone with no armor does more damage to you then you do to them :)

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